Alparslan Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles

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Iznik Fort Sir, drink this. Eagle, Eagle. Eagle, give it a whirl. Drink, drink, I have an antidote. No one will go out. close the door. Sir, You are fine, thank God. I am fine. I am fine. I had full confidence in Kamral Abdal. They can only make poison there. This is his cure. Even a sip of it can save a person from poison. Don’t eat anything in Vali’s inn. I am taking bread with me, we will eat it if need be, sir. If they try to betray our lives will be your trust.

I am with you, sir. Drink it Drink quickly Drink it Catch it My Orhan My dear, don’t be afraid. Attack! Soldiers! Attack Don’t resist, you will all die today. You bastard! God is the giver and taker of life, whose dog are you? Dumb? Soldiers, we have been attacked. Come quickly, Soldiers. Mom? Why are you out at night I was suddenly sad, son. I wanted to look around. What is this mom You know, I’ve been like that from the beginning. As a precaution Okay, let’s go together. So that you too can rest A strong girl This poison would have already crushed you. no! Dumb, no, dumb. ، Gonja, get up.

Your friend is dead Now it’s your turn. Not only you, but your masters come too. Where are the guards? Mother Protect yourself, not the tribe. Soldiers, the enemy has entered, come quickly. Come soon Above let’s go. let’s go. Come on Julia. Mother Mother! Orhan Mr. Gundoz Orhan Soldiers. We will not be able to get out of here alive. My dumb, open your eyes! My dumb Break the door! let’s go. Above Are you OK? High mom? We are fine We are fine but Gonja is in bad shape. My dumb She entered the tribe for this. let’s go.

She cut the tent and ran away, sir. Don’t come back without catching this bastard. The order, sir. let’s go. She is bleeding profusely. Take her to her tent. We have to burn his wound, hurry up. I will go to find Kamal. Come on, David Master. Soldiers. No, no, don’t go. Keep quiet! be patient. be patient. Iznik Fort, Your wound is healed, sir. You will recover soon, God willing We saved our tribe from this calamity.

This thing is better than healing. I miss my Orhan very much. Absolutely. I miss him too But his mother will take care of him like her own son. I know. You should know We go everywhere for Orhan. What we see and know for all Orhan. We came to this land as guests but Orhan will make it our home. This claim (purpose) is the sacred claim of the Turks. My lord, Now you are sitting in the homeland of the Turks. You are right, sir.

May Allah bless us to see all this. Amen brother. I hope we reach our tribe soon. I am far from my lover. I miss her a lot Brother, Gonja Baji will be waiting for you too. but I? I will go to an empty tent. A man alone is not good. There is the love of homeland in our hearts and those who love us. And love for children too. Love for nephews too. I want to be an uncle, Boran. Inshallah, my brother. God willing.

I want to be a father too. Inshallah, my brother. God willing Is it ready It’s ready. Or healing. Or healing. Can I come Seljan woman? Come on Is the arrow poisonous? It is toxic. That is why they killed the soldiers first. Thank God, I have the antidote. His wound is deep. We will pray tactfully. Come on my daughter let’s go. Mother, You are also injured. I am fine. A small wound can’t hurt me. Do your work. Salute Ayesha and Han.

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Is that enough? that’s enough. Mother Mom, let me see the wound. I am fine daughter Mom, it needs to be tied up. Harmankaya Fort This Gregor fooled them And gave my village to ‘Uthman. How do you think they would make a deal with us? Because he is Pope Nicola. And he is also a good Christian. Surely they will support us against our enemies.

I don’t think so. Where is Pope Gregor now? Towards Usman? Why don’t you understand, Nicola? This is a war between the cross and the lawful. Pope Gregor will not support a Turk even if death befalls them. We were unable to get it, sir. As you can see, none of our plans work! We need this pastor. Bring Samuel. Yes sir. Trust me, Nicola.

If Pope Gregor joins us I will make such a big hole That I will have the heart of Usman with the flying fire And it will be irreparable. Sir, I want you to go to Pope Gregor immediately. Tell them we need them to destroy Sogat and that all the Takfiris are waiting for him in the shadow of his cross. Last night You saved my life, Usman Sahib I can’t thank you. Your roads and fortress both are dangerous in different ways. thanks our actions are strongly against any kind of trap. That’s why a new friend like you gave me Makes you happy Thanks. Then, let’s not just talk about it. Since you are very happy with our agreement you have to pay for the gold in advance. Make it so that Let our trade be fruitful.

I think I will be able to do even more. Let’s do it our way. Bless our trade. Thanks. do not worry There will be no problem in Nikaya. Your roads and your luggage is safe with me. What is the last verse you learned from Matthew? “Man will not live on bread alone ” ” but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” Petros! Petros. every day You are getting close to becoming a warrior of Jesus. You’re incredible, kids. You have successfully completed your training. now to become a better Christian Pastor Antoine will take you to Beatrice Monastery.

It’s been eight years since we took the children away from their tribe. You have done a good job. You have raised Turkish children as good Christians. You are grateful to me I am always ready to serve the Holy Cross, sir. When the love of Jesus settles in their hearts for good we will be able to plant the Holy cross wherever we want. Don’t say that you came back empty-handed. I couldn’t get it. I have only two men left. Who are the children, Julia?

Children are the future. Children are seeds. Children The roots of the tree are turning green. We will uproot this tree before it becomes green. We will steal Usman’s dreams. Tomorrow this place will be filled with Turkish children. Some children are getting training in Sogat. They came from the Kai tribe. They are yours you will kidnap them and my men will take care of the children of other tribes. I want everything that hurts them. It will hurt them a lot. I can be sure. Above You get some rest, I’ll take care of it. I should be with him when he opens his eyes. If you don’t care, take care of your baby. Baby you have the trust, come on. What should I say to Boran now? It will be good, God willing. We can assess the situation.

Let’s see, brother, what kind of trouble we are in. Above How is it How is it tell me. brother! Tell me. Orhan Where is my Orhan tell me. Orhan is fine. Usman Sahib The attack took place last night. They came to the tribe to get their trust. But they did not succeed. But our people were martyred. And the dumb woman is seriously injured. My dumb sister-in-law. Gonja, what did they do to you? I promise they will not escape my hands. When you get better I will give them the pain they have given you. For every drop of your blood, I will bury one of them in the ground. Storm Are you here I came. I came, my darling. I came. But I was late. I could not protect you. I could not shield myself from you. Why didn’t your sword cut me first? No, don’t do that. no.

Don’t do that, my gosh. You will stand up again. Don’t do that you came I saw you thank God. look at me. When you wake up I promise you I will never leave you. You will not spend a day without seeing me. I swear, I promise. Their faces were covered, their eyes were like the devils. They entered the tent. One of the women We protected ourselves, but we could not protect Gonja. I couldn’t protect my sister, Usman.

He protected Orhan, my children, and me But I could not protect it. Gobja is a strong woman, above. With God’s help, she will recover. Dare you We have overcome many difficulties. Kids, eat this apple. slowly. slowly. Where is the shrine of Sheikh Adibali? You are dressed as dervishes, don’t you know about Dargah? We are from Engro, not Soghoth. Ok, let me show you We were looking for you, not the shrine.

Come here, little Turks. Let me go. That way you won’t die. This is for anesthesia only. hurry up! Cover them Wait who are you Let the children go hurry up. He risked his life to protect us. Above, healing comes from the Lord. We will call him Shafi and will wait for healing. And don’t worry. Gonja will be fine. I was very scared, Usman. I was scared because of Orhan. I was scared for my baby. I was afraid I might not be able to protect your trust. Now my sister is fighting for her life. I’m nervous Above I will take the lives of all those who did this.

But erase the fear from your beautiful eyes. Sir The infidels are playing safely. There is a reason for their attack. Dare to attack by playing with our lives No one can do it alone. Indeed Surely, the disbelievers are united. Let’s swear to tear them apart, sir. But first, we must find the traitor of the tribe. I cautiously changed Aznik’s path. Very few people knew about it. No one knew that Pope Gregor’s trust was in the tribe. Is that Gokche? She was in the tent when we were talking about trusts. Maybe he heard us. I left him with Orhan in the tribe.

If you only knew she would betray So why didn’t you tell me? After the carpet problem, he swore, sir. She said she was ignorant. And We forgave him. Now I’m watching that it was foolish to forgive him, sir. If Gokche has betrayed Until we find out who he did this to. Don’t tell him we doubt it.

You will deal with this issue. The order, sir. Allow. Don’t worry, sir. Allow. I want to live with Gonja. Tell me brave. what happened? He looked bloodthirsty, Malhon Khatun. We protected the tribe. We defeated them with the help of Allah. What about Gokche? Where was she By God, I have no idea, Malhon Khatun? I couldn’t think while fighting. Now listen carefully. Always keep an eye on Gokche. How are you Malhon Khatun Did he do something wrong? Do what I say, brave Keep an eye on Gokche. Where does she go, who does she talk to Let me know about her every step? I brought syrup, lady. Put it there, Gokche. Do as I say, brave. Understand the work is done, Malhon Khatun. You don’t have to worry at all.

Come on, hurry up. Tie them up This is the gift to be given to Damirji (blacksmith). Divide them. They will produce my desired product as soon as possible. The order, Dawood Ustad. Let’s go Sir Children They abducted children from the mosque. ! My Ahmed Bring my son to me, I beg you! Bring my son When I arrived, he was gone, sir. All I know is that a disguised woman was guiding them. Apparently, the woman who led the bastard was the one who attacked the tribe, brother. Sir, the children who had gone to the Tododarga tribe did not return. Such news is also coming from other tribes, sir. Some children had already been lost around the tribes. They never met him. traitor Traitorous dogs! They first tried to fight us in a fight. But they were not so strong! They could not beat us.

Then they did what was right for them and plotted against us. They laid many traps! But they could not beat us again. Now they are all together And they want to snatch our innocent children from us. O, people! Soften your hearts Even the toughest infidel among them Not so much power for Turkish children Soldiers! Arm yourself well. Take expert soldiers with you! You will attack the land of the disbelievers as the wolves attack the flock. As you command, sir, as you command, sir But make sure you don’t come back without finding a clue. If they damage even one hair of my children’s head I will not allow them to rest in their graves This is my promise. !let’s go I’m not afraid of you, you can kill me here if you want. I could make you animal food.

I want to get you right. Tie his hands and feet. Is there no one else? let’s go. let’s go. Usman Sardar will find us. People of our religion are very loyal to Usman Sahib. Starting a rebellion will not be easy for them. No matter how difficult I no longer allow Muslims to defile our lands, Andreas. I salute Pope Gregor on behalf of the Takfiris. The Telford are now together in the shadow of the Holy Cross.

carry on. They want to make sure that you use your influence in Soghoth to destroy Uthman and the Muslims. Even the cruelest Christian is always better than a Turk. Tell them I will do my part. Be careful The priority of this alliance should not be to get caught. God has heard our prayers, sir. Very soon, Usman. Soon the children of Jesus will take revenge on you. You! what are you doing here? The same will happen to your master. But not yet. Beljik Fort Brother, don’t go back without finding us. We will search everywhere and find a clue, brother. Who are you? Who are these children? What are you doing with them?

These are the children who live in St. Mark’s Orphanage. St. Mark’s? Soldiers 1 help hold on. Who do you think is behind this betrayal? There are many traitors I don’t know who it is. But I know something. If I look for it I’ll explain to him what happens when he touches children! What did you get? This is a children’s shoe. These are the shoes of our tribe. This way The Belgian goes to Kilo. You guys have to pay a lot for it. You will die Alpatgin, get up. Don’t worry Usman Sardar will save us. Aren’t we all brave children of Kai? We are.

Until Usman Sahib comes, we have to harass these infidels. Ahmed soldier you are right, but we are getting weaker and weaker. I remember what Kamal Abdal told us. We have a power that can never be weakened. We will prevent the disbelievers from this. By the power of our faith! God is the greatest! God is the greatest My spy returned from Soghoth. Papa Gregor agrees with us. He wants Usman to die too. More than us Gentlemen, if the gift falls Usman will also fall. We are on the same side as the Pope. A good move, Kosis.

But we need more action. Of course. That’s why I took more action. Children. Turkish children. They are with me I will make them good Christians. Each of them will be educated in a monastery. When Jesus Christ is in their hearts, we will have soldiers fighting for Christianity. !Best The Turks were trained to destroy. I’ve never heard a better sentence, Rogatos. Both Satan and I bow before you. Let’s drink to our small but dangerous army. Those who try to harm my tribe their eyes will burst. Those who betrayed my tribe Will be stabbed in the back. Who will try to take our baby or our future He will be killed by a rain of arrows. His fever is rising, Kamal Abdal. His wound is deep, Boran. We will pray Will my gotcha heal? She will be fine Goncha woman is strong. come here. 3 3 Above You’ll be fine, sister. You will be fine She will be fine. Don’t do that do not. It’s too late now. It’s not too late my sister Don’t leave me alone here You will be fine And Ahmed will come too. Our children will grow up together.

I couldn’t protect you, Gonchar. I couldn’t I’m sorry. I forgive you If you were there You would do the same. Boran May I come in, sir? Come in We found it on the way to Belgium, sir. Our men have left traces for us. Ask the soldiers to prepare horses. We are going to Rogatos. As your order, sir. Brave Alp. Why did Malhon stop talking when I came in?

What is she hiding? Does she blame me? The Malton woman told me to keep an eye on you. She suspects me. It’s because of you. You did it. Made me stupid I trusted you and what did I do? Gokche does not worry. I talked to them. I said, “You love Gokche.” “She will never hurt you.” Keep calm How can I stay calm? Concha was hurt because of me. Will they let me live if they find out? But how did I know it would get this far? You fooled me. Calm down Don’t complain in any way.

I will take care of the rest. Of course, you will. If it bothers me in any way Not just me but you will burn too. What is the reason for your invitation, Rogatos? Now the Takfurs have united, Mr. Torgat. As you know, the agreement you have made with KOSS applies to all of us. it’s fine. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds d’oh! I have a caravan coming to this land. And it has all the tech force equipment. According to our agreement, the safety of this caravan is your responsibility. Will you be able to protect whatever comes your way? Our word is our honor, Rogatos. The caravan will reach your fort whenever you want. Usman Sahib Mr.

Turgat What are you doing in Taking for Fortress? I do business with them for the prosperity of my tribe. !hold on Rogatos! Usman Sahib, why are you here? can you Oppose my business with Mr. Torgat! Stop the nonsense I came to tell you about the abducted Turkmen children. I have come to tell What happens to the bastard who Attack my tribe and hurt my soldiers It is our tradition to cut off the hands of those who rise up against us. It is our custom to blind the swords. Stone castles Armored soldier Any of them None of them will protect you from my wrath. I will decorate my flag with your heads. Whenever something bad happens to you, you can’t come here and blame me. I have no children.

You are among my soldiers And look at your face in my castle. How do you think you will get out of here? If you have the power do it. If you have a heart Pull out your weapon! !let’s go Turkish no different from wolves And faster than weapons. I am Usman Sardar, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi. !let’s go! let’s go But Although you do not want to kill me. Now I will leave this fort I’m getting what I want. Like a wolf leaving a sheepfold. I won’t hit you but Usman, your dear Turkish child. When they become good Christians, they will stand before you Then, I’ll see if you can say such big words. I’m really surprised. Boran. Yes, dear Boran. I’m here, my Gonchar. Water. Water. Get up dear Here. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Goncha, you still have a fever. I will go to Kumral Abdal now. Boran.

My gosh, don’t go. Don’t go don’t go. It’s time Its time But But I know that this is not the end. You can’t go, Goncha, you can’t go. My rain My dear Pray for me I loved you so much, Boran. My goncha Don’t say that, don’t say that. It’s not time yet. The time has not come yet. We had many happy days. You can’t leave me alone like this anymore. Boran. I pray for you, Boran. I beg you Don’t destroy yourself. We have reached the end of our time together in this world. You are my world, my love. I’m broken ! ! Betty Above all, are you alright?

My Goncha, don’t leave me. Do not leave me. I will go to see Goncha. Mom, Gonchar’s health is deteriorating, come on in. Let’s go My goncha! Mir Goncha My goncha My goncha I testify That there is no god but Allah And I testify Muhammad His servants and messengers. Oh, my girl! Sister Goncha passed away! Sir My Goncha is dead, sir. She was martyred, my brother. He is among the martyrs Amen, sir. Sir Those who did so will not find peace. They will not be found. Certainly not. It is impossible Long live the enemies of the Turks. Our sister Goncha has reached the sacred place of the desire of all of us. But Do not consider martyrs as dead. You should know this. When we die we become martyrs and fall to the ground.

But the bodies of the disbelievers can only be coyote food. The reason for your tears Sister Goncha should be seen going to heaven. Not for her pain. Not for her grief. Especially not for his death. I am Usman Sardar, the son of Ertugrul Ghazi. And I swear To avenge Goncha and our other martyrs. That bastard Who broke into our tribe and killed our soldiers The bastards who kidnapped our children. We will find them, brother. We will find them.

And you will take revenge on them. Ahmed, I’m hungry, brother. Wait brother Please wait. If we stay together, it will not be cold. come here. Open up What do you want, Satan? We’ll have some fun with you, little rat. Touch him, leave my brother. Leave. Leave it Leave me Let me go! Leave me Leave my brother Leave it Let go, bastard Where are you taking us? We are taking you to hell. !Let me go! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go Leave us, Camino. Where are you taking us?

Leave us We’ll crush you, little rat. let us go! let us go. !let us go! let us go! Bastard! Let me go Hello, my beautiful children. Quiet Don’t run away from me! Let me go Don’t run away from me! Let me go Hash I have prepared a wonderful meal for you, baby. Are you hungry let’s go? Thank God we are Muslims. We don’t eat pork. What’s your name, little man?

My name is Usman Sardar. I am a fighter for my cause. You can’t beat me! I am also Usman Sardar! I am a fighter for my cause. I am also Usman Bay! I am also Usman Bay I am also Usman Sardar. You little mice. We will have so much time. I give you all your real names I will teach one by one. The Torgat Sardar will have to pay the price of cooperation with the infidels. While the children of the Turks are being held hostage by the infidels, this cannot happen, sir. Especially when you have outlawed trading with Techfors. This is rebellion.

Take for relies on Torgat. According to him, only Torgat can protect the caravans. Let’s see if they can save the caravans from my wrath. Tell the soldiers. Tell everyone. We are going to ambush the caravan of Torgat Sardar. As you order, sir. Now you are thinking that your sun is gone. You are left alone on a lonely night. It’s dark, isn’t it? You think we don’t know what darkness you are in and what trouble you are in. You are not alone in experiencing this. The souls belong to Allah.

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