Valley of the Wolves: Palestine (Kurtlar Vadisi Filistin) Urdu Subtitles

Valley of the Wolves: Palestine (Turkish: Kurtlar Vadisi: Filistin) is a 2011 Turkish action film directed by Zübeyr Şaşmaz and starring Necati Şaşmaz, Nur Fettahoğlu and Erdal Beşikçioğlu. The story revolves around a Turkish commando team that goes to Israel on a rampage of revenge to track down the Israeli military commander responsible for the Gaza flotilla raid. It is part of the Valley of the Wolves media franchise, based on the Turkish television series of the same name, and a sequel to Valley of the Wolves: Iraq (2006) and Valley of the Wolves: Gladio (2008).[1]

The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on 28 January 2011, was at the time the most expensive Turkish film ever made.

Valley of the Wolves: Palestine was criticized for being anti-Israeli and inflammatory.


After the flotilla attempts to break the Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip to bring humanitarian assistance and building materials, it is boarded by the Israeli military. Some activists violently resist and are killed by the Israeli soldiers. A Turkish commando team led by Polat Alemdar (Necati Şaşmaz) travels to the West Bank, where they launch a campaign against Israeli military personnel in an attempt to track down and eliminate an Israeli general, Moşe Ben Eliyezer (Erdal Beşikçioğlu), who was responsible for the flotilla raid. Polat manages to wound Moshe, who from that moment on goes with an eye patch. After he finds out that the Turkish commando receives support from Palestinian Abdullah, Moshe arrests Abdullah’s family and bulldozers their house, with Abdullah’s son Ahmet in it. After a fierce urban battle, Polat kills Moshe.


  1. Necati Şaşmaz … Polat Alemdar
  2. Nur Fettahoğlu … Simone Levi (credited as Nur Aysan)
  3. Erdal Beşikçioğlu … Moşe Ben Eliyezer
  4. Gürkan Uygun … Memati Baş
  5. Kenan Çoban … Abdülhey Çoban
  6. Erkan Sever
  7. Zafer Diper
  8. Umut Karadağ
  9. Mustafa Yaşar


The announcement of the film’s release came just days after Israel’s attack on the Gaza flotilla and according to Emrah Güler, writing in Hürriyet Daily News, the name of the movie was enough for millions to buy tickets. Technical problems however resulted in the release of the film being postponed until 28 January 2011.

The film was premiered at a special gala screening on 26 January 2011 and a press screening on 27 January 2011 at Nişantaşı City’s Shopping Mall in Istanbul, where director Zübeyr Şaşmaz defended his film against criticism like that the film would earn money by exploiting Palestine and Islamic feelings.[3][8][9]

The film finally received an 18 certificate from the FSK in Germany because of their initial concerns over the film’s perceived anti-Israeli and anti-American overtones and its scheduled release on 27 January 2011 (International Holocaust Remembrance Day) which caused some controversy about it being antisemitic propaganda. Jewish organizations, as well as politicians of Turkish descent, opposed the film and some tried to ban it.

The film opened on nationwide general release in 364 screens across Turkey on 28 January 2011 at number 1 in the national box office with a first weekend gross of US$3,830,431. Source: Wikipedia

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