Alparslan Buyuk SelcukluAlparslan Season 1 Urdu

Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 9 Urdu Subtitles

As a consequence of the incident, Kekavmenos became a victim of Alparslan’s trap, which he had set for himself, and found himself in an unexpected and unexpectedly tough situation, which he could not have predicted or imagined at the time of the occurrence. Due to their reluctance to accept Alparslan’s requests in return for the therapy, Dukas, Evdokya, and Diogenes go on an investigation to seek other reasons for their current state of health, which they feel is a consequence of the treatment.

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A year after being fired from her former role as leader, Yinal embarks on a mission to take down Alparslan, who has taken over as chief operating officer in the organization’s central headquarters in New York. They attack and kidnap Akça and Aknay, who are travelling with them and have been seized by the thugs as part of the caravan on its way to the Karmatian headquarters in the highlands. They are later released. The identity of the perpetrators of this attack, which Alparslan was able to avert at the last minute thanks to his quick thinking, remains a mystery even now. What do you think about Kekavmenos or Bozan? Which do you prefer, and why?

If Göktu, who is more loyal to Ynal than Alparslan, betrays his comrades by entering into an arrangement with Evdokya, what would be the ramifications of his actions? Would he remain loyal to his teammates? Emir Bozan must determine how he will go against the Seljuks, who have grown more conscious of their vulnerability to the Karmati as a consequence of the assassination of one of their most devoted troops at Shaddad, and how he will proceed against them in order to maintain his position in the region. In addition, he must consider how he would avoid getting injured by the arrows while devising his plan of attack.

When Akça, with whom he had pleaded for help and said farewell before leaving the camp, was shot and killed at the site of the accident, he felt compelled to seek out those who were guilty. The facts he finds will lead him into a world he could never have thought existed before he began his investigation.

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