Kurulus Osman Episode 57 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 30)

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 57 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 30). Mr. Usman never gives up the scent of blood. He will catch Kalanoz. You go and burn in hell. You go and burn in hell. You are the only reason for my defeat. Why do you stop our servants when their teeth are close to blood? You were the son of an adult. You were the bloody wolves of Gehato, now what are you? I am the brother of Usman Sahib who goes to the holy war and fights for the cause of Allah. Why did Usman Sahib send you? Usman Sahib wants to be part of the Elkhani Empire by obeying Gayhato. Usman Sahib obeyed Karashaman Togai, the son of Noyan. Usman is now under our control. He will pay taxes. Your victory has become the shrine of your generation, Othman, now it will also be your shrine. I swear… I will bury you alive. I will bury you alive.

Kurulus Osman Episode 57 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 30)
Kurulus Osman Episode 57 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 30)

I avenged my brother and put something in your brother’s lungs. And Nicola … Will tear your lungs brother… brother… brother… May our victories last forever, brother … brother… … You will recover first, huh? We can’t stop now. You will be fine my brother We will see more victories together. a brother .. brother… Brother, brother. Why didn’t you kill Callanus? Why? His death will be a gift for him, brother. We are going to the tribe. Let’s go Where are the horses? Soldiers, come on. Usman Bhai brother… listen to me. Listen to me, brother. Listen to me, Usman, I had a dream last night, brother, my father … When the gift came, a poplar tree was planted. … they were waiting for me under it. Brother My son Baihuja was also there. That poplar was covering large lands with its roots … And its branches covered the sky. My father said … You have been martyred for your state. Brothers, lives are lost … brother… But the state … … is eternal … The state always exists … I fought with you and my elder brother … … our brave soldier and my son. Were with us on the battlefield.

Testimony … waiting for me Do not do this. My son Ertugrul … … And take my lady … You have a trust, brother, they are your trust. Take care of the State… … State… … always remains. brother… brother… State… … always remains. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah. brother… And I am a witness that Muhammad … … are servants and messengers of Allah. my bro. Bury this dog’s body. In this pit From now on, this place will be called a dog’s cage. As your order, sir, my brother. my bro. my bro. My brave brother My martyred brother my bro. Who turned to Mount Ekjaj with his blood towards our homeland. my bro. my bro. In the name of God. When you are going to heaven, on the land of our Prophet … The body of your killer filled the pit. Don’t worry at all. my bro. how it is possible? how it is possible? How can my daughter take her soldiers without my knowledge? My daughter wants to go to war with Usman Sahib. And you don’t know. My daughter went to fight with Usman B. And you didn’t know that. Is that so Answer me, sir, forgive me. She left without telling anyone. When she returns, she will be held accountable. We are trying to meet the infidel, Nicola. And my daughter is fighting against it. If it were up to you, it would be completely gone. O Allah, protect her in battle. Inshallah, Mr. Malhoon has a sharp sword and she has been trained by You. Yes. May Allah protect him. However, when she returns alive, she will count on him. She takes care of her father, whatever she wants. Still, he must know that he has to obey the orders of his chief. let’s go. Now you go And don’t be ignorant again. I’m sorry, sir. I will not do that again. My God, You have caused us trouble. You take one blessing and give another. You took my bioja from me. You gave me the religion of Islam. My son is in heaven now. And my Sauchi are competing. Give victory to him and our soldiers, my God. I have been blessed with Islam. My God, give this honor to other people too. Amen. They are back.

Thank you, my God. Thank you, my Sauchi is back. Thank you, my God. Where is my son Where is my son Usman Sahib, may Allah grant peace to the souls of our martyrs. But my husband, Mr. Sauchi? Where is Annie Ertugrul’s father? Son of Ertugrul Ghazi Mr. Sauchi O Allah, help me. My love Get up, my lord, you said you would come back. And you said you would come back. Get up You promised me, look, look, our Ertugrul is crying. He knows he lost his father. Open your eyes, my Sauchi! No, no, Usman Sahib. How can I bear this pain, Usman Sahib? Sir, you have been martyred. Oh sir Please, sir. Please open your eyes. Open your eyes, sir. My Sauchi was martyred. We have many martyrs. many. I am the mother of a martyr! I am the destiny of a martyr. This is a good thing, is it? Usman Sahib Shouldn’t I cry? Should I stand strong? Lena Khatun I can’t tell you not to cry. Be strong, though, now you are a Muslim. My soldiers! Brave women and men of Kai! My cold

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