Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 Urdu Subtitles

Watch Alparslan Buyuk Selculu Episode 21 with Urdu Subtitles now on VidTower with 1080p HD quality. Alparslan and the alps, who received the intelligence that there would be a raid on the Armenian village, went to the Armenian village and were face to face with the daggers of the villagers. How will Alparslan get out of this trap? What will the Liparit Brothers do against the AlpArslan they have trapped? How will the Seljuks, who made an agreement with Kekavmenos, use their rights arising from this agreement? How will Alparslan deal with the confusion of emotions he fell into because of making a deal with his mother’s murderer?

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Karaca had put the paper that Akça wrote that he was actually working for the Seljuks in Kekavmenos’ saddlebag. What will be the reaction of Kekavmenos, who found this note? Will Akça be exposed or will Alpagut be able to prevent it? Will Karaca reach his goal and get rid of Akça?
Yinal, who made Ferzat escape, will he cooperate with Ferzat in the next processor will he try to get rid of him? How will Ferzat, who heals Dukas’ wounds, follow the path when he realizes the treasure he is holding? What will be the new moves of Diogenes, whose plans to become the governor of Vaspurakan are disrupted one after the other?

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