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Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Season 2 Episode 31 Urdu (Episode 35) has been translated by Vidtower. You can watch this episode on our website so that we can get paid for our hard work. www.vidtower.com.pk Fujiya. God bless us. Runaway Arrows are coming from this direction. Run, run. two days earlier. Work easy Malhon Khatun. what happened? Where are these carpets going?

We are taking them to Harmankaya, Ayesha Khatun. Why are you personally going to the infidels? Take them somewhere yourself. This is the order of Usman Sahib. They are not going there in vain, Ayesha Khatun. Of course, they have a plan. We are ready Now we can get out. Keep your eyes open We are not going to deliver carpets there. We are going to see everything that happens in Harmankaya. Okay fine. It’s time for victory, Eagle. Let’s go and conquer the fort of the infidels. Let’s go Come on, God’s trust.

Let’s go, go safely and come back, God willing May your journey be safe, God willing Thanks. let’s go. Belgian fortress. The Qayyum trade is over. And our caravans are heading for Bethany. As long as Usman is out of power, we will be in power. For the union of the great Takfuris of Bethany And finally, we will succeed in getting the Pope.

And the defeat of ‘Uthman. what has happened? There is definitely an important issue. Sir, we were working to complete Aznik’s supplies. But we could not sell the goods. Usman Sahib, if we did not trust you, we would not spend our money on goods. Our loss is very heavy, Usman Sahib What will we do now?

Usman Sahib You’ve been here longer than me. But, from the time of my father Ertugrul Ghazi We never left you in a difficult situation. Don’t worry, we will compensate you. We will not let anyone get hurt. May Allah be pleased with you We knew you would not leave us alone in trouble, Usman Sahib May Allah be pleased with you all.

Keep on living Traders are going through bad times because of their actions. Do they think I will not hold them accountable? Don’t people call you the voice of the oppressed? Usman Sahib You will not leave your people in trouble and hold those who have done so accountable. Eventually, a solution will emerge.

Will come out, my Sheikh Will come out My Sheikh, can I come? Come on, Boran Alp Sir, the news has come from Rogatos. He has invited you to the castle with the Takfurs. Did you see My sheik Did you see brother They want to reap what they sow. They want to break us. Sir, the situation is clear While the condition of the people is critical. What we should do is clear, Usman Sahib There is good in peace. What we have to do is clear, brother.

We will accept Rogatos’ invitation. But We must not go empty-handed as guests. We will bring their storm upon them. We will go to them for our reckoning. The voice of the oppressed will be heard. Buran Excellency We will accept the invitation. Joe Hakam, Mr. My sheik Belgian fortress. That was a really good strategy, Rogatos. Very high. I am anxious to see Usman’s disappointed face.

To be honest, to see this arrogant Usman kneeling Sounds more interesting than having a pastor. In a moment Usman will enter through the door ready to surrender. We are all eager to see it. What are you doing bro I am inspecting them. I see how they will look after the head is lowered? brother Qai Sardar Usman Sahib has come. I am grateful to you for accepting my invitation, Mr. Usman You invited me and we came. This is our tradition, we do not come empty-handed.

Theodore Damn it What did you do Usman Sahib You will not die until then until I make you suffer from the pain I’m still in Osman Sardar I wanted to show you the truth. When you wanted me to kneel, reality lay on the table. Those who fight against Usman Sahib lose their heads. Now see. You wanted to destroy me and many Turkmen through trade. Turks are not united by gold, nor are they separated without it. I take revenge for revenge. I have your luggage. Where the Turks do not find peace, no one will live in peace. Know this well. let’s go. Othman.

Every time, he somehow finds his way. Theodore My honest soldier. We are sorry for Theodore, Rogatos. But now we are faced with a more important issue. What’s more important? What do you think The caravan with our luggage has already left Syria. Rogatus. Don’t let your anger dominate your mind. If Osman If Usman attacks this caravan That would be a great loss. I will not let that happen. I will protect the caravan myself. We talked Osman Castillon will come. And I know it best. If I had lost to him so many times, I would have known. You saw my defeats as if you were witnessing a tragedy.

And then you left me alone to fight Uthman. Now ‘Uthman became powerful and stood up against you. Now you are blaming me again. I hope you succeed. Nicola۔ I came to Nicola I will not allow Usman to touch this caravan. I swear. I will not let that happen. Haramakaya fort. Mary Koo News Two۔ We have brought carpets.

Be careful, Eagle Let’s see Malhon Khatun. Surprise, welcome۔ Thank you. I wanted to bring my own rugs. You did very well Meet Eagle. She is the daughter of Usman’s uncle. Happy together, welcome Thanks Let’s go Now this booty In the agreement between the taxpayers and the traders will be given to the traders who suffered losses. thank you. We knew you wouldn’t leave us alone, sir. May Allah bless us with you always,

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Usman Sahib Don’t worry If necessary, new trade routes will be explored, new agreements will be made. Believe it Thank you, Usman Sahib. May Allah is pleased with you Usman Sahib May Allah is pleased with you too. Osman Sahib. We have just improved the condition of traders. But, I have to admit Our people will starve before we can find a new trade route.

Who can we make a new deal with so easily, Usman Sahib? If the infidels block our way, we will get a thousand places of sustenance, brother. We will definitely go and get it. Your syrup is wonderful Thank you for taking it to Harmonia. Goodbye, Mari. We couldn’t show you the carpet the other day.

So, I want to show you what to do. You are very kind Fortunately, not all of them arrived. As you know, Techfor is not aware of this trade. Of course, I know Then how will we trade? Will TechFour allow it? No caravan will arrive soon. We can hide them with their belongings. We have to wait a little longer. The big caravan that is coming from Damascus with all the goods of Techfor Isn’t he coming soon? Take the carpet with you to this caravan.

Unfortunately, Cornelia is wrong. That caravan is not leaving Turkish territory. So, it’s of no use to us. We will wait for your notice, Mari. Then we will bring the rest of the carpets. We want permission. Both our trade and friendship make me very happy, Mari.

Take care of yourself. It’s the same with me, damn lady. We will always welcome you here. We will definitely visit. Congratulations on your hand, my lady. Goodbye, Why aren’t you eating Didn’t you like it! no Since when did Cherkotai not like his food? It looks great. You? But I have a sore throat that I can’t even drink water. What’s your problem bro Looks like you ate wood. tell me. I have a big problem.

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The solution is very beautiful I get dumb when I am around the Eagle woman. I can’t say a single sentence. I want to marry her. tell me. How did you two get married Show me away By the way, it was very difficult for me, brother. My Boran is right. He had a hard time until he finally said he wanted to get married. Listen, brother. You go to him. And to say everything in one breath. Don’t hesitate at all To say in one breath In one breath? Yes.

Yes. You are crazy Be brave. Go to him, and say it all in one breath. I will say it all in one breath! But the person I’m talking to is a crazy girl. brother. What if he sacrifices you? If she does, you can say I’m dying for love. Neither lovers die, nor In one breath, okay bro? Brother in one breath. In one breath? It’s so delicious! Goodbye, I will stand in front of him Straight.

Oh my love God willing, my soul. How fast it is growing. Yes. Now her clothes are getting smaller. Oh my god, We handle that, too. Thanks to Allah. This gold will not be enough, but it will help us for a while. This will be a good development for the tribe. this is awesome. We at least lightened Usman’s burden. Welcome, Osman Sahib۔ Thank you, thank you. Welcome, Mr.۔ God willing, my soul. God willing, my soul. Masha Allah.

Excellency. We delivered the carpet, thank God. May you live long Let’s see it May you live a long life. tell me. How is the situation in Harmankia? Did something catch your attention? How are you? Mari was very happy to see the carpet, sir. She said she could cover the issue without drawing the attention of Techfors. He said that a large caravan was coming. “It’s really important,” he said. It is coming from Damascus. There will be equipment for all. I knew you would not return empty-handed. May you live long Now I will teach them a lesson that they will all understand what it means to lay hands on a wolf’s bread. What’s on your mind, Usman?

To put into practice what I have in mind, we need to use the pastor. We suffered a lot to carry it. And now it’s time to use it. How is the pastor, sir? Is his wound better? Kumral Abdal told me that he was fine. Nikola Our enemies are common. And we have common goals. Our ranks should also be shared. Be more open Rogatoos. That Pliogoss they don’t care about anything but themselves. They have nothing to offer you. Don’t believe it, Rogatos.

Because alliances are not built on wars alone. What’s your offer, Rogatos? The thing that brought Pastor Gregor back to Uthman. The trust that Uthman never gives He gave us the pastor. Amanat? What is that trust? You can only know if we get it.

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We can only achieve this if we are united. I’ll think about your offer, Rogatos. But now, there is another important thing I want to focus on. And this is the caravan in which our future lies. I am sure you will protect this caravan. Isn’t Nicola alone now? Harmankaya Fort. So he’s not dead, huh? If so?

Where did he hit He is not dead, brave? In his chest His chest? Here? His arm! His arm? Here? You don’t even know where you shot him? Well, your incompetence worked in our favor. It is good that the pastor did not die. This is your reward. What’s on your mind, Techfork? There is a reason for this pastor to return to Usman. He had brought something from Constantinople.

Something valuable. You will know what it is for me to be brave. Think of it as it is. I hope. Brave I hope. Don’t get up, Pastor Affandi. I just came to see if you were OK. I am grateful for your concern. But, why am I here? Where is Usman Sahib? You will be our guest at our shrine for a while. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. This Water with vinegar. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

And this is water with honey. Both are good treatments. It is more effective if you drink them together. Not yet, Pastor Affandi. It takes time. It was the best honey I’ve ever tasted. What makes honey sweet is the vinegar you used to have. Usman’s soldiers are not in good condition. There was something important to say. No matter, when will we cut off more heads? You are getting impatient. The time will come, brother. We will cut off their heads And will take their forts. We will make them our home. God willing. Brethren, this is the way to victory.

The right time will come. Until then, be patient, brother. Tell them all These swords never sat comfortably in Bamsi’s hands. May Allah have mercy on them. Swords you die when they don’t get blood. Then Usman Sahib has to fight many wars. so that it stays fast. Boran. You spoke of victory and war. You bothered us. Play some coups for us. Okay fine.

Okay fine. Play Come on, boy. When he was twenty years old. He started flying for his wonderful dream. Those who stand against the oppressors Usman Sahib like a hidden king He was brought up by Adibali. May the strongholds of the disbelievers be destroyed. He always made Ertugrul Ghazi proud. Usman Sahib is an extraordinary soldier.

They subdued many nations. Fearless, they jumped into the red flames. The one who kills the oppressors Usman Sahib like a black wolf. The one who kills the oppressors Usman Sahib like a black wolf. Brown with strong horses.

With powerful and sharp swords. With lion-hearted soldiers. Story writer Usman Sahib While the oppressed were in pain. He shook the lands of the enemies. He founded a brand new state And Achman Sahib, who is proud of his nation. He made many nations bow down. They jumped into the red flames without fear.

The one who kills the oppressors Usman Sahib like a black wolf. The one who kills the oppressors Usman Sahib like a black wolf. God willing, brother. Well done Boran Bhai. Chakotay, don’t eat it. Allah Akbar Peace and Allah’s blessings be upon you.

Peace and Allah’s blessings are upon you. My god For the most special name. For your glory for the sake of the biggest name For the sake of our prophets. for the sake of dervishes for the blood of our martyrs Accept my thanks I didn’t do anything that doesn’t deserve your justice. Have mercy on me My Almighty God.

You are capable of everything. With your help, You help us defeat the traps laid by the disbelievers. I have raised my hands to thank you. O Allah, accept it. Owner of all property. I fight this holy war for you. I wield a weapon for you. All this is to claim your glorious name all over the world. To fulfill this sacred dream. Give me and my children strength. To defeat the disbelievers. Give us strength, my God. To destroy their plans that they set against us.

Give us strength my god The victory is yours. Let’s be the winners Amin۔ Hello. Report to Usman Sardar We have brought a gift. We can deliver your gift to them. This is an important gift I want to present personally. Let’s present it. Target sir! I have heard that you have sent your soldiers to hunt the Catalans. but I’ve also heard that they were unlucky I also had to settle an incomplete calculation with these Catalans. and I did the math.

Masha Allah! I see that you have shown your courage. His life is definitely gone our enemies were common. you said right Our enemies were common and every fighter needs a friend like you behind him Long live your life It’s not just that After what they did to my tribe, now I have a lot to do, Usman Sahib and I will do it all. Ok then Stop there, Mr.

Turgut stops there. Bring the booty, Mr. Turgat deserves it. As you command, my lord. Soldiers! When you face the enemy We are cutting the strings of his life. And we have saved your share, Mr. Turgat. May you live long He tries to humiliate us with his form.

We should have brought the bodies of the Catalans, brother. Don’t hurt yourself anymore, brother. Eventually, the traitors were killed We should not regret that we did not kill them. You are right, you are right brother. We had a good time hosting Malhon Khatun, Cornelia. Satisfied, she left the palace.

But you have to be careful what you say to them! Don’t forget that they are our enemies. You are right madam. Brother John. What was Usman’s wife doing here, Mari? How dare you do that without telling me? It was for trade only. What business are you talking about,

Mari? We made an agreement with the Takfurs to destroy Usman! You are still talking about a trade I also have the same blood that is in your veins, don’t forget that! I am making my own net too! How can you dare to set a trap when I’m here? where are you going? It’s not over yet!

But I have finished. If you argue more, I’m going hunting. And I won’t be back for a while! God, what is this? Be easy Thanks. Do you know where the Eagle lady is? What are you saying? I am here no I’m talking about Eagle who can shoot a sword, can shoot an arrow, and can defeat seven men alone. What were you saying That dagger can’t hurt me It’s been a long time since your dagger killed me, crazy girl. Do you know what it is? What is it? This is a flower. Real? Now, when I give you something happens. What happens? Some. What happens?

Why are you wasting my time if you can’t tell? Move forward. Something happens. No those who are crazy about love can do everything but can’t speak properly. Prophets whose names and souls are both beautiful Hazrat Mohammad Mustafa The Prophet who came before them are Jesus. He was one of the doors of mercy, the door that opened to heaven But even though they were very close to him Judas, one of their apostles, betrayed Jesus.

The betrayal of the Jews by Jesus for a few coins He became a slave to his own self, to change the opportunity to go to heaven. with a few coins but Allah Almighty made Judah the victim of his own conspiracy. What is said in Surah An-Nisa ‘?

By the power of Allah, a person was shown to be Jesus. And they crucified him, thinking he was Jesus. God called Jesus to Himself before they crucified him and thus they could not kill Jesus Nor was he crucified. But, the person they killed was shown to be Jesus. You are right about Judas Iscariot’s betrayal of Jesus the Great.

But you are very wrong about having him crucified instead of Jesus. I once saw a herd of pigs. Did you hunt them? be quiet. Fools. Stay here I heard a noise from there. Come on let’s go. These words are not mine so can’t be wrong but if you want to argue I will not reject you, Pope Affandi. My Sheikh, I would like to apologize I have something important to say to Pope Gregor. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Tell me, brave soldier Have you seen so many soldiers?

more than dervishes Is Pehlwan Darwish as loyal to Sheikh Idabali as he is is he just as loyal to Usman Sahib? Wrestler Darwish is loyal to his leader Like the rest of the Qai soldiers, my Sheikh. Okay fine. You are well, Pope Affandi. You look good Thanks Yes, I feel fine.

Pope Affandi I know what this mysterious thing is. If this cross is more precious than your life then it is our duty to protect it. Don’t worry You should know this. As far as the real issue I want to talk about I want you to go somewhere. Can you be honest with me, Usman Bay?

There is a village near the Castle border. which is under the rule of Techfor of Anagol The villagers are Orthodox Christians. But they are sad. They take everything as tax. Imprison the disobedient and they torture them. I want to help your fellow Christians in need. How can I help them? I could not even protect myself, Usman Sahib. I just talked about this pope. We protect your life and your sacred values. I will not let you go there alone. do not worry. My soldiers will go with you. They will protect you. do not worry.

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