Kurulus Osman Episode 80 Urdu Subtitles

Following their rape by Julia and her men on their route to exile, they felt disheartened and despondent. As a consequence of the tension and disappointment that followed, they became hopeless and dissatisfied. The Kay sisters have been grieving Selcan Hatun’s loss for almost a year now, and their grief has persisted throughout the whole time period since his death. However, the fact of the situation is that he has ended himself in this position as a consequence of the horrible traumas that he has through. Having discovered that Osman Bey seems to be endangering the lives of Sultan Mesud and his family by placing a trap known as Geyhatu, Osman Bey must create a complicated escape strategy that incorporates deceit and disguise to ensure that he and his family may safely flee the palace.

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Because of his triumph against Vizier Alemşah, who had previously taken over Harmankaya Castle from Tekfur Nikola, the inheritance of Harmankaya Castle, which Gündüz Bey had acquired from Tekfur Nikola, is handed to him as a consequence of his victory. The victory of Gündüz Bey against Vizier Alemşah has been recorded in historical documents for the first time, according to historians, marking the first time the triumph has been documented. Meanwhile, while all of this is taking place, the ruler of the principality, Gündüz Bey, is striving to reinforce his claim to the land as a consequence of his recent purchase of more territory, which is giving him some anxiety. A tragic trap set by Vizier Alemşah, who has foreseen that Osman Bey will wish to pay a visit to Selcan Ana, who is approaching death, traps the prince and his entourage, who are killed as a result. He was able to apprehend and bring Vizier Alemşah to justice as a consequence of the procedures that Osman Bey developed. As a result of his actions, he asked that he take responsibility for what he had done and provide an explanation. Throughout the whole time we were watching Ana Selcan perform for us, she seemed to be on the verge of passing away right in front of our own eyes. As previously stated, Osman Bey wants to depose Vizier Alemşah, and more specific information on the techniques he plans to use to do this will be made available at a later date. Consider the following scenario: If Kaylar gains control of Harmankaya Castle, is it possible that the situation will worsen and have a negative impact on local and regional stability as the result of this development? Is it possible that the situation will worsen and have a negative impact on local and regional stability as the result of this development? By all appearances, Osman Bey had developed an ingenious method of evading capture by the Seljuk authorities in order to avoid being apprehended by them. Have any opinions on the prospects of Osman Bey discovering and bringing to light the truth of Sultan Mesud’s death, as well as distributing this information to the broader public, in the future? Was there a particular goal behind Geyhatu’s ingenious strategy of baffling Anatolia and making it seem dumb to the rest of the world? Was he trying to achieve anything specific? Was what it seemed to be precisely what it turned out to be?

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