Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 67 Urdu Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 Urdu Subtitles on VidTower. Seeing all your beloved ones made me so happy. Blacksmith. We can also handle our unfinished business here. I don’t have any unfinished business with you. You stumbled upon me and got what you deserved. It means you will get what you deserve again. That’s it. But I’ve come here to take Bookkeeper Suleyman tonight. Give me the old man and I’ll go. Or, everyone here will die. You can touch no one without taking me down. You say so? I’ll leave here with Suleyman, Blacksmith. Zeynep mother! What is going on? My dear! With your arrival, everything is complete now.

Who will save Osman Bey from Nikola’s Trap?

I’m glad that you haven’t tried me. What do you want from that little kid? Cut it short. Give me Suleyman and you won’t be harmed. My aga. Take Suleyman Master and go upstairs. Protect the child. So, you will fight and we will wait upstairs? I am ready. If it is the day, I am ready to die. Can there be a better day to come together with Allah? Don’t be that willing, master. Eh! That’s enough! Only Suleyman will survive! Go inside. Attack! All of you know this well. From now on, this ship and the captive you rescued belong to me. Reis. The attitude of Horozcu and Musa… irritates me so much. Give me your permission, Reis. The stars are on our side, Baba Oruc. It’s time for war. Baba Oruc, order me… and my bullets will tear all of them down. You had enough fun! Take your ship and sail away. Let us put our feet on solid ground… and then, I will show you who Baba Oruc is! Both solid ground… or sea are okay for me. But don’t forget that I’ll be waiting for you. Then, we will understand if your useless boasting is working. We don’t use any word in vain, the son of Kilicoglu, Sahin Bey. We are not known with our father’s name as you are. I gained the name Baba Oruc by myself! Hizir! Suleyman Master! Hizir! Hizir! Master! Master! Master! Master! Don’t do it! Zeynep! Zeynep is here, master. She is a good doctor. She can heal you. Niko! Go the castle of Midilli. Make sure the janisaries are on the move. Let them catch those bandits before they get away! Go! Okay, aga! Zeynep.

Kurulus Osman Episode 67 Storyline!

Hold on, master. Hold on. Hold on, master. Hold on. We have held on more than enough, Hizir. It is your turn now. We have sacrificed our life but we haven’t let… the important thing be taken by the traitors, thank Allah. Thank Allah, master. Thank Allah. Hizir. My son, find Ester. Promise me. Promise me! I promise, master. I promise that I will find her. And I will protect her. Huh, and… don’t forget the pages. Even a single page… might bring great knowledge. This time, it will belong to the ones going after the knowledge. You will see it. But that is it for me, my Hizir. This is it. Say Allah, master. Say Allah. I bear witness that there is no god except Allah… and I also bear witness that Mohammed is His prophet and servant. Aga Reis, are we going to wait just like this? Let’s attack them. There are lights on the horizon. There must be a ship. There is something wrong with this, Diego. It was obvious from the fact that the ship was not at the location of the meeting.

 Kurulus Osman Episode 67 Urdu Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 in Urdu

We did well by blowing out the candles. Diego. There are not one but two ships there. This doesn’t look good. Abu Mohammad must be in one of them. Someone acted before us! Who could that be? I can’t recognize them through their clothes. But they must be Muslim sailors. The ships are too close to each other. They are going to board each other. Let them attack each other. We will finish them off. Things got easier for us Diego. We are going forward. Cannoneers! Get in position! Stop, calm down! What’s it, Diego? Are you questioning my orders? I’m trying to protect you. I always did that. No matter how angry you get, I will always do that. I have no expectations from life. All I want is to see is you get what you deserve. You are right. I’m going to capture this man safe and sound to the Pope. Turning these seas into a battlefield would not do any good for us. Okay, you are right. We need to capture Ebu Mohammad alive. Also, Sylvio will bring us the news, we can go after them. Disregard the last orders, we are leaving. It looks like this man is important to you.

New Characters in upcoming Episode

If you are strong enough, come take him from me. Let’s see what you are made of, Father Oruc. That’s what I thought. We are leaving! Come, Cafer. Speak. Sir, after your word reached him, Kilicoglu took action… he must have already defeated Oruc by now. What’s important is not who gets killed. What’s important is to damage the alliance between Kilic Bey and Father Oruc. If Oruc dies, there won’t be an alliance. If Kilicoglu Sahin Bey dies… which I think is the case here… there will be a blood feud. That way, the alliance will be broken before it is gathered. Isn’t Sahin an ally we need to side with? Why are you allowing him to die this easily? Who is Sahin Bey? Kilic Bey’s son! Eventually, he will do what his blood bids him. If Father Oruc is our enemy today… Kilicoglu Sahin Bey is our future enemy. That’s why they both need to die. I get mad at Horozcu, but… I couldn’t stand seeing him like that. I wish they had taken me captive and released brother Horozcu.

 Kurulus Osman Episode 67 Urdu Subtitles

There is also Musa. That poor guy must be regretting coming along. Aga Reis. Why didn’t you allow us? Why didn’t you let us shoot them? Look Ilyas. We did not meet Sahin here by coincidence. He came prepared. And when we were up against them… I saw the shadow of another ship on the horizon. I did not notice it. Do you think they were Sahin’s reinforcement? I don’t think so. The ones who made One-eyed Teo kidnap Ebu Mohammad would come here eventually. It was probably them. We didn’t know what kind of force they had, or how many they were. If we attacked… we couldn’t know how many from the crew would die! Horozcu and Musa were captured too. Going into a battle that we would lose for sure, is not bravery but stupidity.

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