Destan Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles HD

In the third episode of Destan, Akkız, who is captured by the heavens, waits for Çolpan Han to pay the ransom determined by the Gök Saray and save her. However, because of a trap set by Gök, the lives of Çolpan Han and the prisoners from the Mountain are in danger.

Alpagu Khan, who does not know that the archer who shot him is a prisoner in his palace, wakes up but hides it from everyone. While he was dying, his brother Balamir and his sons Kaya and Temur had trouble with the state, which disturbed Alpagu Khan. The decisions made by the Mountain Khan Colpan Khan and the Gök Khan Alpagu Khan tie an indissoluble knot in the destinies of Akkız and Batuga. Did the swords sharpened by the khans bleed the hearts of our two heroes this time?


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