Kurulus Osman Episode 59 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 32)

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles now on VidTower. The dagger leaves only one mark, while the promise is thousands. Forgive me, Togay. I failed. Are our enemies smarter than you? Yes? tell me. Tell me If I didn’t believe … I don’t trust you. The soldiers searched for him. Sir, we thought he had no place to hide his dagger. He must have hidden it in a place where even the devil would not know. Sir, neither the Mongols nor the Romans could bring a needle into my tent. Do you understand The order, sir, the order, my soldiers? You are smarter, braver, and more loyal than the Mongol and Roman soldiers. Don’t disappoint me Ok sir Got it, sir.

Kurulus Osman Episode 59 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 32)
Kurulus Osman Episode 59 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 32)

If we let him sleep, he won’t try to kill me. But he was ready for the possibility. He will attack us after this incident. As we become stronger, so will our enemies. After each conquest, this land will attract more Romans and Mongols. Until we defeat them all, we will not rest. We will never stop. Genghis Khan was born from the power of Tangri. If I do not keep my promise, the torment of dark souls will continue on me forever. You will die, Uthman, you will die. What is your order, Osman Sahib? brother… Take precautions around the tribe and souvenirs. Also, warn Omar Sahib and the Turkish chiefs. They should increase their precautions. We don’t know where Togai will attack. We have to be vigilant. now… … we will have no return. Don’t think that I have forgiven you by not sending you Engrio. You went to the Qai tribe without informing anyone and involved Osman Sahib in this issue. Tell me now Why did you do that Why did you want to meet Osman Sahib? What was your purpose I still don’t know … How did your attitude towards Osman Sahib change like this? I kept my promise. I wanted to say goodbye to them. Was that why you went And so nothing? Isn’t loyalty my duty? Sir ever Don’t break your promise. Especially when you do it with your father. As long as your father is with you, never consider anyone as indebted to your life. I never thought of paying off my debt to you, Baba because I can’t do that.

The three of us are Shaheen of Osman Sahib. If they ask us to cut the veins of the world, we will cut them too. We will continue to fight until we turn our tribe into a state. We will do that. Osman Sahib is my Sardar, Bamse Sahib is my father and you are my brother. I will fight with my swords for this claim until I take my last breath. I promise I promise I promise I promise ۔ What are you swearing by? Have you forgotten the Eagle lady? Konya, Seljuk Palace, Uthman. Osman hit my envoy like a stray dog ​​and threw him out of his tent. Now I am asking you, Sultan Masood. Don’t you know what that means? Of course, I know. Osman raised the red flag. And the Togay will trample the Qai tribe. Do I need to remind you who put you on the throne? Of course, Osman Sahib has made a big mistake. When I am surrounded by my enemies and other chiefs … … I do not want to create chaos on the western border. I will punish Osman Sahib myself. Sultan Masood, how will you do this? Will you send a Seljuk army for this? It will take a lot of armies to capture the chief of a tribe. It will do a lot of damage. I hope you don’t spend a fortune on this. Then? I will invite Osman to Konya. Do you think he will not know your intentions? He will not know if I call him properly. what are you thinking? I will invite Osman Sahib here with shining gifts. then what will happen? It is my duty to punish him as Sultan. I have arranged an invitation for you. The sparrow will be your invitation. It’s cooked and sweetened just the way you like it. let’s go. Let’s talk about what I will do with ‘Uthman. I got the news from my spy Demos in the Qai tribe. Osman expelled the envoy. And Togai vented his anger on the envoy. Osman.

Am I surprised? No, I’m not surprised at all. Nicola, We had an agreement with Togay. He said he would bring refugees from ‘Uthman and I would pay him taxes. You? If I didn’t pay taxes, he would attack my castle. What’s going on now I can’t trust Togai anymore … But … You can trust me, Yasun Togai won’t attack you. Because we will attack Togai. How? The parrot is even stronger with new servants. As you know, Nikola Togay’s anger is directed at Osman. Jason, we’ll let them cut each other off. Then we will sit … … and will be happy to see them, whoever survives in the end, we will attack him. We will attack. Dark spirits join me in breaking it. The servants are ready. We are ready for war, Karashaman Togaye We are ready for war, Karashaman Togaye Mongol language. Togay! Togay! Togay! Togay! Blood … blood … blood … The night will return to the womb to which it belongs. By the power of darkness, the Kayi tribe will burn to ashes. I want Osman alive.

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