Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

Using a handkerchief, Akça was able to express his thoughts for Alparslan, and when Alparslan read the handkerchief he realised that it had been he himself who had touched Akça’s heart. In the next months, it will be anyone’s guess as to what will happen to Alparslan and Akça’s romantic connection. Whatever it takes for Alparslan to find genuine love despite the challenges he will face, and whatever it takes for Akça to keep his love alive despite the obstacles he will face as a consequence of his religious convictions, these are the questions that this novel explores. A visit from Kekavmenos to Alparslan and an effort to negotiate a settlement with them is possible, and I’m curious to see what Alparslan’d say if he did so. Could an alliance between the Seljuks and the Vaspurakans have an adverse effect on the respective empires of the two groups of peoples?

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They are not manufactured. We do not like to be surrounded by unbelievers. Turkmen Beys, on the other hand, reject it. They called me in order to settle the situation. Or you may flee, or you can saturate your sword with our blood. You must create space! Who are the Turkmen Beys’ representatives? Being a wolf does not require that you wear wolf skin. It ought to go through your veins, Ferzat. However, it is not a part of your DNA! Women and children who are courageous must be protected! What happened, Bey? Please put an end to this!

I’m going to cut off anyone’s wrist-moving arm from now on! Alparslan! Isn’t it sufficient to gift land to an unbeliever? Additionally, are you putting their lives in danger? What is Yinal Bey’s background? He’s having a lengthy conversation just in front of me! They address me as Ferzat. Have you missed it? Down with the swords! You inflicted pain on the downtrodden! They were ghosts of the Seljuks! You will have to account for your violation of Qadi Atsiz! Afsin! Arrest them and transport them to headquarters! I will apprehend and kill everyone who tries to run. I guarantee that the oppressor will be prevented from doing this crime on any Muslim!

No longer fearful That is just what we said from the beginning! You’ll feel liberated and calm in your own neighborhood! Avar! Pay a visit to these impoverished individuals in their communities. Keep a safe distance from them until you’re certain they’re safe. According to your wishes, my Bey Thus, what? What took place, Yinal Bey? I’ll refer to him as my nephew. I will inform you that it is hemlock! Avoid making contact with your bare hands! They poisoned it; Cevat is effective against this plant. The lips of the guy were blistered. Take a moment to consider what I’m saying. It is an uncommon herb. My tent was burgled. Oh! Karaca Hatun came to the tent in search of this treatment! It was a last-ditch effort to reach the tent, where Karaca is currently battling. I sought guidance from Suleyman Bey. He sneered at hearing Hatun’s name. His eyes shone brightly. He seems to be upset with Karaca. Please abstain from saying that, Suleyman.

Avoid uttering it aloud. Apologies, Suleyman. I beg your forgiveness, Suleyman. Hatun! Hatun! I am aware, despite my best attempts, that the weapon you wield is a hemlock. You! Your obsession?! What impression do you have of me? I’m going to refrain from commenting. You have the best of intentions. Declare it so that neither you nor your child becomes sick as a result of the enormous weight. Avoid putting Suleyman Bey in an untenable situation. This quarrel between Suleyman and I has no bearing on you! Keep your nose clear of it. This is a problem that affects the whole tribe, not just you. Due to your reluctance to accept, I am obligated to resolve this problem. Certainly not! Never speak to anybody! I am assisting you by alleviating this enormous burden. If the truth is revealed, you will be forgiven more quickly! I will never, ever let you do so! Karaca, H. You acted in a non-malicious manner. They will understand and forgive.

However, you are compounding the problem. Sharpen the tip of the dagger Karaca?! You will acquire more as a result of Sultan Tughril’s declaration. Hopefully, your strategy will succeed. brother While the pigeon delivers the news, we’ll kidnap Doukas. We will safely return to our tribe with Chaghri Bey after distributing Doukas to these impoverished homeless folks. Your Majesty, may God bless you. Are you certain that even if your scheme fails, we will still get these repulsive Doukas? Atabeg, take a deep breath. I took all necessary safeguards. Doukas is unable to evade us. In the name of God, brother Permit me to make a few observations. You planned to notify me of any modifications prior to the praying dead’s announcement. What was the topic of discussion? Notify me promptly. It is Karaca’s younger brother.

That is Karaca. Suleyman Bey, Suleyman Bey, Suleyman Bey! Suleyman Bey, Suleyman Bey, Suleyman Bey! Karaca Hatun is having a dream about you. You, my Bey, are going to defend our Chaghri Bey against the bullies. I have faith in you. You make no attempt to look at my face. You may find me vexing, but I am not. Hatun I’m incensed. Alparslan, I seldom miss a target with my arrow, but this time I blew it. I’m aware that now is not the optimal time, but I can’t stop myself. Take my advice, my Bey. There is no logic to this. Hatun I got just what I need. Karaca Hatun: If you only followed my advice What if you were able to hear me? Suleyman The unfortunate young lady has harmed herself. Bey Suleyman Are you aware of her plight? My infant We’re all heartbroken, but she hasn’t stopped calling you, so she must have an issue with you.

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