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Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 107 Urdu Subtitles

We are not going to let her cause disorder. She is going to cooperate with our enemies in order to hurt us. She didn’t release Kantakuzenos for no reason. I’m sure she’s up to something. She’s blinded by her ambition in such a way that she can even take Olof in her command, who has the blood of innocent people. We are not going to let it happen. She has such power thanks to her position that we have to kill her, my Bey. No. Both her position and ambition blind her. And this is her weakness. We will advance on this weakness. My Bey, let me prepare some precious gifts, then. Let’s trick her. She won’t fall for that. We need more than gifts. Are we going to kiss her hand and owe homage to her, father?

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Kurulus Osman Episode 107 Urdu Subtitles VidTower

Otherwise, she won’t be convinced. We will do what is necessary. What are we going to do, after we stop them, father? We will do what we do all the time. Enemies come and go. But the motherland of the Turks stays forever. We will keep the conquests. Sarica is after Ismihan Sultan. He is going to tell us with whom she is meeting. You tell us what we’ll do for our enemies but what about our friends? Without the unity of the brothers, we can’t defeat the enemy, Bala. This crack only tests our brotherhood. I am sure Turgut Bey is going to be with us. What if he is not, my Bey? We feel your absence in the headquarter, Turgut Bey. But you also know that you set out for conquest with belief. No persuasion is needed. -You teaching me that, Konur? -Astagfirullah. -Your absence- -Don’t call me to account for my absence. I’ve been fighting all these years without any objection- I’m not here to speak or mention the past. If you have a problem with my Bey, you can solve it with him. I’m here to take the catapults with his order. Where are you now, Konur? To Inegol. The catapults you are talking about are the catapults, which took Inegol. These catapults are the keys to this castle. Just like Inegol, they are mine and I have control over them. How much do you say “I”?

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 English Subtitles

Is your ego getting ahead of your cause? Nothing can get ahead of my cause! Whatever I do, I do for the sake of Allah. I just want justice, Konur! Can’t you see it? Do you ease your conscience like this, Turgut Bey? Are you blinded this much by your ambition? No, you are wrong, Konur. I don’t want justice because of my ambition. I’ve said nothing for years but it’s obvious how Osman Bey treats me! -You are on the wrong path, Turgut Bey. -I haven’t chosen my path yet, Konur. Go to your headquarter now. I’ll let Osman Bey know about my decision. Accompany Konur to the exit. The wound in my heart hasn’t healed yet. Don’t open another wound, Turgut Bey. We will be waiting for your good news. Our goal is the same as the ones of Ismihan Sultan.

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 Urdu Subtitles Facebook

But what makes us different is what we care about. They want the lands for gold. We want it for our motherland. They want the sword for power. And we want it to spread justice. They want the throne and the most out of arrogance. But we want it to rule with justice. That’s our difference. And that is what makes us strong. Then let’s crush the enemy with it. The enemies come from two sides now. The enemies inside and outside work against us. But we’re not united at the moment. So we won’t crush anyone. We’ll act smart. Malhun Hatun. Go to Mother Sultan right away. And offer her our best gifts. Show her our loyalty. If that will stop her our best offer would be our loyalty, my Bey. You’re right. Bala. You’ll come to Kopruhisar base with me. We have your back my Bey. Olof. Kantakuzenos. And Ismihan Sultan. They’ll think we’ve stopped. But we’ll never stop. Ismihan Sultan and Kantakuzenos. They’ll work together.

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If we act before the enemy we’ll be the winners. It’s time to make an alliance against Osman who’s getting dangerous. Ask me what you wish. He’s on your side. Why are you working with me? If he was, he wouldn’t be against me, Kantakuzenos. Osman grew up under the rule of Seljuk State. But he thinks he’s greater. It’s not just about that. He even reached Constantinople. I know about everything. The weaker the state gets the louder the traitors will be. Then let’s silence them. Don’t you want to hear about my condition? No Turk villages or Turks will be attacked. I only wish to fight Osman. A Turk who doesn’t attack me won’t be harmed. If our goal is the same then know that you will have my support for the Byzantine throne, Kantakuzenos. I’m grateful to Sultan Hadrath. But I’m no heir. I own the throne now. The Emperor is too sick to rule. So I’ll rule the Empire in his name. We have more power against Osman. If we find out what Osman’s after then we’ll have even more power. He’s after new conquests. It could be Koyunhisar. It could be Cadirli. Or Kopruhisar. He wants to have one of them. What are you two up to? I knew he wouldn’t stop after Marmaracik. We have to stop him before he makes a move. Come here. Don’t worry. Kantakuzenos. Osman has been making them follow me for a while. So what? Is he suspicious of us? He should never know we have an agreement. Osman is trying to stop me. To stop my bey you work with this but you can’t stop those in the righteous way of Allah.

Kurulus Osman Episode 107 Urdu Subtitles Historic Series

Unfortunately, the dead can’t speak Kantakuzenos. While destroying that little beyhood of Osman will you move with me? What else are we waiting for to attack Olof? The right time brother. This time the reason for our victory will be our patience. People coming! And our allies that are within our enemies’ borders. Show me the place I’m going to attack. You’re as impatient as Osman, Olof. Osman. Where is he after now? We know that Osman is after taking some land we know but we don’t know where he will attack. But we’ll learn one day. And when we do before he reaches his target we will attack him. If you don’t know where Osman will attack then why did you come now? I came to tell you about our move. We will create chaos inside. And you will attack where there is chaos. Wait for my message. Don’t move till then. I’m not a hound dog Bayindir. Tell your Sultan that they will give me what I want. What do you want other than war and blood?

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