Barbaroslar Episode 4 with English/Urdu/Arabic subtitles

In Barbaroslar Episode 4, Oruç managed to save the engineer Ebu Muhammed, whom the Papacy was after, from Tekgöz Theo, was in for a bad surprise. The ship he bought from Isabel was captured by Şahin, and Abu Muhammed, whom he saved, was also taken, prisoner. How will fasting react to this event that will slander its name? What will be the attitude of his father Kılıç Bey to this betrayal of Şahin?

What Happened in Barbaroslar Episode 4?

By order of Pietro, Radko, following the book containing great secrets, made a landing in Lesbos, where Solomon lived, and raided Isaac’s house by following his tracks and pressing them. Will Hızır and İshak, who suddenly find Radko in front of them, be able to get rid of this pressure?

Sylvio made a dirty alliance with Cafer in order to weaken Oruç, whose star was shining in the Mediterranean. What kind of path will Cafer follow to deal another blow to Oruç, burning with greed for money and power?

On the other hand, Sylvio, who is trying to end Oruç with Pietro’s order, will first try to get his daughter Isabel away from him. What will be the attitude of Isabel, who will be caught between her father and Oruç? What kind of way will Baba Oruç follow in the face of injustice done to him?

Yorgo, whose hands were covered in the blood of Isaac’s family, left Lesbos and took refuge in Alexandria with his daughter. Who will come to the aid of Yorgo, who knows that Isaac wants to take revenge on him? Will Despina hide from Oruç that her father Yorgo is hiding in Alexandria?


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