Kurulus OsmanKurulus Osman Season 3

Kurulus Osman Episode 86 Urdu Subtitles

Geyhatu’s eventual fate is unknown.

Seljuk Sultan Mesud arrived in Kay Obasi at an inauspicious time. Sultan Mesud’s response to Osman Bey, whom he believes of plotting his assassination, is ambiguous. What will become of Geyhatu, whose execution was postponed by Osman Bey?

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The malignant factor responsible for reawakening sleeper cells remains unknown.

Finally, the outposts’ decks must be reshuffled… Dark cells in the body are awakening after years of slumber for the first time in many years. When a force emerges from this darkness, its primary objective will be to undermine Osman Bey’s connection with his subjects.

The identity of this terrifying power is unclear. Is he going to succeed in his mission? What if the Söüt explosion was caused by self-contained black cells? Is the Söüt assault the beginning of the Islamic State’s demise? Barkin, a recent addition to Kay Obas, will be part of these heinous acts, while the location is unknown. Furthermore, who hires Cornelia and has a long history of serving the Mari family?

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