Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 71 Urdu Subtitles

let’s go. Let’s go where are you going? There will be a lot of blood today. A day before. I’m going to see Manuel from Aznik, brother. I will use trade against them. I will make an offer that no one else will be able to give. If he is smart he will support me. If he is a fool, he will stand against me. Every great man becomes great by his decisions, sir. What will we do with Aznik’s wife will also increase the reputation of the Qai tribe. Osman Sahib. You speak well, but don’t you think the rest of Tek for will be so angry?

Telford is no different from wild dogs, above me. If a hundred dogs do not bark at a wolf, then that wolf does not deserve to be called a wolf. There is no need for any reason for the aggression of the infidels. Their enmity is from eternity. Their sole purpose is to prevent us from making these lands our home. So my Uthman will destroy them from within. By the command of Allah. Excellency. I’d like to go with you if you allow me. Start preparing. Excellency. Roads are occupied by corrupt soldiers. And the Takfiris heard that they were going to meet you. And Mahlon Khatun is also going. I am afraid the traitors will not ambush. Our swords are strong which will be stained with the blood of traitors, the lady above. We can make everything easier with our leader, by the command of Allah. Excellency. What will happen to the trust? I will not take the trust with me. And I will not use the Aznik way. By court. Usman Sahib’s order is, prepare the horses. We’re leaving for Aznik tomorrow. The roads are wide. All right, Captain. Boycott, be careful, and keep your mouth shut. Okay fine. Orhan, I have a trust, Malhon Khatun.

Don’t worry May Allah be pleased with you, lady. Keep on winning my life Keep on winning Can I come Sir come on. I thought it must be remembering you, lady. Then I should start preparing for tomorrow, Usman Sahib. I am leaving in the morning. The trust will remain in the tent. Don’t forget what I said Tribe, trust, and Orhan you have trust. As per your order, Usman Sahib. Tell me, Gokche. I have heard that she will stay in the trust tent. You did well, Gokche. Keep your eyes open Don’t forget, they will pay the price for what they did to you. Fly away Say hello to Koss. Belgian fortress. Azim Jesus ؑ I was not worthy of you. I was defeated by the disbelievers who do not believe in you. Azim Jesus ؑ I promise you that I will destroy. come on. Tekfor Nicola and Tekfor Kosis are coming. I’m coming. Usman is leaving. He will meet Vali Manuel.

We can’t let that happen. This will be Uthman’s last journey to Nikea. We will ambush him. But he will not use the path of Nikaya. He took precautionary measures. He will use the route of Kizal Chahar. And we will destroy it there. Looks like your pigeons have brought information. Then I will pay this duty. Any objections? You need to attack it with an army, Nicola Take the Catalans with you, I want to make sure he dies. There is another important piece of information. Usman is not taking the sacred trust with him. That is, she will be in his tent. When you are tearing his heart out I will go to get trust from his tribe. Killing every person who gets in the way.

How do you do that You will see A dead chief and a tribe without a chief? At last, it was time to eliminate the Turks. We will attack them At the right time and place altogether. This should be the case not only for Usman but also for Turgut. Nicola Turks are dangerous when they have a leader. But without a leader, Turks can be more dangerous. What is your offer? When you are taking out their hearts I will choose their head. That is, I will attract Turgat to me. Turkish stand united around your head. If Turgat falls into our hands then the Turks will be ours too. Yes. We agreed no. Thanks to Allah. Thank God, I will see the day when my son will wear it. Inshallah, my Uthman. God willing. Whenever I leave this tribe without you to you and your eyes I go out with a dream to see.

I also in every trip I dream of you in the tent and wait for you Our children and our people first Allah and then your trust. Whatever you leave behind, I will protect it like a trust, my Usman. Go up No one will go without taking the oath of this agreement. We have fought each other many times because of Usman’s game. We will continue today’s alliance with an agreement. My friend I swear by Caesar, Rogatos. Of course, I swear by Jesus too. Now is the time to get the Turks out of this land. This is the time of unity. I swear by the great Jesus that I will always be true to this alliance. I will always be true to this alliance. To drive the Turks out of these lands We will fight to the last breath. We will fight to the last breath. Mother. Can I come Come on, daughter? Eagle Hello, daughter. Before leaving I wanted to take prayers from you. Forgive me, mother. Sorry, You will be back soon, God willing Eagle You look upset to Come here Sit down. tell me. God will solve our problems. Show me the way, Mom. My heart and mind became entangled. It will be good, God willing Tell me, Eagle. Chakotay wants to marry me. This is not a problem. Be happy my daughter Why are you so sad Is a good man He is powerful.

New Characters

He is the Merciful. He makes me laugh whenever I’m sad. You? But You know what I went through. I can’t trust anyone. I am scared. Before My father who was my blood relative, They tortured me by marrying me to a traitor. The one I trusted betrayed me. From that day on, I can only trust myself You alone cannot deceive me. Your heart says something else and the language says something else. Eagle Do you love this crazy boy Daughter There are different kinds of people in the world. And there are different kinds of ideas. If you first encountered traitors So that doesn’t mean no one should be trusted anymore. Go out and look at the people. None of them are the same. Our Prophet Affandi said about men and women that they are two parts of the same body. There was a big test in your life. You crossed paths with a bad man. But What if God made you and Cherokee for each other? God has given this crazy boy a compassionate heart. He turned to oppression and became a soldier of Usman Sahib. listen to me. Think carefully, my daughter. I listened and thought, Mom I will think and ask from the heart. My dear daughter, You made me happy, Mom. You made me happy, Mom. Every perpetual, daughter. Every perpetual, daughter.

Turgut had sent them to spy on us. This soldier. Let them go Now let’s see how they take him back to their tribe. It is not enough to take the eyes of the Turks, Anselmo. You should take their lives should know! their lives! their lives, Anselmo! their lives! We will kill Usman, Anselmo! are you ready for that? This is a great time, Nicola I swear, this will be their last day. May Allah make you successful and may your journey be safe. Thank you my love Thanks Mashallah!. God willing, my dear son. Mashallah. Mother My son, may your journey be good and fruitful. May Allah bless you Amen Amen May Allah be pleased with you, lady. My lord We have brought gifts, we are waiting for you. Let’s go to the horses! let’s go!. let’s go. Nicola is behind Usman Your people will enter the Qai tribe. This is a good day. All right, Rogatos You never told me how you would get into the Qai tribe. Techfor Rogatos. Tekfor Coss. I am Julia This is the man who will bring death to the tribe of Uthman. Great very impressive. But how this beautiful angel Will do everything alone, Rogatos? Who said I’m alone, Takfour Kosis?

We are an army. And our name is Angel of Death. Angels of death Well, how about these angels of death Going to destroy the Kai tribe? This is a Turkmen businessman. He will take oil to Uthman’s tribe. I understand now. By the way, our beautiful angel will get what we want. And every Turk will have to face it. And what will happen to it? She is fine It is a simple poison. If left untreated, he will die. Best. !Best I also want you to use it when you bring death to the tribe of Uthman. As you wish. Goktog Yes, sir Are Horses Nailed? Yes sir We will take the Kizal Hisar road. The disbelievers have already taken the news that we will go to Aznak. The disbelievers think that they laid a trap but my chief spoiled it. !let’s go Time is running out! let’s go They are riding on their beloved horses and are heading towards death without knowing it. We will eliminate not only Usman but every one of them, Anselmo. This land will be irrigated with the blood of Turks today. There is no doubt about it. Come here, Usman Sardar. Come on Go and see it. As you command, sir, as you command, sir!Water!Water Bring water brother! Othman! Top? Inshallah, there is nothing wrong with my daughter are you all right? I’m fine, but I feel bad. God bless you.

!Othman, has a bad stomach. Why is he not sleeping? Excellency Soldiers!!Othman! Attack! Catalan Allah Akbar! Othman My God protects my children. My son will sleep now He will sleep and grow up. Before the birds return to their nests her father will come home. !Othman!Othman You damn bastard Come to me Come on! ! at last! at last! Excellency Die Die! If you dare to ambush We will find you one by one. We are retreating towards the forest. !Othman Don’t let him run away! Usman, are you alright? Yes. Othman. Don’t let him run away. Follow him let’s go. Come on, Malton. Are you alright brother My wound is healed, Boran. But I’m not well. I will not recover before I kill the ambush. By the will of Allah, brother, we will do. But first, we will find our leader. Let’s go again let’s go. let’s go. Excellency. Wait for Crow hold on. Let me heal You can’t heal my biggest wound. Excellency.

You will die of anemia. Jerkota does not die. First, he seeks his chief. !Silly boy Excellency. Did you get anything no? Looks like you didn’t get it either. This forest will be my grave. I will not go before I find my boss If they did anything to me I will stay behind them until these weapons fall out of my hands. Don’t be disrespectful, Jericho. How can those Catalan dogs do anything to my boss? Stop tweeting! Malhon Hatoon is with them. We will find them safe and sound, God willing. This is a big forest, don’t waste time. Eagle stop. We will search without distribution. Traitors are everywhere. you are right. We will find our leader by morning Comrades, keep your eyes open. Even for the enemy and my chief. let’s go! Let’s go Where are you going?

There will be a lot of blood today. If anyone is going to die, it will be you. I have been waiting for this moment for many days, Usman Then comes on, Anselmo. Don’t be afraid My lord Whenever I take up arms you got to the bottom of the problem. You killed my soldiers. My unborn child And my wife were hurt by you now it’s time. Come on, Malton. Find them! !let’s go! Quickly let’s go. Argus, You keep searching with the rest of the soldiers. !Never! Do not return without finding Usman Never! I will kill Usman here today. Okay sir you two come with me. !let’s go How? How? This man How can this man do this to himself? How? He is not dying. He is not dying. Why isn’t this man dying? Why isn’t he dying? This man is not dying! He is not dying! He is not dying Search everywhere. Spread out and search everywhere! Everywhere! Everywhere! Everywhere Why isn’t he dying? This man is not dying! He is not dying! Othman! Othman !Othman !Othman! Othman !Othman Usman, be patient, be patient.

We need to hide. be patient. !Othman Let’s go Just hold me Keep up the good work Somewhere Somewhere Cave Tell us a cave. To find! Othman !Othman Harmankia Fort Destroying ‘Uthman and his tribe together. This will be the end of the Turks. Usman will die. He will die but I don’t want to fight the Turks without a leader after his death. There is a big responsibility on your shoulders, Mari. Yes, Turgut. We have to attract it. How are you going to do that Everyone loves power, brother? I will give him strength. He is brave and passionate enough to replace Usman. I am sure he will accept the offer. Then you are going to visit Turgat first thing in the morning. I trust you Don’t worry, Turgut is in my palms now. Better Othman! Keep up the good content Slowly, Osman. Light the fire! Sit down, my Osman. Light the fire! Othman Light the fire Set it on fire! let’s go, Usman, I have come. I can’t worry about the pain anymore, come on Othman Othman! Keep up the good work, Usman. O, Shafi! Or healing O Shafi! Keep up the good work Ok now Hold me Stop Hooray, Usman. Stop Wait for Crow Othman. O, Shafi! Or healing O Shafi! O, Shafi!

Turgut And Osman Fight

O, Shafi! O, Shafi! O Allah gives strength to my Uthman. Give strength to my Uthman. The disbelievers set many traps for the Messenger of Allah. Our Prophet was the first to be careful Then he prayed to Allah. The trenches in the group trench were for precaution. When the infidels tried to kill his holy soul Instead of taking the short route to Madinah for migration chose the long straight. And when he took refuge in the Cave of Thor with his friend Hazrat Abu Bakr ؓ was a precaution. But despite all these precautions, A spy of the infidels came in front of the cave in which they were. But our prophet in his heart never had any fear. Because Allah Almighty In this verse he said “And he is the best of planners.” We pray to Allah that Because God is great who does the best thing. And He never leaves His servants alone. Torture and evil in this world will never end. Mankind must be careful And pray to Allah. And every trap they set Will to be destroyed, Othman. You are fine, thank God.

I am fine. I am fine. Are you alright I am fine? Now that you are well I’ll be fine. I am injured. Usman, this is not important. We must seal it. I will do it. You relax. We must seal it. let’s go. Okay fine. slowly. slowly. Don’t let yourself down. My strong lady Come here Othman. As long as you are with me nothing can break me. it’s fine. Thanks Always Stay with me and make me strong. I will never leave Usman. Will never leave There is light on the other side of darkness. There is light. it’s fine. it’s fine. We will get out of here with the help of Allah. We will find our soldiers. We will kill the disbelievers who tried this That we give up. We will not let them live.

Insha Allah Usman God is willing. Belgian castle I have been waiting for this moment since the Turks killed my family. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about killing them That is why I made the angel of death. Each of them was born to kill. I know Julia. You are a great warrior and so are your soldiers. But your greatest weapon is your revenge. My family died so the Turks never came to this land. I will end what they could not do. I will drive them out of this country. Show me the target. I can’t find anyone better than you for that. Julia, you will get your revenge soon. My god, I will pray for your comfort. He gave them treatment to Hazrat Ayub. You let Hazrat Yunus stay inside the fish.

He saved Hazrat Yusuf from the well. You protected our beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa From the oppression of the disbelievers. You protected them For the sake of our prophets and saints help us. Let’s find our soldiers safe and healthy. Help us to avenge those who were martyred at the hands of infidels. We have nowhere else to go. Don’t send us empty-handed, my God. Amen, my God. Amen Let justice be done, even if the world perishes. Turkish I will kill you With your own hands You took my family away from me. I will not die before I take everything away from you. You will die, Turk. You will all die. And my poison will cause. Usman Sahib said that he would buy the rest of the Turkmen goods. and will compensate them for the losses.

Separation of Turks

The first caravan will arrive today, God willing. Praise be to God, Usman Sahib is a ray of hope for all Turkmen. Someone wants to take advantage of Usman’s absence. We do not have only one enemy. Always be careful, Gunduz. Mom, don’t worry. The soldiers will not let anything happen. We are also present with the help of Allah. Believe it Doesn’t leave anyone alive. I work for Rogers, you know me. You will live because you are important to us. Rogatos and Koss are waiting for us, hurry up. !let’s go Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Be careful. Despite all our efforts, we were ambushed. The tribe is clearly a traitor. Then, we must immediately return to the tribe, my chief! no.

There are many protectors in the tribe Now we will go to Aznak. But we need to find the soldiers safely first. Easy, my lord! You can walk but you are not well. I will not return to the tribe empty-handed People expect good news from me. But how do we get there, my lord? This is a big forest. We will find a way. We will find a way. I’m sure my fighters have achieved something. let’s go. brother! Did you find any holes? no. No trace. No trace. If we can’t find our leader So they will find us, brothers. Come again! My crazy brother Bravo Rogatus Your carpenters did a great job. The only thing left now is to confiscate the commercial vehicles to enter the Qai tribe. and it was the duty of your beautiful obedient, do you think he arranged it? You shouldn’t have any doubts after tomorrow’s show. And they should have been here already, Rogatos. They are coming Are you sure they are the same, Rogatos? Aren’t they Turks?

Dear Techfor, We are ready to enter the tribe. What about poison? It is ready according to your order. This will be the end of every Turk who dares to face me. As I see it, you too have completed your preparation. Of course. Nestor will support you. Then there is only one thing left that Falls like a nightmare on Uthman’s tribe. Target sir! Marie, what are you doing here? I came here at the request of my brother, Miley Cyrus. What does your brother want Couldn’t he come himself instead of sending you? Is he afraid of us? Mihail Koss is not afraid of anyone, Mr. Turgat. And the reason I came Is you alright my Osman Come on My soldiers My soldiers have left signs for us. They are alive they are alive. We are getting closer, God willing, Usman. God willing, my brave Mashallah. let’s go. I didn’t think so but your tribe is small. Yes, it is! Usman Sahib’s tribe is wonderful he’s much better than you.

Ah, you tyrant Byzantine Why are you chasing me why are you here? We want you to make a deal with us instead of being an enemy. My brother Mihail Koss wants to trade with you That way you and your small tribe can make money. After all the blood that flowed does he want to be an ally? I suggest you forget the past and start strong again, Mr. Turgat. In the past, you are telling me to forget I have martyred soldiers. I will not forget But I see how my tribe is I will not forget but I can trade. For their safety, I’ll think about it. I think you are an intelligent man I am sure you will give the correct answer. You should know that my situation is going to be tough. When you decide then we will talk about it, Mr. Turgat. I will wait for your final decision. Let me know Target sir! Yes? I almost forgot it’s for you. please. I think it would be nice to have a B like you. Thank you. you Don’t look like you live in the shadow of other human beings. Target sir. What do they want, my lord? Koss wants to trade with us. What are you saying sir How can we deal with unbelievers? Usman Sahib has been in politics with him.

What does he have that we do not have? Excellency Where are you sir where are you Spread, friends. Spread! let’s go. !Excellency Thank you, my God ! Excellency Thank you, my God! Excellency Soldiers!!Excellency!Excellency!Excellency Thank God, sir Are you alright eagle ! Excellency thanks God Are you alright sir I am fine. Thank God we met again. Are you all right As long as you are, nothing can harm us, sir Mashallah? I told you they can’t do anything to me. Eagle . Excellency Malhon lady, are you alright? I am, Goktogh. You must have really bitten this bastard Anselmo. Where is Ganja Sahib? They are waiting for us with horses. But, sir, you are injured. Are you okay? Yes. I am fine. I am fine. Whatever sword they wield against us is only is useless Thankfully we’re fine. God willing, sir. Then Let’s go to the horses. Absolutely, sir. Find it well.

Ok brother Wait, brother. rightly guided brother. Get down brother. Tie them tight next time. It was about to collapse. rightly guided let’s go. let’s go. let’s go. Soldiers! Stop there You are taking your horses in the wrong direction. Now we are going to Aznak. Until we reach our destination We will not put our swords in the scabbard. As you order, sir. !let’s go Masha Allah. Things are going well. God willing, my lion. My Orhan Hey Top Top Top Are you worried about Usman Sahib? My heart is aching I tried but the pain didn’t go away. Expect good things, daughter.

Let’s save Orhan from getting cold. Go inside. Chelou Bala, Where did this oil come from? The Qur’an has come from Elias. Real? I know the oil coming from there. That’s pretty good. what’s this? Huh? It doesn’t taste like oil at all. My guess is that the crops were not good this year. Seljan woman. It doesn’t turn out the same every year. This is how it turned out this year. OK, then You will calculate its value accordingly. Stay tuned. Thanks. come on. ! I was very close to him I was very close, he was in my hand. He was in my hands. But he escaped. Othman! He was in my palm! If it’s in your palms Then you need to crush it like a fly. Where will you run, Othman? Where? Where? This is my land This is my mountain! These cities are mine. These castles are my castles!

These cities are my cities. I am the son of Caesar. ! You are mine too, Usman Sardar. You are mine too Do you know what I’m going to do with you I’m going to cut your hand’s feet and fingers into small pieces. I’m going to put you in a cage of wolves and wolves which you love so much! I will put you in front of them so that let them eat you slowly.

But this will be a weak end for you, Usman Sahib. This will be a weak end for you. Do you know what I’m going to do with you I took your head I will put it on the back of my horse? I will go to every Turkmen tribe and show them your head. Look, I would say This is the head of the one who stood against Aya Nicola. Othman Look, this is your blood. I’m going to bleed you. Whenever one of your lineages tries to rebel Someone from your lineage will cut off his head! die Don’t think that you have won this war. died.

Don’t think that you have defeated me. died. This war will end tonight, Usman Sardar. tonight. Do you understand, Argus? I got it, sir. We are going to Harmankia. Eisenhower Castle Hello Sagurs, what news have you brought from Constantinople? I have good news for you, Manuel. The emperors congratulate you on your services. “Now you rest,” he said. Forever. Will you bring me down before my faithful soldiers? The word emperor is the last word in these lands. Fujio! Take Governor Saguros out. Fujiya! Not just your loyal soldiers,

Manuel everyone in your city is under my command. You were my friend Friendship always loses against desire. You should not have crossed the line for the emperor. This is not true, you have committed a crime. You betrayed the emperor. What will the emperor believe? Harmankaya Fort, I am thankful that you have given up bad deeds and come here, Mr. Turgat I left nothing, Kosis Mari knows. I am doing this for the good of my tribe. And for all Turkmen. After this agreement, you will be against Usman Sahib. I was never with Usman Sahib. Why should I be afraid of them? From now on you will protect our caravans. They will pass through your lands And you will be responsible for them. Of course, we are in a difficult situation. So we will be more generous than usual. My decision of yes or no will amount to your gold, Kosis For every caravan that arrives safely We will give you half of our profits. This is a reasonable offer. I would not agree to less than that. I understand that you have accepted.

We will be strong together. I’m glad we agreed. I can be a good person if we work together Until you cross the line. Then it can be good for everyone. I hope. Nicola Aznik Fort Welcome Osman Sahib I knew you were coming. Thanks but I thought I’d meet Vali Manuel. The emperor has resigned. My name is Sargoros. I’m new to Nike. What happened to you They tried to separate us. But we knew that The lion does not kneel. Catalan and Texfor Nicola. They ambushed us. And they knew you were coming. How did he dare? Take for acknowledges that they are our enemies. But it is your duty that you make the roads safer. thanks Thankfully, they made the mistake of attacking us. We killed all the Catalans. Now your routes are safe. I do not think You have come here to clear the way for Nikaya. Ever since Manuel and Techfors broke their contract from their lands I did not allow any caravan to pass. I saw the treasure of the city. It was empty.

He used everything he could to save his people from famine. You will know that You must stand with me Not against me. any time Never try to make a mistake like Manuel. Keep talking, Usman Sahib A person who has just taken up his duty He should make his people happy. Otherwise, His government does not last long. Are you threatening me I’m telling you the truth? The stability of your status depends on your trade with me. If not, I will not hesitate to attack your caravans. War is a Turkish marriage. You are in my castle, it is surrounded by my soldiers. And you are doing this very bravely On top of that your wife is with you. We say that war is the marriage of Turks, not of men. Women are no different from soldiers. And we do not back down. You have a point. What is your offer? Whatever you earn trade with TechFor I’ll pay double that. We have gone through a difficult journey. All our gifts were destroyed. that is why I would like to give you this gift as a token. All the necessities of goodness will meet the Kai tribe. I will personally protect your corps. Wherever there are Turks There is no choice but to agree. You know Call the scribe. I will sign a contract with Usman Sardar. You must be tired, Mr.

Ganja You went home, you met your mother and father again. You came to us from Qarabakh on horseback to fight. Don’t you ever get tired Thank you, Chakotay? Now I’m reuniting with my friends. I had stopped fighting with my boss. We are with Usman Sahib until our horses die of exhaustion and our blood dries up. Absolutely. Harmankia Fort Othman I said, “It will happen this time.” This time it happened, it happened. Then Again Again, again. He slipped off my fingers again. how does?! Tell me, Nicola. How could he survive the ambush you did and all those soldiers ?! Tell me I hurt her a lot, Kuss. Ah, yes. I said I wouldn’t come back without seeing him dead! And I couldn’t see. I chased him all day. Then he confronted me and wield his sword.

This man never dies. This man never dies. He doesn’t die! He does not die. Nicola! We thought about that possibility. When he returns, the funerals of his family and loved ones will be waiting for him. I took the oath. I said he would go through this ordeal before he died. And so it will be. it will not happen. He will not return. Obviously, I also thought that Usman could escape me. I have a spy in Nike. She works in the governor’s kitchen. And she knows that Uthman will come to visit. And he is an expert in making poison. I gave him a lot of gold to make poison water for Usman. Probably Rogatus Probably Rogatus You never give up, Nicola And that makes you a terrible enemy And a good friend too. We tried many times with swords. I can’t let her live anymore. Tell us, Nicola. What kind of poison is this? It’s a poison that’s strong enough can kill a horse in a short time. Even a horse.

Iznik Fort, We are now ahead of the merchants, sir. We used to sell only carpets to the former. Now he buys everything he needs. When he will safely leave his caravans People everywhere will hear about it. Everyone knows that there is peace in our land. We have prosperity. We are making progress day by day, Usman Sahib. May Allah bless you and your children. Amine, Malone, Amine Amen I can’t let you go in this situation, Usman Sahib Moreover, we should talk about our agreement. Sit down Sit down Allah, the Exalted in Might, the Great. Not much time, Orhan Soon you will meet your mother and father. Hello. Now is not the time to change troops, what happened? brother, Who are you? Don’t you like it The syrup has arrived? Now we are friends, Usman Sahib We have prepared everything on this table according to your religion. We bought all the meat from the Muslim butcher. please. Eat If you say it is halal then Goodbye In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. thank you. All right, sir. Give me some syrup too let’s go. In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. God. Where is the So you are protecting it? I will kill you all. Translators: Yahya Hanif, Huzaifa Naqvi, Haris Shah, Syed Al-Huzur Translation: Woodtower Episode 70 ends.

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