Mehmetcik Kutlu Zafer Episode 2 Urdu Subtitles

Translated by: VidTower We’re the grandsons who forgot to make dreams like our ancestors who had bigger dreams. While our ancestors used to have control over the three continents, we’re now being controlled. While our ancestors were demanding victory, we became defeated. Our brains returned to our heads once we wore the captivity attire. Who were we? We were the ones who ignited a fire in oppression for the sake of the oppressed. We used to cross borders on horses for the nation. We used to agitate all of people’s comfort for the sake of humanity.

Story of Episode

We used to be Abrahim(A.S), May Peace Be Upon Him, in the fire. And Blessed Mussa, May Peace Be Upon Him, in the sea. And Joseph(Yousuf), May Peace Be Upon Him, in jails. We used to be the soldiers of the master of the world, Muhammad, May Peace Be Upon Him. The first coal fell on us for the sake of freedom, humanity and the future. The first summon rose in us. We took off our captivity clothes and said “Bismillah (In the name of “ALLAH”)”. Uskuplu created an operational plan and took it to the well of snakes to Chief Nourettin. Chief Nourettin who knew about the enemy’s war plan,… …was going to take position according to that in Salman-Pak war. Uskuplii ignited the fire of freedom with his campaign. General Townshed, who wore the English arrogance, his only goal was… …to enter the history of Great Britain through occupying Baghdad. Their goal was to place the cross instead of the crescent in the sky of Baghdad. He was sure that he was going to defeat the Ottoman army in the Salman Pak war. While we were fighting on the front on one hand,… …on the other hand, we were also fighting internal betrayal. The English were causing a drift between us through promises, dreams and nationalism. For the sake of Allah, sir. For the sake of Allah, sir. While the enemy continued building dreams upon our nation. Time was taking its course. While the English continued preparing for the war. Our future was hiding in our past. May Allah punish you. Check your ammunition again. Those who have shortage, speak. When the war starts only Allah will be next to you and no one else. Come on. Come on, come on. Attention. How’s the condition of the troops? All the weapons are behind the curtains, commander. There’s no shortage. We’re ready to receive your orders. Ali. Go ahead, commander. I don’t want you to enter the battlefield. Commander. Don’t, commander. I waited patiently underground for two months. My increasing anger inside me was only expressed through screaming for revenge. I came today here to take way souls. My internal anger won’t calm down, until I see our army victorious. For Allah’s sake. Don’t find this too much for me. My heroic soldiers,… …it’s time to add a new victory to the history of Great Britain. Think of tomorrow. Think of the happiness you’ll be greeted with when you return home. This dark part of the world will shine by the sun of Britain thanks to you, my heroic soldiers. We won’t ever forget those who’ll leave us.

Review of Mehmetcik Kutlu Zafer Episode 2

Don’t forget that you’re going to face a sick, defeated and tired enemy. Don’t be scared at all. We came here for victory. Let’s take Baghdad… …and finish this matter. Yes, Commander. There’s no fear on our hearts. We’re the final army of Islam. We swore to die for union. Don’t let us down, My Lord. Amen. Make the prayers of mothers and the cries of children… …and the star and crescent of the flag a curtain. Don’t let us be without shields, my Mighty Lord. uaaujv You own our breathes. All of our prayers are to you. You’re the owner of complete victory. Let us be victorious, Oh Mighty Lord. U0LUV- Put the bayonet. Lions of Allah. Today is the day. Take positions. The heroic sons of Britain. Take positions. Cannon shooters. Cannon shooters. Fire. Attack! Attack! “Allah, Allah, Allah” “Allah, Allah, Allah” “Allah, Allah, Allah” “Allah, Allah, Allah” “Allah, Allah, Allah” This war will be the worthiest victory I won. Thanks to HIM, you’re now fine. Don’t move quickly, calm down, okay? ‘m with you. My dear Mehmet. Who are you? Sergeant Hamilton,… …the desert is very calm today. I know this silence. There’s no preys for us today. Everything I acquired till this day,… …wasn’t offered to me on a silver platter, Abu Ola. I took them forcibly. It’ll also be like this today. If the desert doesn’t give me anything, I’ll take it by force. For this reason we’re currently ruling the world. Sergeant Hamilton,… …beware. The world you’re ruling,… …someday will send his vicious guards to you. You’re fixated on a lot of stories, Kaymakam Bey. Soldier. You’ll defeat your enemies with your brain. After everything ends, you’ll look at your victory with pride. Imprisoning the Ottoman Empire is this easy. Sergeant Hamilton,… …don’t belittle the Ottoman Empire to this extent. You’ll feel their arrows in your veins when you least expect it. Our army will bury Salman-Pak in the Ottoman history books. Think well, Kaymakam Bey. How will you be mentioned in this book? Where am I? Where am I? What happened to me? What happened? Where are you, Mehmet? Where are you? Damn it, I missed it. Sergeant Hamilton,… …you didn’t miss it. He did. Who’s this foolish person? I bear witness that there is no god Except Allah… Who are you? What does it have to do with you? Catch him. Get him up. How dare you touch an English soldier. Sergeant Hamilton. It’s clear that this man is from here. He won’t harm us. Let him I don’t care who he is. He’s going to learn how to respect English soldiers. Sergeant. Let me go. -This isn’t how you teach something. Let him go. Not this time, Kaymakam. Don’t let me live in this shame anymore, kill me. Did you come to the nation of Salman Farsi to kill Muslims? Is this the nation of Salman Farsi? Stop, what are you doing? Shush, don’t make a sound. Take off your uniform, take it off. Don’t lift your head. Don’t lift it. Get up. This is our flag. The desert is giving us a sign, Abu Hula. He’s not a normal person. We’ll take him with us. Bring the horses. I won’t give up. I won’t give up, Mehmet. I won’t give up. I won’t give you up, Mehmet. I won’t give you up. Come Qucikly. Come on, let’s go. Who is he? He’s not a Turkish soldier. What is he doing here? -Stop, what are you doing? You have to treat him. -What? The blood of our soldiers is on his hand. How can you ask me to save him? It’s my blood. I didn’t kill any Muslim soldier. I don’t carry the blood of any Muslims. This secret won’t get out of here, no matter what the price is. -As Salam-U-Aleykum! (Peace Be Upon You)! -Wa AleykumSalam! (And Peace Be Upon You Too)! What’s wrong, Saeed? Are you going to a wedding that you’re this dressed up? I’m going to a place much more mportant than a wedding, brother. Where’s that place that’s much more important than a wedding? Today is Mehmet’s birthday.

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