Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English & Urdu Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English & Urdu Subtitles. I found myself chanting as the episode ended. The momentum built last week continued this week with another fantastic episode. KO is now fast progressing towards rising of Osman Bey’s Beylik. The events that are playing out on screen all point to it and it is going to be a glorious ride!

Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English & Urdu Subtitles
Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English & Urdu Subtitles

Osman Bey once again shined throughout the episode and he is the engine driving the show. Whether it was his clever escape from the castle at the start of the episode or his carefully planned re-conquest of it. Burak is breathing fire to his role and playing his larger than life character in sensational fashion! And with him once again rescuing Savci and Dundar from trouble, he basically put to rest any remaining objections as to why he deserves to be the Bey. Not even Savci who remained bitter could deny this fact. His marriage proposal to Targun in my view is a ploy to fool Nikola so that her father can be saved. That he chose to not disclose it to Bala at least who was shell shocked at his announcement also shows his rising IQ as a Bey. In order for his plan to succeed he has to keep it a secret for now.
Savci continued being mostly unlikable save for his brief dissent towards Lena’s highly questionable suggestions. These two are just not in a good place right now. And with Savci still not grateful towards Osman, it was just aggravating to watch. It really is quite befuddling to see adult Savci as an arrogant guy. His lack of self-awareness in the climax also added to his personality just not being palatable to the audience. I wonder if a turnaround is on the cards because there really is no room for further brotherly feud as it’s quite clear that Osman deserves to be the Bey.
This was further bolstered by the moving scene involving Ertugrul, the sons, and Dundar where Osman felt a transfer of spiritual energy from his father. This scene really was the differentiator between Osman and his elder brothers and uncle. It demonstrated his vision which cannot be contained for much longer.
The women in this episode made major strides in particular Bala and Aygul. Bala’s altruism melted hearts. Her utter selflessness was just awe-inspiring and overwhelming which Ozge Torer pulled off magnificently. We saw a whole new side to Bala hatun and one couldn’t help but be reminded of the greatness of female companions of Prophet Muhammad (saw) who were devoted to the cause of Islam with their hearts and minds. Here was saw Bala willing to sacrifice her feelings and emotions for the greater good of Osman Bey’s sacred mission. Seriously, this is something we have not seen from any female character across these historicals. It also opened up a new avenue for Bozdag to explore polygamy in an empowering way, a forgotten Prophetic practice. While I do believe Osman’s marriage proposal with Targun is just a game to trick Nikola, ultimately Bala’s willing consent has paved a way to where this aspect of marriage in Islam can be explored in a positive manner that can remove negative stigma towards it in our present reality. Bala hatun deservedly got cited by Selcan as the model hatun of the Kayis to follow. She is in a sense a worthy successor of Hayme Ana. But more than that, her excellent conduct and selflessness are praiseworthy and worth emulating.

Kurulus Osman Episode 41 Storyline

Aygul too showed a whole new side and chartered new territory by first forging her sword with iron and than publicly encouraging the Kayi hatuns to get used to the new norm of expanding their roles and being even more determined to aid the cause of Osman Bey. Selcan has helped Aygul channel her tragic past into a source of strength and it’s delightful to see her take charge of her life. There couldn’t have been a better mentor than Selcan for Aygul after what she went through last season.
Selcan was just awesome. The way she took over during hatun chat and effectively trolled Hazal was thoroughly fun. But what made the scene even better is how she built up Bala’s reputation after Hazal had been trying to tarnish it. Though Hazal went on to have her moment as well when Osman’s made his marriage announcement. She really rubbed it in and was both hilarious yet annoying (in a good way). She managed to make us hate her.
We also got to see a proper back story on Targun hatun which evoked sympathy. She’s a victim of Nikola’s cruelty and thus, her motives to be his spy were properly contextualized. It’s why Osman Bey also chose to forgo punishment for her as she was being forced to engage in betrayal. I do think she’s fallen in love with Bey and will be interesting to see how she reacts when the marriage is revealed as a hoax.
Bamsi Bey’s interrogation of Cerkutay was so entertaining to watch because both actors are always funny in most cases. And now that Cerkutay has revealed Yavlak being behind Monke’s plan to kill off Geyhatu, Yavlak is going to be in hot water and it sets up Osman Bey to expose Yavlak emphatically.
Nikola-Flatius dynamic continues to be endearing. Although I do hope that Flatius can back up his talk of being a lion hunter. He gets beat far too easily for someone who is supposed to be a great fighter. Perhaps a worthy clash with Goktug soon offers him redemption to show off some of his real skills. Nikola was visibly shook in this episode due to Osman’s ingenious mind but he made his mark in the climax at Yavlak’s tent. He overshadowed Kayi beys and Yavlak and made a fool of Savci. But Osman is going to have the final say soon in Kurulus Osman Episode 41.
Kumran Abdal’s narration of sacrifice was just wonderful.
Boran & Goktug played their part well in setting up the coming raid. I am hopeful that Goktug survives from being struck by multiple arrows.
The dua before the attack was powerful and it was a great display of Tawakkul in Allah. Overall, I look forward to how Osman Bey conquers the castle to outsmart Nikola and exposes Yavlak.

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 41 English Subtitles

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Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 41 Urdu Subtitles

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  4. At least episode ka promo hi lga Lia karain taky visit karna Wala ap ki vedio dakhy us Sy ap ko Faida ho anyways good work VidTower

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