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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 Urdu Subtitles

What does will happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 69?

In Kurulus Osman Episode 69, the small piece of wood has been recognized for its true power.

In this episode, it is now time to make a plan that will bring conflict between two Lords as well as unite all those under them into one kingdom with himself at their head by using Gregor’s influence over them all after all he does have quite an advantage there since not many other people would try anything against someone so close to themselves! He then goes back into his tent where Nikola awaits him eagerly because she too wants what’s best even if just out duty requires some formality be put in place first before any decisions can actually get made.

Kosses then goes to the Kayi tribe and demands Gregor. Osman says that he is a shelter seeker but will never give him back even if an emperor came here for his retrieval-which Bala knew would happen since it’s in their bloodline rules not just as leaders of this group or any other -to get them all overtime period when they were taken from our home country during slave raids centuries ago so we’ve learned how survival instinct kicks in immediately once people realize there might be something more important than themselves going on right away without hesitation at all.

Osman Bey in Kurulus Osman Episode 69

Goktug takes some of the tribe’s soldiers and instantly sets out a trap, but Anselmo runs away, and Osman gets a little angry with Goktug because he can’t avenge Anselmo, so Osman sends Goktug away. Turgut determines that Goktug could not kill Anselmo and intends to handle him alone. Osman talks to Bala again and says he will be distraught if something terrible happens to her. Later, Sheikh arrives and starts communicating with his daughter. Sheikh perceives that Bala is in good condition and prays for her for long life.

Gregor does not believe Osman and says that Rogatus is always a faithful friend. Then Osman makes a plan to show Gregor the actual status of Rogatus and show him Rigatos’s loyalty. Rogatus is hosting an event at his castle where lords and a governor are invited. Osman has been trying to break the Christian unity with their associates, but Rogatus says that he discharged all Turks working in mines because of them now it’s up to him whether or not there will be another deal with these people if they want Turkish products anymore.

Osman is furious when he learns that Rogatus fired the Turkish workers in his mine. He realizes that these Greeks want to destroy all of Osman’s hard work and profit from it as well, so they can have more power themselves! But now there are those Byzantines out there who carry trade goods – will we be able to take them too? Osman paced back forth angrily through camp while talking with Gundoz about this latest development but eventually calmed down enough upon realizing just what might happen next. Rogatus firing some Turks was bad news indeed.

Osman then returns to his tent and plans to attack the Byzantine caravans moving with trade goods. The old man in the church is riding Rogatus and tells him that Gregor will soon escape. He orders Feodor, their caravan protector to go into the forest so he could get back. Gregor is in a state of shock when he realizes that Rogatus knows about the precious thing which was inside his book. He quickly tries to come up with an idea for what it could be, but before long Osman arrives and saves Gregor from this would-be murderer who wants power so bad it hurts not just over him anymore either.

How will it end?

Anselmo demands more gold to stand up to Kosses and Rogatus and attack a caravan. Osman arrives and protects Gregor from Rogatus, but Gregor has serious injuries. Gregor apologizes to Osman and says he will now work for the Christians in Sogut. Osman immediately takes the priest to Sogut. In Sogut, he met with Sheikh and the Christians and started working in Sogut. Malhun Hatun tells Osman that the caravans were moving with the goods of Lords. Osman and Turgut plan to attack the caravans۔ Then Osman went to rogatus’s castle on his invitation, Rogatus was shocked when he opened Osman’s gift. He threatened the Lords not to come across him.

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