Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles

The moment Alparslan saw that Göktu had been tricked by Kekavmenos, he rushed up to Akça and slashed him across the neck, accusing him of organizing the game with Kekavmenos and demanding an explanation for his conduct. It remains to be seen if Akça’s statements will be adequate to convince Alparslan, or whether the Turkish nationalist seems to have hit a stalemate in his discussions with the United States and other countries.

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As Alpagut strives to convince Alparslan of his right to be with him, a very difficult journey starts for him. He has been commanded by Kekavmenos to fetch Akça on the condition that he “never return without him,” and he must go a very far distance to do so. Both of their identities may be discovered if they do not manage the issue correctly. A direct outcome of this is that Yalin Bey continues his activities against Alparslan, which Turul Bey considers to be justified. Bozan’s efforts on the other front, on the other hand, are aimed at weakening Alparslan in order to establish a fresh game between the two players this time around.
Due to the discovery that Alparslan has invaded Akça, Kekavmenos is faced with the tough challenge of concealing the knowledge from Dukas and Diogenes while simultaneously mobilizing all of his warriors to defend the city and keep it safe. Bozan may have been engaged in the development of this approach, although Kekavmenos may have had a different vision for the region as a whole. What are your thoughts on Akça’s fate now that he has been taken before Oba in handcuffs and branded a traitor? Do you think he’ll be put to death on the gallows?

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