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AlpArslan buyuk seljuklu released its premiere with a bomb. Improved 10x than its predecessor UBS, Emre konuk has once again Proved, “improvements have no limits”. Emre is a guy with ambitions and has the will to constantly improve on his journey towards perfection. Instead of telling his critics “to not watch the show” he actually loves listening to criticism and improving it 10x further. ????

From storytelling to cinematography, from choreography to the characters casting, from war scenes to political depth, everything was pure brilliance to experience. The balanced and smooth pace with perfection captivated everyone alike.

It’s very easy to make a historical serial fully copied from the books, but it’s very hard to actually mix fiction with history as a beautifully created piece of art. To actually portray the culture, the message, the lifestyle, and the living of the times is much harder than a portrayal of a historical event itself from the books. However, there are always red lines to get away too far from actual historical events and figures even if it’s drama (there’s no way you are allowed to bring dragons in it and do however you are pleased with). A perfect and successful script of historical fiction is to mix both adding fictions while keeping the historical accuracy as accurate as possible.

However Unlike a documentary, The purpose of drama is not historical accuracy at each point, rather the purpose of drama is the portrayal of culture, lifestyle, and propagation of ideology and countering certain narratives. The modern liberal media has always been forcefully propagating their ideologies via their media and the worst of its case is Netflix and its release of one show after the other directly targeting faiths and ideologies.

With this new rise in Islamic historical serials, we finally have something to counter those ideologies and propagate the Islamic culture within families and households on media.

Coming back to the episode, Emre and the scriptwriting team once again like its predecessor beautifully created art by mixing fiction with history. Taking inspiration for the whole journey of Alp Arslan from the battle of Badr was creative scriptwriting at its finest. The involvement of the Ghaznavids, shahadah of Hassan son of Musa yobgu in 1047 and introducing Ibrahim inal as the one leading the battle of pansilar, and bringing up multiple main byzantine opponents for the battle are small details indicating writer’s dedications to maintain historical accuracy as best as possible.

“The Tree recognizes its soil”

If Badr opened the doors for Islam in the Arabian peninsula, Malazgirt opened the doors for Islam in Anatolia and then further down to the east. It was at this battle that Alp Arslan wore the unusual white dress. This dress was similar to what sahaba are described to wear in general for battles. The dream and its relevance with badr were beautifully captured and scripted, where Alp was instructed to take the tree to where it will recognize its soil. And then ending the scene with the following Ayah lifted up the spirits.

“Have you not considered how Allah presents an example, [making] a good word like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed and its branches (high) in the sky? Producing its fruit all the time by the permission of its Lord. And Allah presents examples for the people that perhaps they will be reminded.” (Surah Ibrahim:24-25)

Talking about the characters. From giants like Cagri bey and Tughrul bey to Alp Arslan and his brother Suleiman, Nizam ul Mulk in his younger self, and one main Alp of Alp Arslan “Avar” (instantly became my most favorite alp in all historicals after Turgut ????) everyone showed pure brilliance.
The tough character of Cagri bey was at the forefront, followed by the political depth and wisdom of Sultan al muazim Tughrul bey. While one showed zeal, determination, and strength, the other Showed character of a cool and sober Sultan, full of wisdom and political genius. Once again showing the details considered for historically accurate portrayal of the personalities of each character.

These words of Cagri bey resonated in my ears for days with the strong effect of his giant character personality;

“Biz, bir ölür bin diriliriz!”
“We die once, and resurrect a thousand!”

Baris arduc’s portrayal of Alp Arslan has been amazing. With his natural acting, leadership demeanor, and strong voice and speech capabilities with no indication of overacting, this guy was at par with Ghassan massoud’s portrayal of Salahudeen. A pure magnificence to watch.

“Hal min mabariz”

Since Dirilis ertugrul till now what I have been eagerly waiting for in these serials is to see major wars with duels in the beginning (instead of small jungle skirmishes and less strategic battles). “Hal min mabariz” was the famous call to duels that the Arabs and the Sahaba would call before the beginning of the battle for one on one Duel. The Rashidun caliphate had made their separate unit by the name “Mubariz” skillful in a one-on-one pre-battle duel.
I have always been a big fan of such Duels and the war cry “hal min mabariz”. Finally witnessed a beautifully captured, much improved cinematographic duel scene between Alp Arslan and byzantine warrior, and loved every second of it until the episode ended in the middle, lol Emre is a tease.

Alp Arslan took “Fulan bey oğlu fulan” to a whole new level with more depth, political and historical relevance to the slogan.

The episode once again ends with a cliffhanger at one hand and a battle at the other. Battle of pansilar will be the first major blockade in the cause of Alaprslan until he reaches the door of Anatolia via Malazgirt (In his dream he is stopped from entering that door indicating the challenges he will face before reaching and opening it).

let’s all enjoy that journey – Swords drawn, direction Anatolia – leading towards Islam’s entering into Asia Minor and Europe.

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