Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 68 Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 3 Urdu (Episode 67) is translated by VidTower. If we have made a mistake during the translation of this episode, we seek forgiveness from Allah. Translators: Yahya Hanif, Huzaifa Shah, Aal-e-Huzur Naqvi, Syed Haris Watch the full episode on the Woodtower website. Elias If we go fast we will reach Alexandria soon. A sage is needed to look after Ishaq Agha’s wounds. I will go to Madali. My lord, Madali is far away. You will arrive in Alexandria soon. You are not feeling well Let’s go to Alexandria first to heal your wounds. And the ship is a trust. We will return that too.

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We will go to Madali later, aren’t we brothers? We can go to Madali together, my lord So, we have our sister-in-law and can visit the graves of nephews. My father And And Despina Dyspnea? Despina, yes? So it is, Arooj Affandi If the family cares a little, don’t do that. Despina, you did everything you could to make her your wife and now the ships that bring us trouble. These are the deeds of your family. You have never been my brother. You became the father of all pirates. Now your name is “Baba Urooj”. I lost my family to pirates. Not once or twice. I’m still in trouble today.
He who loves the sea instead of his family cannot be my brother. My father We are all in trouble. If hitting me eases your pain, hit me. But the wounds of your body are as severe as the wounds of your soul. Let’s go to Alexandria first and heal our wounds. Then, we can go. That’s all I want Take me to I don’t care about my wounds. If I die on the way, bury me with my family. At least my body will be close to them. What’s going on here, Diego? Damir’s disciple rang the bell. Here is Job’s secret son. God loves you, Umberto. Everyone you look for is here. They all came together here so we could get rid of them. There is someone else. There’s someone else I can’t see. Are blood and ammunition enough to destroy all secrets, Diego?
That’s not enough, Umberto They will come to bury them, then they will never see the light again. That’s exactly what I want. Now it’s time to share them with all the secrets to be buried in the ground. When the secrets are revealed or they will be ours or we’ll bury them again. no. no. Never. You go in No, it can’t be. No, how is that possible? Zainab, you go inside. I see a dog or a cat. Or, is there someone watching here? Come on darling, go inside. let’s go. Turn it off No dog, no cat. Someone is watching the house. May Allah help us My father Put it on your shoulders. The sea is getting colder, you must be feeling cold. The storms of the seas have already destroyed me, sir I shot arrows from where I never expected. Wait, wait, brother. I am fine I made the bed for you. I want you to sleep and rest a little.
The sky has fallen on me, sir It doesn’t matter if I make my bed or not. Don’t say that, my lord If the sky falls on you then you will carry it on your shoulders. He is the son of Yaqub Agha, the winner of Madali. You are the tree from which we draw strength. My father If you are so frustrated we will all be destroyed. Who will be my strength now? When I was a strong mountain, my brothers threw me helplessly. My whole family was killed because of my brothers. The land that Yaqub Agha’s heroes with their claws Conquered, by attacking us in our house right there all destroyed. The poplar tree fell, sir. And it will not rise again. Maybe I’m not in a position to say anything but If that poplar is falling, it should still show courage. Because it has deep roots. Madali is not just a state You also have trust.


If we have trust, we can’t protect it. Good, We did not see the traitors crawling on the ground like insects. Better a poor horse than no horse at all. There would be a corpse in the ground. Who are the traitors in Madali? My father In our own lands are the traitors hiding? Uruguay Alexandria What’s going on at midnight? Nothing good is happening, Sylvie. I’m sorry for my disrespectful behavior. I’m sorry, sir. Sir, tell me what do you want from me? I want you to keep an eye on the orphanage without them coming into view. That girl is Zainab. And that boy, Hamza. Always keep an eye on it. Can you do that Of course, whatever you want? One last thing. I saw a man in the orphanage. A man I believed I would never see again. I don’t know who you are talking about. But if you want, we can kill anyone who goes to an orphanage. and you can get rid of it easily. Can you kill someone who is already dead? I don’t understand, sir Does not matter. No matter, Sylvie. You will not understand I want you to gather information about this man. White-bearded man Don’t be fooled by its shape. Be careful. Send your best man If the identity is revealed, get rid of it immediately.
Of course, whatever your order. The killer escaped. The killer escaped. Who died What happened son Adam’s son Cain killed Adam’s son Abel. did you see it? There was a murder. has anyone heard? Has anyone seen The killer escape? We’ll catch it, son. Do not worry. There is some work. Keep an eye on the orphanage. Did Cain go there? Is the killer there? But there are children. Children cannot be killers. My son Stays there so that no killer enters. understood? Come on, son. Okay fine. The killer cannot escape. The killer cannot escape. Someone must have seen it
. He can run away from human beings but not from Allah. my friend. Your silence has shaken me. I saw so much fear in your eyes for the first time. Who was the man in the orphanage? A secret is buried in the ground. He appeared today. They look The white-bearded, Muslim dervishes looked but I’m sure it’s something else. Diego, I think he is the most dangerous man in the world. If my mind is not deceiving me. Get out Once upon a time, damn woman. Daughter don’t do that I have brought food for you, eat something for the baby. You don’t care baby I know what you want You and Isabel want to kill my baby. Who knows what you mixed into the food. Daughter what are you saying You are like my daughter Killer It was completed And Isabel is a murderer. Daughter what are you saying Your child is poisoning you, you don’t know.
If you don’t listen, I’ll tell your husband. If you or Isabel lied from the top, then what I will do will be very bad for you. I said get out. Daughter what are you doing I said get out. Get out, killer. Get Out. Get Out. Killer! Get out Ishaq Agha was not well, he did not want to see us But I wish we could go with them anyway. I wanted the same Elias but How do we go This ship is not ours. The crew risked their lives for us. I’d like to see Despina soon. You have never missed him so much before, my lord Is there a problem? Is she ok Yes that’s right Thanks to Allah? I did not want Agha to know.
Despina is pregnant. Maybe we should have told them. Maybe Ishaq Agha would be happy. How will they be satisfied? They are still going through hell. We can’t bother them anymore. So I kept quiet. My father, I also remained silent. Because I was ashamed. When we attacked Antwan’s brother I let the pirates go because I had mercy. Maybe you were right. Maybe my kind heart did it all. Perhaps Maybe I caused the catastrophe that befell Ishaq Agha. Don’t say that, Elias Destiny chooses our path. The oppressors always seek evil. She didn’t need the man to find her brother’s killer. We did nothing wrong by killing him. Nor did you do wrong out of mercy. We will live with our destiny.
Rest assured, my lion let’s go. Clemans, What is the name of the person who spoke to Mehmar? Abu Muhammad. Sir, I don’t understand Why is the Pope looking for such a man who builds a ship for the savages. And they want you to take it to the pope yourself. Radio, Radio, Radio Your job is not to question orders. They have to be obeyed. Abu Muhammad works for the Mamluks. Send a message to Silvio in Alexandria. He will take care of everything for us. Your order, sir What about the bookseller Solomon? We are planning. We’ll find out soon. Brave! My clutch sir, What have you done? You threw Poseidon into the depths of the sea. We brought it to the bottom of the sea. But we didn’t see him take his last breath. You crazy boy O brave ones! They are hugging him as if he were their son.
! Congratulations I don’t remember the last time Baba hugged me. Rise seems to have conquered the entire Mediterranean. Come on Come on What is this, Asia? You are scared as if you are new here. You killed some thieves. And some are indebted to you. I’m not afraid of thieves, I’m afraid of Despina, whom I consider my daughter. Your daughter Are you kidding me You don’t care about it, you are afraid of Baba Urooj. no! It is not. Keep quiet don’t talk nonsense How is dyspnea? Did you see it Is she ok She is crazy As long as the child is with her, she will not recover?

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That child is poisoning him from within. He can’t see it. And Killer, she thinks we are killers. We are not killers, why does she think so? She understands that we want to kill her child so that we can take her away from her husband She is saying that if we tell Arooj, she will not let us live. Oh! She is crazy Well, she knows about you too. What does she know I mean, you’re close to Baba Arooj you can tell the truth. He will come to the inn. Would you tell her mind your own business? She hates me for your lies. I’m trying to correct your mistakes. Isabel, I swear it’s not true. !Stop the nonsense Snow. If there are problems between Arooj and me Then I will destroy you Understand this What did I do? Any order, sir Can it follow our orders? Why are you shouting at him, Jafar? Have you done your job But, Mr. but what? Tell me, but what? What can you say, Sir, don’t worry. The rise will not be a problem for you for long.
How will this happen, Jaffar? How! tell me. Everyone is talking about Baba Arooj. He is gaining fame every day, when will you end it? You are a bandit like him. But at the very least, he is an expert at his job. Don’t worry, Mr. Clutch. Only we do not like the rise. There are many more.
I hope the fishing will be good. This is what will happen, otherwise, there will be no money left for Taco. He says he will protect us. But he exploits us. Be quiet my friend Someone will listen to us, what can they do He can’t hear, is he drunk? He is injured, no he is dead. Pick it up He is barely breathing, he is taken to the hospital. Perhaps It can survive if it is lucky. ! Mr. Chairman Should we buy something for the baby? We are leaving empty-handed. Wait a minute Elijah. He is not even born yet. First, let’s see if it’s a boy or a girl. We will buy everything again. No need to wait, Chief. Baba Urooj’s child will be a brave boy. I’m not talking about clothes. Let’s give him a good sword. I have heard too I’m glad to hear that. So, this time you will really become Baba (Baap) Arooj. May God reward you. Are you listening to us like curious women, Shaheen? I’m kidding anyway, Agha Raees. It doesn’t matter if the baby is a boy or a girl. May Allah make the child worthy of his father. That’s what’s important. I am silent because of your mourning.
I feel sorry for the disaster you all faced. But there is also a truth. These seas do not hesitate to crush these people Which are not strong. You should apologize before it’s too late. Now don’t lead anyone to disaster. So, you don’t consider us worthy of the seas. Antwan also said such things. But don’t ask us about his fate. Ask the oceans about it Look, Elias. Do not compare me with traitors. I am not like them. My family can’t stand another ordeal. !Eagle Elias Son of Mr. Clichy
. We did not travel with the ships inherited from our father. We traveled with our fame. It is an honor for us to have enemies before ships. OK then. You can mourn now. But don’t forget that the time for endurance is over. Those who carry Onita’s coins, the sea will not accept them. Baba Arooj From now on, both your friend and foe are clear. Forget about Onita. Only my brother and I will be at sea. The bird is planning to swing its claws at us He should know that his head will be beheaded. Come on, Clutch’s son. Let’s see how many hawks you are. We will see. Thanks to Allah.

Welcome, Ascension Thanks. Hello, Elias. Thanks. I got it, I got it. what’s the matter? You are hiding something. There is no such thing as Despina. It’s just that we didn’t eat anything. Then let me prepare some food. Wait, tell me how you are. You look tired Weakness has begun. This is normal because of the baby. I was just talking about it along the way. Bhabhi, when my nephew is born. We will start training the sword from the day it goes away, God willing. And I am sure he will start challenging the dacoits before his Sunnah How do you know a baby will be a boy? Maybe, our daughter will be her mother’s companion? Ha, beautiful like your mother? Welcome, Mir Ascension Thanks. While we are here, no one can touch you. do not worry.
It is enough for me to walk on this road after closing my shop.

I don’t intend to have the same nightmare every day. When I leave here, Isaac can’t find me no matter how hard he tries. Uruguay! the murderer stop! Don’t get involved in this matter. No one should be involved. You’re wrong, Isaac All the things you have heard are lies I made a mistake when I told you. What are you waiting for? Attack You have no place to hide, Urgo If you die, the earth will not give you a place in it. Isaac. ! Matt Crow! Chelo! let’s go Uruguay As you said, he hates your family. But will he dare so much? Let’s go after it and force him to speak. Then we’ll see if he can dare.

Who sheds blood in the words of a robber There is no difference between him and a dacoit, Niko. Not only does This man speaks of Poseidon There are other things, Master Solomon. Professor. When Isaac talked about Urgo I searched around. I asked the surroundings where Urgo was and what he was doing.
But he was not around. You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? He was not When he found out we had arrived So he left his shop with an excuse. Since then, no one has heard of it. This is not good. Does Isaac know? no. I did not tell him. I didn’t want them to get in trouble anymore, they are still sad. You are right, sir. While there are bad people around They can’t do anything if we’re the only ones who are good, I think.
Also, I can’t stop if Ishaq Agha and Urgo meet. Come on! Leave me alone! Leave me alone, Isaac I did not do anything! Let me go. Why did you hire a man if you did nothing wrong? Why did you hide Let me tell you why? Because you knew I would follow you. Because a rat like you is afraid of his own death Look at these graves My innocent children And the angel heart wife is in these graves How can you blame me for killing your family?

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Do you think that my heart is not torn? Your heart Did you have a heart If you had a heart, you could be my enemy But like honorable men You shouldn’t have cheated on us by hiding behind a bandit like Poseidon What kind of relationship can I have with him? with this humiliation? Nobody saw it, right? no. As soon as the fisherman brought him here, I called you. You have to heal him again. Theo, do you think the man here is really the same? His recovery will make us stronger. Do everything possible It cannot be saved by medicine or chemistry, it is in the hands of magic. You can get help from the devil. But make sure it gets better Is your animosity just because your daughter has run away with the rise? Because of the anger, you have against him? My anger is not just about rising.

This is for all of you This is from your father, who ruined my life. What are you saying Your father Soldier Jacob He first took my homeland from me. Then the woman I loved. !look at me You think you can run But there is no salvation for you!Stop the nonsense! Shut up and listen to me Your mother, Khadija with her old name, Katrina I was in love. do you know? But Her father thought it more appropriate for He should marry one of the Turks who conquered Madali instead of the Greek boy. !it’s fine My grandfather knew how to recognize a man. He let his daughter marry my father. Not from a bastard like you! You took everything away from me! And I told you As much as I could I’m not sorry I am going to kill you with my empty hands So this Arabic which is called Abu Muhammad Really valuable. Too expensive. You will get much more gold when you hand it over. I will even kidnap the prince of Mamluk for this gold As long as your master is so generous.

Alexandria My god You are putting me through a tough test On one side is Eid And on the other hand, a black storm My heart is a flower garden for my child, and on the other hand my aga. And his family. Everything happened because of my mistake My wounds are bleeding. But I can’t tell my wife. I’m afraid she’ll be sad and my baby will be hurt. He turned the fire into flowers for Abraham. Or may Allah have mercy on me too and make my Ishaq Agha feel better soon So take away all our worries And fix everything If there is a cure for my pain then grant me, my God. My father The food is ready. We are waiting for you I’m coming. I’m coming. Model How are you aga How can I be, sir? When I visit their graves, I feel They are alive under the ground. And I’m dead on the ground But then why Why is there blood on you, my lord?

A leech was stuck in my brain. I tried to get rid of it. Maybe that’s why. My father Why didn’t you tell me that Urgo came here before we came, sir? You were already in trouble I didn’t want to aggravate your problem Oh yes One of my brothers hurt me By creating more trouble. And the other hurting me trying to save me. As long as I have such brothers I don’t need enemies at all. Uruguay Is he dead He ran away. Father Thanks for the meal. My father, Can you go to Hassan if you forgive me? The staff will be there tonight. Will you go to Take care, Elijah, go forgive me Ok my lord Say hello to the children? – All right, my lord. You both take care of yourself. Thanks. I clean it I will be with you tonight Put your head on your knees and sleep, Despina.

I wish you remembered this When you went to the inn. Do you think I went there on my own? I went there for work. Now we need many times more peace than before. So how else can I make money? I wish there was another way to make money besides this woman and this inn. God willing, I will find a way. If we are patient, I will find a way. Do not worry. Are you full? May I clean it up? I help Don’t bother alone I told you I gave it all up but you brought me here by force. I said you just bring me here. He did not say to bet on battles. Won’t Baba Urooj ask about your injured face? He will kill us. I swear. do not worry. He can’t kill me unless I let him. OK then. Don’t allow them And don’t beat Let’s go. no, Until I have a big fight, I will not find peace Someone else should kill me so I can’t kill myself. Is there a brave man who wants to come here? Yes! Wow, Horoscope. You are back Cut it Show me I’ll fight Maybe I caused something terrible to happen to Ishaq Agha.

I lost my family to pirates. When we rescued Antwan’s brothers, I took pity on a pirate and let him go. My kindness did it all with us Very high! Come on Come on! Brave boy! Come on Hit it Maroo! Hit it! And hit Hit hard Hit me Hit it! Hit me The two stars are aligned with each other. A third star is a little behind them. My god Twenty days ago, it was a little further back. So water is another star. Hello, What are you doing staring at the sky?

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Can’t you see I’m calculating What are you doing? Isn’t it time to catch fish? We have been unlucky for a long time. So we’re going a little bit further so we can get something. What are you calculating in the middle of the sea? The best place to look at the sky is the sea. The stars light up when you meet more people. They tell you their secrets. For example, that star which? There are many. Are you blind The one who is there

This is happening near these two stars. You can’t see it out of town. The sea has endless secrets. What’s your secret sir That’s enough Catch them There are secrets in the waters but there are also many disasters I’m interested in what happened, but you’re interested in the latter. Don’t let it go away The other arrow will kill you. Be careful They want you alive.

Otherwise, I would have torn you. Take it Excellency. I swear I did not cheat on you. This is all a misunderstanding. I am not a traitor. I believe in you, Giovanni. Don’t be angry with Radko He was obeying orders. I didn’t want that to happen Radko didn’t want to do that either, did he? Absolutely, sir. Now you can go They hurt you a lot. I need you. Has your problem started again, sir? Let’s get out of here. thank you sir Thank you very much.

Excellency. Abu Muhammad travels every night. He looks at the sky. And in the morning, he goes to the port for work. But tonight There were some passengers with Abu Muhammad. And those passengers weren’t the right people So he could not come back. He tried to run away. But failed and they caught him. Father Who will go after an innocent engineer like Abu Muhammad? Who kidnapped him?

We need to find out We have no witnesses The accident happened in the middle of the sea. How will we know? What if no one saw what happened at sea? So we have to find someone who knows the sea very well. He can trace the details and find Abu Muhammad. Alexandria Rise How are you? We’re fine, thank God, Isabel. You? What would you like We are not here to eat or drink, we are here to talk about trade. Oh No work So, Isabel Are you closing the inn? Or, did Onita go bankrupt? Is that why you said no work? So, no work. Belize. Is that why you are upset to see us?

It’s work, but You will not be given any work. At least for a while. A new system will be established here. And that may take some time. Rise I have nothing to do with these things. I know, Isabel I am aware of everything. No worries Will Jaffar get the job in the new system that we can’t get? Isabel Yes? Agha Raees, if there is no work here, we go elsewhere and look for it. After all, we are used to the river. Wherever we see fish, we walk. And my nephew is also coming with blessings, God willing. Dyspnea So, she is pregnant. I’m glad to know, Rise Yes. Thanks. Is she ok That’s right, thank God. He has no problem.
I hope everything goes according to your wishes. Thanks. Hold on a second, daughter! Listen to me first I don’t talk to killers. Get Out. By Allah, you are calling me a killer. Do you think that I have not listened to you and Isabel? But daughter you Didn’t you poison me with this woman? Didn’t you try to kill my baby?

Did you tell Arooj anything? You heard it all, so why not tell Arooj? I give the reason because he would ask me or Isabel about your illness. My dyspnea My dear daughter This pregnancy is poisoning you. You are young, you can have a baby later. Get Out. You are all against me You are all jealous If you say a word to Arooj, your death will be at my hands. And tell Isabel to keep her mouth shut. Or, I’ll destroy his inn. Ah, just, just. I’m talking about your well-being here so that you don’t lose your life. Is Isabel your only problem? do not worry. Isabel has no plans to interfere with you.

And he’s better than you think. You do not know how many secrets she is hiding to protect you. What are those secrets? Although you blame him, he did not tell you the reason for the last boom. What was the reason The leader of the pirates took Isaac, prisoner? He went to save her. Our Ishaq Agha? Calm down, sit here. There is much more. Shaheen Sahib is getting bad-tempered.
I’m trying to make it clear that we are not alone but Don’t do that, Jafar. If he finds out I’m involved. Shaheen will step back from it. As a result, he is Clutch’s son and does not want to do business with us. No sir, I will not take your name anyway. But he expects something from us about the rise. Look, Jafar. Rise is no longer working. At least, until we make our last move We will stop it. This situation is better for you. I have been watching the work of your men since morning.

Thank you very much, sir. By the way, your men are keeping an eye on the orphanage, aren’t they? Absolutely sir. We are keeping an eye on them as per your order. Girl and baby are always together. But the dervishes you spoke of are nowhere to be seen. This is not good news, Jaffar. If you don’t know who that dervish is and where then my pen will not do its job. Got it? Yes?
Whoever the man is, the most important thing in this case. Nowadays, it has become necessary to sleep in your pocket. Don’t forget that Don’t worry Elias. God is great and He opens new doors.

I don’t care about money, Agha Raees. God is pleased. But when betrayal comes to the fore, there is fear. I’m worried about that. Onita is dominated by infidels. This system is fine for a captain like Jaffer. We shouldn’t go there, you know what I mean. I know, Agha Raees. You want to know about Onita’s system. You want to understand what’s going on behind the scenes. I want to know. I want to know how they control the sea. Then I want to arrange the sea in the same way. Will we live to see such a day?
God willing, it will happen. We will train a lion in our house and he will do it. Then you go home quickly, the tiger will be waiting. Where will you go To Damirji, if you allow? I thought of a new weapon. I made the map. I’m going to make it with Damir. Beautiful. Our own weapons are more suitable for us. Come on, stay safe. Peace be upon you, brother. Maybe this medicine that I have prepared will reduce your pain for a while.

But your long journeys do not allow you to recover completely. Travel is not good for your wounds. please If possible, do not travel for a short time. This is not possible, Giovanni. Even Affandi goes to Petro and I follow. When I come back You will be diagnosed with the disease and will also make medicine. I trust you too, Giovanni. Excellency I want to ask you something. Zainab, is that okay? He is as wise as I am. Just because I speak well to you, don’t go overboard. But I understand.
I see the fire of love in your eyes. But when this fire starts burning. so it drives a person crazy. Know this Zainab is more complicated than you think. Sir, we have good news regarding Abu Muhammad. Our men captured Abu Muhammad alive. Alexandria Why didn’t you tell me the rise Isn’t he part of my family?

Who told you that Everyone knows this. Even Isabel. I am asking you why you did not tell me and you are asking me who told me? It doesn’t matter who says it, Arooj. Thanks. You’re right, Despina. I was going to tell you but I was very worried about you. I was waiting for the right time to tell you. Are all the enemies dead? Or is someone still chasing you? He is dead. They’re all dead, don’t worry. May God burn them in hell. They kindled a fire in Ishaq Agha’s heart. Those cruel dogs.
How can they harm innocent children? How is Ishaq Agha? Their wounds are healing. But their heart I wish you would bring them, I would take care of them. I told them. I invited them. They did not accept. Does Ishaq Agha know about our child? no. I couldn’t tell them. When our baby is born We will go to see them. They will be comforted when they pick up the baby. Maybe they will forgive us. God willing, my dyspnea. God willing. Brother, look, we didn’t talk about it, understand? If you run in front of children like this, they will be scared. Don’t shout, understand? Did Darwish Baba leave you to us or us to you? It will be good Zainab, the child is missing. Which child The same new Which was brought by Darvish Baba. I looked everywhere, but he was gone. Her friends didn’t see her either. Italian Stay here and protect the kids, okay? Go and get my dagger. Alexandria Mariut Lake. Oh well, tell me. My father died. I am all alone in this world. Who will protect me now? My father died. Tell me, what should I do now? I’m grown up, I’m smart. Ever since your mother died This well became my only helper.
Whenever I’m upset I tell him all the secrets of my heart.

This well always listens to me. Does it answer you? Don’t think of it as just a well. Maybe that will answer. How? You will understand when you grow up. You will turn the wheel of the well. Maybe you will get water or the answers you want. Looking under the bucket. Never give up Didn’t you see it Little cute boy He wears a red vest. have a nice day. Did a little boy in a red vest pass by? No, he is alone She is wearing a red vest. You scared me so much. My son Hamza, if you are reading This means that I have completed my journey on earth. And I’ve come to my real home. I will tell you 2 things. Delivering this trust to Solomon, a bookseller on the island of Madali. He will know what to do.

I’ll give you some money to get there. The gold in the wallet will be enough to get there. This is my first request. I command you never to hand over these trusts to the oppressors.
Your name is hamza Hamza never bows down to the oppressors. Hamza is not afraid of anything. Do not be afraid, in the trust of Allah. My name is hamza My name is hamza My name is hamza Here it is, Jafar. And get rid of it. We will do a lot of business, Isabel You will see my face often. Get used to it. Anger is destroying your beauty. Isn’t that a shame? Fake Na Kroo, Jafar These days will pass. Soon things will be the same. My father will know that he is working with incompetent slaves. And then they will ignore you. There is a problem. Let’s talk privately. The boy went to a house and came back. He is now talking to a captain at the port. Zainab has left the orphanage and is looking for him.

Then our men saw him walking towards a port. He is here, what shall we do? If they run away, we will die. We have to stop them. Model Hello. I’m surprised to see you here. Are you Teacher Solomon? Aren’t you happy Of course, Affandi? Your visit made me the luckiest man in the world. Come on. Sit down, Solomon Master. Teacher Solomon, is what I heard true? Is the brave man who attacked the island of infidels Soldier Jacob’s son,

Hazrat? That’s right, Affandi. The last time I saw him was with a baby. He has finally become a strong fighter. Do you know what Solomon means? Is it time to deliver the trust? The trust is only with us, Master Solomon Hazrat will be the real owner of this trust. May Allah be pleased with you, Ustad Sulaiman. You played your part. Hazrat will soon know the truth. But now we have to train it. you only tell him what you are allowed to do. All right, Affandi. who is that? Solomon’s teacher really respects him. There are a lot of weird people in Madali right now. Let’s see who you are Are you ready Yes. let’s go. We’ve already wasted a lot of time.
، Come here, go from Madali. Where were you? I looked for you everywhere. Wait, wait. Runaway Grab the baby and the girl. Come here Stupid Runaway The situation is not good. Come here let’s go. let’s go. Go -Are you OK? Are you OK? Go back to work It didn’t work out. keep moving. The child dropped the wallet. That is our only way. what do you want to do? what are you doing here? who are you? Sit down. I asked who are you? Why did Solomon give you that box? Sit down sir Sit down, son of Jacob. Sit. who are you?
I was your father’s friend. Now I’m your friend take it. what’s this? Your daddy’s ring How How do you know my dad From Kalu Belle. What? Do you want me to tell you a story? The story of the legendary Levant who became a hero to many. She is alone will fight a thousand crusaders and defeat them all. They just The Word seeks refuge in the truth. He can also control the Levant winds. who is that? Khairuddin I never heard his name. Never. One day, you will hear. In history, in the rivers of the planet, Everyone will remember it.
Where is Khairuddin? Because He is such a strong lion, where is he? Is he dead? He is in a cave. Tomb of the plan in a dark cave-like a mother’s womb. If the choice is good, it will be born. If the choice is wrong, he will die. will pray for him to make a good choice. You will stay here There is still plenty of time for birth and death. You see We are in a difficult situation. Finding Abu Muhammad is a matter of honor for us. Otherwise, I didn’t want to bother you at this time of night. Okay fine. We want to help you, Mr. Haira But Baba Orouj Abu Muhammad got lost in our waters.

I have not found a servant who knows these seas better than you. You are the best person that can find it. We are going through a lot of hardships, Mr. Haira It is difficult for us to travel right now. And I don’t think we can get a ship from Onita. Ski Thought Na Crow You will not need to rent a plane from Onita. I will pay the rent. I will pay a lot more than that. And Once you solve this problem, you will never have to rent a plane. Because then it will be yours. will tell you after thinking about it, Haira Sahib What was it Was it a dream? Ring. If the ring is real undefined Clemanus Affandi, this message came from Sullivan from Alexandria. Gather the men immediately. We found the bookseller, Solomon. And we settled the matter with the traitors. Where is our destination, sir? Model, We will burn it if we need to. Model Sir, my son. what happened? What’s happening?

Teacher, what is this? This man gave it to me, who came out of your shop. what’s this? He also told me a story. What man are you talking about The teacher is the man you gave the box to. Which box I think you are confused about. No such man had come to my shop. So you won’t tell me anything about this ring and this man, teacher? If I had to tell you something, son. I do not interfere with the lock, the keys of which I do not have. Okay fine. But I’ll open it, Master. Don’t worry. The keys will appear sooner or later. be safe. The keys are you, son. When you find out All secrets will be solved. Rise My dyspnea You know the campaign will be over, right? Can you be alone Didn’t you tell me that if we did that we would have our own ship? Sure, but When we have our own ship We don’t need Isabel and her dirty plans.
That is in the heart of me and our child. Rise, don’t worry about us. Do what you need to do to protect yourself. Return home as a free man. My dyspnea My height What would you like to have Irina, stay here. I understand. Rise, look. Don’t care too much about these things. Just give me some time I will take care of everything do not worry. I will not bother here. I have something else. I have a question for you And the answer is very important. I’m listening to you, Arooj. Who recently took a ship from Unita? I do not know. There is something I have to handle. Answer it That ship was rented by the messenger of Mamluk. Taken for you, right? I guess. Are you helping or not? Okay fine. Okay fine.

Three ships are provided. I have given two of them. He was an ordinary businessman. My father gave me one of them but I don’t know who they gave it to. Is there a way to get it? I will do it for you Do not get me wrong. I will do this because I think my father treats you badly. Thanks. How far is our meeting place? We will be there tonight. Sir, We took Abu Muhammad on our way. We will not stop at any port. We need to get to Rome as soon as possible. Be prepared accordingly. Here, eat this. I do not want my precious prisoner to go hungry. Look at these lights. How beautiful they are Abu Muhammad Can I trust you How can I know that you will not cut my throat when I see the stars? Do you never know Who knows how many secrets those stars have?

How many murders? How much treachery? I look forward to delivering you It will make me happier than the gold I will get for you. So, how much gold are they giving me? tell me. You don’t get a chance to find out how much you earn per day, right? tell me! how much? One-eyed Theo. Why did my father give our ship to a useless killer? Baba, what else are you hiding from me? Gabriel Gabriel Daughter, you, you were here. What’s happening? Are you looking for something Good I have run out of ink? I was looking to see if he was here. Okay fine. Good night, Dad I touch you alone, maybe you want to work. Dear daughter, you forgot to take ink. I forgot, thanks for the reminder. Here. Daughter Tell Gabriel to come here. Ok, dad Good Night. The plane is given to a one-eyed Theo. He is a man who deceives all the fishermen around the islands. He does other people’s dirty work for money. Rise, you need to be careful against these people. They enjoy torturing the poor islanders And they take what they have.

They are cruel people Yes, he is a tyrant? Are you OK? Yes, I am fine Everyone is fighting evil in their world. Come back safely, okay? Be careful Guard of the Gate of Death. !open the door Let this soul return to the world Mr. Chairman Isabel did something good. Yes, he made great sacrifices. Without it, we will not know our way. Inshallah, she will not get in trouble because of this. do not worry. We will not leave anyone who has helped us, right? Agha Raees, we are leaving in peace but this one-eyed Theo should be there. We can’t find that vulture on his island. Hira Sahib said that there Cut your fingers on Abu Muhammad’s boat. If you were the captain of the pirates would you take a man without fingers on your plane? I would not do that. If this man you trusted, and you shared everything with him. what will you do?

I will send him to the island, so that he may wait and recover there. What will we do? Are we going to count everyone’s fingers on the island? no. We will find the man who will fix it. Yes, my boss? How many wounds do you have? Praise be to Allah. I have 34 wounds. Okay fine. What if you were 35? Well, that would be the most significant wound for me. Thanks. Now the hospitals are running. Model This was the last. Nico, take this. Go to the port and buy some fresh fish. This is the season of fish, I want more My agha, should I also buy fresh saccharine fish? Okay fine. I’ll go too, Nico. Hello, wait.

Let’s sit I want to talk to you I know your intentions are right, but know this Uruguay’s case is not just about skepticism. Did he confess? He confessed everything. He told me that he had hated our family since our father. So the only problem was not the rise He was going to pay for what he had done. But I made a mistake there for a moment. What shall we do now, my lord? What will Arooj Agha do when he hears this? I also had a family, sir. I also had children. But they are no longer here. Do you think that Isn’t their blood as important as the pain of dyspnea? Hamza, are you tired? I’m fine, Zainab Aman.
I’m not tired Let’s find this bookseller Solomon. But first ask around, okay? I have friends here. It would be better if we talk to them first. Let’s ask from there. To find out if Solomon is trustworthy. Come on Hello, welcome Hey Give half a kilo of saccharine fish. And don’t be stingy. Do you have a basket? Where will you keep all these fish? You must have something If you have salt, put it on, it won’t go bad. Come on, Nico,

I’ll give it to you this time. What do you do with all the baskets I give you? I planted roses in them and left them in the girls’ gardens. They must smell like fish. Is there a girl in Madali who doesn’t smell like fish? Also, some dislike it. Do you know Hazrat, he is fine? Who are you? How do you know Hazrat? We met in a campaign. But it would be better to talk about it later. We have come a long way. From Alexandria. From Alexandria. what happened? A new campaign. So I thought it would be fun without him. That’s right. If there is an adventure It will not be fun without one of Yaqub Agha’s sons. Is it ready Yes? Come on, let me take you to Hazrat. later on.

That should be between us. If no one knows, no one will speak. Your guest has arrived, Nico. It was completed What are you doing here I will tell you everything But you have to help me first. Come in Let’s sit Sit down. Thanks. Come here Nico, bring food for our guests. All right, my lord. Is one of the children who live with us. He got injured while fighting. The staff was strict. We barely got out. We were wondering what to do And then we heard about you. You healed the wounded And we decided to come. You will he get better? do not worry. This wound is nothing. My ointment will cure it in 2 days. Stay away from the door. Why? What’s behind it? My special tools and ingredients help heal wounds. Stay away from it, it’s not your job. stay away. What is your purpose Why are you here This wound looks very new. There is no salt.

Bala Khatoon

As if he did it himself. get out of here. You are hiding something there. How We hear your name a lot here, like the one-eyed Theo. Don’t make fun of me I didn’t sleep all night. Stupid woman, I wonder what he has put in the ointment. It hurt all night, so I went back to her. Come on Elias. How This is the man we need, Elias. Elias Hold it, I see it. We finally caught it. !hold on How dare you kill me? Don’t worry, we won’t kill you. If you do not act wisely, you will be harmed. come here. I will hold you accountable. God, I don’t like running Have mercy on me Why is everything going wrong? Where is the second paddle? Looking for it I like runners She is afraid of losing her life. If you love life then you speak immediately. Have caught you Moses Find Elijah quickly. Then we will go out. Take this poor man away.
He can’t walk How did you think Can you get out of those hands? This bread is used for better taste. Alexandria Isabel My beautiful daughter You look tense. I was thinking about work, Dad. Please visit. No, I shouldn’t do that. I wanted to walk You know about my leg. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? Is everything okay? Yes, dad Everything is okay. Hmmm, Where is the height I haven’t given him any work these days?

He’s not here. So you didn’t see it. No dad But I look for them. There is no need for that. Okay fine. Okay, see you at home. I will do some final calculations and come back later. My beautiful daughter Gabriel My lungs are in my mouth! I told you everything I know. Won’t you take me down? Your blood stopped when all the blood was running over your head. Instead of being grateful to us, You are still complaining. Hanging out in the morning Will make you talk And in the evening, we will confirm your statement. If you lied to us or played some games. then we will know what is inside you. These people contacted you through someone else, is that okay? Yes. We never see the people who order the work. But this time, we were told to hand over the captives to their men. Abu Muhammad must be a very important person. No one knows who took it. Okay fine. OK then. We have our own destination. We will try our luck. Horacio. Do you have clothes Of course, Baba Arooj?

Of course The island we went to The companion he was talking about was a little younger. He brought me everything I could find at the island inn. Thanks, Jafar. You want to get rid of the boom completely, right? Absolutely, sir. This is my greatest wish. Then, I will hand it over to you on a silver plate. If you work fast Rise will no longer be a problem for you. You look good, Elias. Baba Urooj, I endured everything for you but now it has become too much Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Iskander Agha, do you have any idea what I did to achieve this? Shame on you, Horoscope. For Reyes, you have warrior costumes, But for us, the pastor’s clothes. My Glee Cup sir. My Iskander Agha I told you a thousand times, the inn was small. There were only two knights. I took them. If there was a third one, I would take it. Watch. I have the same for myself. May Allah forgive us Horoscope, where did you get this pastor’s clothes? Don’t ask, brother Glick.

Gunduz and Savci

I was in big trouble. But I promised myself. When the work is done, I will give them back to the church. Did you steal from the church? Don’t say that, Iskander Agha Cut off the arms of thieves. I fought for the Knights, they are basically the spoils of war. I have borrowed the clothes of the clergy. But the clergy do not know. He still calls them pastors. This is not the time to complain. You wear it first. You will get it Repent, O Lord Read your martyrs constantly. Nothing bad will happen by the will of Allah. Come, ride. Do you like Maybe we should have gone to Master Solomon too?

Hazrat was right. Don’t worry daughter You dropped the letter at the port. There may be some big dangers. You’re in a lot of trouble right now we are only adding to your problems. Those who leave children helpless and childless fathers Work hard for oppression. We’re only hosting a few guests, that’s nothing. Prepare something for Hamza, Niko. He is hungry We will eat too All right, Zainab? Come on Come to my son Did they make a horse? So, Job is gone too. Secretaries are sacrificing their lives for this secret. One by one Well, that’s the secret. If need be, you can die for it. And hide it from those close to you. Ok teacher Son. anyway. There is no time or place to discuss it. The key is with the child. We have to hide it in a safe place that I got from Prince Murad. They will know that Zainab and Hamza are on the island.
Let’s take action before the threat arises. The keys are already in a safe place, son. do not worry. Professor, I am saying that they can attack at any time. I did my duty, I am at peace now. Your task is just beginning. It is my duty to save the lives of all of us tonight. Come on, we’re leaving. Take the boy and girl away from the island. I will stay here and distract them. I will not allow that. !Professor Are you a bookseller? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? Found the owner of the book and the secret, don’t worry. You go to the girl and the baby, come on. Model Only the bookseller Solomon will be caught alive tonight. In addition, we will kill everyone who comes before us.

We are about to reach the meeting place. Beautiful. This means I will soon see Rome and the Holy Father. We will continue to move forward after tackling this small task. Will we need to go to war? The one we’re going to meet is a light-hearted bandit, Diego. If he tries to trick me, we will destroy him too. I don’t want to make preparations and tell them that they are really powerful. welcome. I am sure you have come to get Abu Muhammad. Yes. Is he here He is here I think you brought the rest of the gold. Of course, we have. First, let’s see if Abu Muhammad is healthy. My plane is a little far. My men will bring gold. You trusted us, it is a matter of pride for us.

It was as if her eyes were full of tears. No, my friend We cannot call it distrust. We can only call it precaution. I’m sure you’ll understand. Nowadays, many pirates are not as honest as you. They are defaming the pirates. Haha! And there are Turks. Many Turks are brave in the seas. We are also taking precautions because of them. you are right. That infidel Turk They have sworn to destroy us. But I swear I will not die at the hands of any Turk. Even Satan does not deserve it. Bring Abu Muhammad. Are you Abu Muhammad? Yes, I am what happened? I have already been taken, prisoner. You can’t kidnap me again. We do not want to kidnap you. We will buy you gold. You see your man is safe, my gold Bring it now. Yes, gold. How many boxes are on our ship? With the last ones, There are 27 in total. Did you count right? There should be no mistakes. I counted correctly. There are 27 and one big one. That means a total of 28 with them. And can we bring these boxes by ship? People on board can be brought in and we can drop them off here.
We’ll take care of them, don’t worry. I hope the boxes are big. They are big, don’t worry. Then let’s get the box out of the plane. Which is your order. Oh, Asiya, what did you come to say at that time? Dad? Where are they We have been waiting a long time? They’ll be here in a moment, don’t worry. Like I said, my ship is far away, but they will definitely come. OK then Let’s eat something You are our guest, it has been prepared for you. what’s this? It was a fat pig. Come on, first, you eat, dear Father Come on, don’t Catholics eat pork?
Where are they They are damaging our reputation? No, it’s not my nature, you eat. Attack Come here Take him to the boat. Why are you throwing me down like that? Shut up, if Baba had not risen, you would have died. No, it was only once for Ishaq Agha Now I don’t know if he is alive or not. I didn’t want to see the usual trouble. Otherwise, I would go around like crazy all the time. Model, You woke me up at night, son. Teacher, I’m telling you they can kill us. What are you complaining about? Damir Jay? is that you? I like Madali now. We will stay here Come on son. let’s go. He is tired after all this journey. He never spoke after his father’s death. We did not know his name. He spoke on the plane for the first time. When you remember the dead Your tongue opens. He is a small child. He came here from afar. Just to pay off your dad’s debt. I wish I could do that too. Maybe I would break my chains too. Isaac Agha. He has come. We will sit in the courtyard. Oh, master of darkness Come and give life to this weak body. Open the gates of hell.
join his bones And light his world with fire. Horizon said he was 28. But there are many infidels there. Why did you believe Horozjo? Hey, He makes fun of you and you think he is ignorant. How can he know how many people are there? Ahh. We took over Abu Muhammad but What will happen to the ship? I say we drown it. The plane is ours, Iskander Agha. We have achieved that. We will give the ship to Onita. Is everyone ready? Horoscope and Moses must be ready at all times. Let’s go before we are attacked. Let’s get rid of these infidel organizations. You That’s how you tried to reach me.
There is a cry for help in every line of yours. Your cry is heard. But my brother I will save you And I will call to account those who have turned me away from you. Even if he is my father.

Or Onita Everyone will pay the price. Why do they all stand like this? We tied one of them up, but You are right Chief. They are not even moving. Something is happening there. Crow conversion Crow conversion Lower the curtains She is fine Hamza’s father’s killers will now go after the child. Therefore, we must act fast. First tell me who his father was, why he killed him. I can’t tell, Isaac You tell me, sir. If this is the secret of Master Solomon, then you must know. Is it time for that I’m tired of seeing the complex issues around me?
Who are you? Your death They tied up our men, so they can’t move. Be careful Baba Orouj In the white sea, The one who can save his ship is called the captain. Find out Do you know what is meant by those who lose their ship? what is the meaning of this? Is it suitable for a soldier? Son of Clutch It means You should all listen now on The ship and the captives you rescued are mine. Let’s see what kind of clay you are made of, Baba Urooj. Translation: Woodtower

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