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Kurulus Osman Episode 81 Urdu Subtitles

It was during this moment of intense rivalry between the two men, however, that Geyhatu appeared suddenly at the mansion of Osman Bey and Vizier Alemşah, catching them both completely by surprise. If the Kay Obas’ and Sheikh Edebal’s lodges had not been successfully captured in the days leading up to the battle, it is probable that Söüt and its residents, as well as the whole area and maybe the entire planet, would have been completely destroyed. You said putting your confidence in Sultan Osman Bey’s ability and willingness to make whatever sacrifices were required to secure the success of his struggle against the Ottoman Empire. Could you tell me more about that? Please provide a detailed explanation of your decision.

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When Gündüz Bey receives knowledge about the world’s most dangerous city from his servant Gündüz Bey, he is forced to go on an irrevocable journey into the heart of the city in order to fulfil a contract with the wicked Geyhatu, and he is unable to turn back. In order to completely eliminate Osman Bey off the face of the world, he has dedicated his whole life to this goal, which he has finally accomplished successfully. According to prior reports, the Tekfurs are being chased and killed in order to further solidify his position as the only ruler of Bithynia, after the annihilation of all descendants of that race, as previously stated. As a consequence of this move, he will be able to keep control over the whole continental region.

Osman Bey must devise a strategy for defending Söüt against the Mongols and Geyhatu if he is to keep the city safe from them and their allies. He had no choice but to do so in order to keep the city secure from the Mongols, Geyhatu, and their allied forces. It’s going to be quite difficult to do this work on time. In order to provide an example, consider the following hypothetical scenario: You could have guessed it, but Geyhatu informs the Sultan that he must choose between disobedience and obedience, which is precisely what you would have expected. Gündüz Bey will make a choice on whether acquiescence or disobedience is the appropriate course of action. Based on your understanding of Gündüz Bey’s character, what behaviour do you suppose he would display in this circumstance after making that decision?
Following the completion of the conversations, Osman Bey will have the option of taking more action against Tekfur Nikola or refraining from taking any further action, depending on the outcome of the negotiations. If you don’t mind me asking, what are your opinions on this situation? How do you feel about your own self-worth at this moment in time? As much as you have trust in Kay Oba’s capacity to withstand the siege, do you have the same amount of faith in your own ability to accomplish the same? Knowing one’s own worth and having a strong sense of self-assurance are important attributes to possess and exhibit.

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