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Kurulus Osman Episode 79 Urdu Subtitles

Following the arrest of Osman Bey and his forces during a fight with the Seljuk army, he had the chance to exact revenge on Göktu for his murder. Following his successful assault against the Seljuk army, it was only via the arrest of Osman Bey and his troops that he was ultimately able to exact revenge on Göktu for his killing and bring him before the courts of law.

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According to the news source, he was accused of the murder of Göktu and was found guilty of the crime and condemned to death as a result of his conviction. No matter how many theories there are about what Osman and his alps may be able to do in order to prevent this catastrophe from occurring, all indications are that they will fail miserably in their efforts to save the world. As part of their efforts to prevent the Emperor from carrying Kosses to Constantinople and surrendering him to him, Turgut Bey and his alps were defeated by Tekfur Nikola in a bloody battle that lasted for hours.

The other party, Nikola, abducted and imprisoned Turgut Bey, after which he executed him as a form of retaliation for the horrors he had performed in the name of vengeance. The proposal of Gunduz Bey is to form a principality party in Kay Obas, the province’s largest city, in order to fill the void left by Osman Bey’s absence from the region.

During Osman Bey’s absence, the party will serve as a de facto replacement for the monarchy. In order to stand in for him while he is in Istanbul for a diplomatic meeting, he has agreed to do this as part of Gunduz Bey’s efforts to fill in for him. Osman Bey and his family are forcibly removed from their houses and goods as a consequence of Gündüz Bey’s deportation of the tribe’s female members. This is followed by the forceful removal of a large number of other families from their homes and things.

During a meeting with Osman Bey, the women of the Bala Hatun, Malhun Hatun, and Selcan Ana tribes make a promise to him that they would do all in their power to maintain his trust in them. Osman Bey has stayed steadfast in his adherence to this vow even after many years have passed. Since of the attack on Selcan Ana by the females who have fled Oba, and because she has been injured and confined to the hospital as a result of the incident, she is unable to return to her home.

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