Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 Urdu Subtitles

Why did Ismihan Sultan gather all the gentlemen?

At the extremes, the issue escalates. There is news from the Mongolian Commander Nayman. Nayman demands a diet in exchange for Samagar’s murder. Thereupon, Ismihan Sultan gathered the Germiyanoğlu, Candaroğlu, and Karesioğlu Beys. He also calls Osman Bey. What is the main purpose of Ismihan Sultan?

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Osman Bey is challenging

The gentlemen hold Osman Bey responsible for all that happened. The gentlemen state that Osman Bey should pay the diet that Nayman wants in return for Samagar’s head. Osman Bey is determined. “I wouldn’t even give a push on the diet door, not for Samagar.” he remains determined. How will Ismihan Sultan and the gentlemen react to this? Osman Bey knows that they are the smallest principality among the gentlemen. Osman Bey emphasizes that although they are weaker than these gentlemen in terms of property and power, they are equal to them. How will Osman Bey show that he is equal to them?

Olof’s target is İnegöl!

While Osman Bey is experiencing the tension of the Mongolian danger, Olof does not rest comfortably. He gathered a large army. The army consists of Byzantine soldiers. How did Olof take the Byzantine army under his command? Olof has set his sights on Inegol. What will be the fate of İnegöl? How will Osman Bey, who is stuck on all sides, get rid of this pressure he is in?

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