Kurulus Osman Episode 60 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 33)

ATV will release episode 60 of Turkish Series Kurulus Osman tonight. Let’s talk about today’s episode. My Sheykh, he should be here at any moment. I am sure he will be here whatever happened. Osman Bey is right, daughter. In this situation. waiting is not appropriate for us anymore. In the name of Allah. Send our regards to Umur Bey, Malhun Hatun in Kurulus Osman. And also tell him that we want to hear how he is going to explain this situation. My Sheykh. My Sheykh. My Bey. My Bey. Nikola is still nowhere to be seen. My Bey. It is out of my limits. But I am afraid Nikola might play a game with us. Why does he do such a thing, Bahadir? Why? He hates Togay as much as I do. Why does put his own future at risk? He will be here. He will be certainly here.

The price of the betrayal is paid with sacrifice. Where are you, father? Where are you? My Bey, he is still not here. What do we do? While our hunt is waiting like a sheep. we can’t return, Bahadir. You check the road, from which Nikola was supposed to come. If he is not there, we will handle him, when the time is right. If it is up to us now. we can sacrifice ourselves if it is needed. As you command, my Bey! Come on! My Allah. Make us victorious. Trap! Trap! Group up, Alps! Trap! Alps, group up! Togay! The hunter has become the hunt, Umur Bey. The Alps! Attack! Mongols are coming! Run! Raid! Mongols! Protect the children, Alps! For blood, for the love for blood! For blood, for the love for blood! For Erlik Khan! Feed their corpses to ravens! And give their souls to Erlik Khan with Kurulus Osman Episode 60! Don’t show them mercy! Kill them all! Finally, you are within my palms, Umur Bey. I’m going to cut off your bloody hands, Togay. I’m going to give your corpse to ravens and your soul to Erlik Khan! Togay, archers! My Bey! My Bey! My Bey! My Allah. what have I done? My Bey. My Bey. Kill them all! You came early, my Osman. How are Umur Bey and Malhun Hatun? Umur Bey was not at the tribe. We couldn’t talk about anything. Do you want me to set up the table? I’m not hungry, my Bala. Okay then, I’ll return to my work. That’s enough. We’re leaving. Mother. Help me! Help me! Let me see. Come here. Don’t be scared. Alaca. Put out the fire before it spreads. Heal the wounded now. The children first. The children first. Father. Where are you, father? Where are you? Umur Bey’s legacy turned to ashes. We’re leaving. Why did this man do this? If he didn’t want this why did he invite us? If he did, why did he run off? There’s something going on Bamsi Bey. We’ll figure it out eventually. Did something happen to him? InshAllah no. But I can’t think of anything else.

Kurulus Osman Episode 60 Review

May I come in my Bey? Come in. My Bey. There’s important news about Umur Bey. Tell me. My Bey. Camuha. He attacked our tribe. What are you saying? My Bey. The bastards attacked Umur Bey at the same time. Togay. Togay attacked our Bey. How is Umur Bey and Malhun Hatun. Tell me. Thank Allah they’re alive and well. Thank Allah. Thank Allah. Thank Allah. We lost a lot, Osman Bey. They broke us. They destroyed us. Do not lower your head. They will answer for the blood they shed. The alps battled with Umur Bey. and the innocent people of the tribe. There will be revenge for all of them. May Allah keep you with us, Osman Bey. We just had a deal with Togay. When has a hyena kept his word, Osman Bey? Goktug. My bey. Boran. Get the alps ready now. We will go to Umur Bey’s tribe. As you wish, my bey. Got it, my bey. Bamsi Bey. Let’s not fall for the same trap. You stay here. Increase the measures with the alps. Clearly. Clearly, Togay will not stay true to our deal. Do not worry, Osman Bey. If they come here, I will rip their lungs out and hang them outside. Brother. Come on. Come on, brother. Open your eyes, daughter. What have I done, Bahadir? What have I done? I got played. I fell victim to it. the fire of revenge that captured my soul. Together with me. my alps. women, innocent children. I am the only one at fault. Only me. Father. You are wounded! It was played by Nikola. He said we’d kill Togay together but it was a lie. And Togay knew it. He attacked me. and the tribe that I had left defenseless. Open your eyes, Gokce! Gokce! My bey.

What have they done to us, my bey?! My baby is dying. She is dying. Father. Let me check your wound. My wound. isn’t bleeding outside. It’s bleeding in my heart. And there is no cure for it. Umur Bey. can never get back up. Now it is Osman’s turn. The governor of Geyhatu, Yargucu. What about his orders? He will understand that he cannot control Turks by giving orders from a palace. I am the sole owner of these lands. Umur Bey got what he deserved. He can’t dare to try to tie us down again. Could Umur Bey. try something like this without Osman’s knowledge, Camuha? Osman. I have only one agreement with you now. And it is with death. Osman Bey is here! Get better soon, brothers. Brother. It will pass, brother. It will pass. Thanks, my Osman Bey. He will be fine, InshAllah. InshAllah, my Bey. He will be fine. Don’t worry. Umur Bey. Malhun Hatun. Your pain is our pain. and your sorrow is our sorrow. I am sorry. The reality that these lands are our eternal lands. has been proved with the graves of the martyrs now. But they will be avenged. Don’t worry. Eyvallah, Osman Bey. Tell me. How did they do this dirty trick? After you left the tribe with Sheykh Edebali, they raided the tribe, Osman Bey. Umur Bey. When we visited you, you weren’t in the tribe. Did that dog, Togay seize this opportunity? There was a matter of dispute over the grasslands. between our shepherds and Byzantines. I went to see what’s going on. My deal with Togay has no importance anymore. Be careful. I have left some of my alps around the tribe for security. Don’t worry. Thank you, Osman Bey. Umur Bey. You should rest now. I will come back again. Eyvallah Osman Bey. Has your father passed away, too? I never had a father. My tribe is. both my mother. and father. It will be the same for you, too. You will have a husband, have children. You are going to carry the honor of your martyr father. with your children.

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With pride. Tears. When teardrops fall on desperate lands. hope grows on those lands, kid. Selcan and Bala will be exiled. Father? When will you respect me as your father? When you start acting like a real father! I’m not your daughter! You are not my father! I told you that even if the traitor is my father, his blood is halal to you. Carry out what the tore requires. We disturbed the balance by not taking part in this war Nikola. War is a game of balance Jason. My plan’s working. The good news is on the way too. Isn’t our true enemy Togay? Couldn’t we have killed him in this war? My soldiers are alive. And my enemies’ soldiers. are tearing each other apart. Maybe we should’ve attacked Togay while we had Umur Bey. Umur Bey. Togay must have ripped his guts out by now. Nikola. Messengers are here. Togay destroyed Umur’s army. and burned down his tribe. What do we say Jason? The real war begins now. The promise Sultan made to Osman. is broken. Now Umur will go and ask for Osman’s help. And Osman. will attack Togay. And. what will happen if Osman doesn’t attack Togay? Then. Togay will attack Osman. And what will we do? We will not lose a single soldier. We will not lose a single soldier. And we’ll sit in our corner. and watch the barbarians tear each other apart. When the barbarian war is over. we will have crushed all the bugs. that are left alive. All of them! Why did Togay break the deal? There must be a reason for it my Bey. Togay isn’t a man to be trusted. He doesn’t need a reason to go back on his promise. We’ll be ready. If he attacked Umur Bey. he won’t stop. But. But there may be another reason for him. to break his promise after we paid allegiance to him. We must understand that first. Brother. How are the preparations? We took precautions in Sogut and in the tribe.

We’re ready for an attack with Allah’s help. EyvAllah. We’re preparing to take precautions on a larger scale. Osman Bey. We’ll figure out what’s actually happening eventually. But if we’re so sure Togay will attack. why are we waiting? Let’s attack. Togay has more warriors than before. And. he knows we might attack. To attack a prepared and a large enemy’s army. might be devastating. You’re right. You’re right Osman Bey but. Won’t we look weak if wait here doing nothing? when he attacked Umur Bey? Won’t it encourage the enemy? Won’t it diminish our friend’s hopes? We’ll wait for Togay to make a mistake. When the conditions are right. and when we can see victory in the distance. we’ll raise our Sanjak. and walk with Takbir. InshAllah. MashAllah. Umur Bey’s tribe I made a mistake. And I paid a heavy price for my mistake. This was a huge warning. Allah is saying. “You are on the wrong path.” My daughter is saying the same thing. And her eyes say. “You are on the wrong path.” “.you ruined everything.” You are on the wrong path, father. You made a mistake. And you insist on making mistakes. I heard what you said to Bahadir. I know you left the tribe to attack Togay. That is why Togay attacked us, right? Nikola and I made a plan. But he sold me out. He wanted me to fall into Togay’s trap. He wanted us to break down. It was a mistake to trust Nikola but. it was also a mistake to do this without telling Osman Bey. Hiding all of this from Osman Bey now is even a bigger mistake. I have had so many martyrs. Innocent lives. They even killed the innocent ones. My bey. Osman Bey should know we were the ones who tried to attack Togay. This incident means his deal with Togay is off. His tribe is in danger. He has to take measures. I was going to. talk with him today. But I could not. Our pain is so fresh. I didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of Osman Bey. I couldn’t handle it. However, tomorrow first thing in the morning. I will go to Osman Bey and talk to him. Malhun. How is Gokce? She is still fighting death. We have observers in every road that leads to the tribe. And we have archers in all passages. What about the bridges? Two of them were made unusable. Togay doesn’t have a lot of roads to choose from. We will try to not let them get to the tribe. But if they succeed anyway, we will use the deathblow here. Kayi tribe is ready for war. However, I want to see Sogut with my own eyes now. My bey! Yes, Baysungur. My bey. A Mongolian warrior was bringing a chest, my bey. When our observers started to follow him, he ran and left the chest. Open it. Here, my Bey. It is coming from Togay. He says when Umur Bey tried to attack him. the agreement between us ended. And the next is me. and Kayi tribe, he says.

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Osman Bey’s Plans for Kayi Tribe

Such ambition. Such pride. It was obvious he was going to make such a mistake. Okay. If the things written here is true. then. it means he broke my orders! I’ll call him to account. I’ll call him to account! You don’t need to go, Osman Bey. Here they come. Let them come. Let them come. Peace is on you. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Osman Bey. There is an important matter we need to talk about. Come here first, Umur Bey. Come here first. Umur Bey. Is this true? Tell me. It is true. What are you saying? Umur Bey. Let’s go to my tent. I’m barely holding my rage inside me. Come on. Come on. I’ll call you to account for this in my tent. Malhun Hatun. Don’t come with us. I’ll talk with Umur Bey alone. I didn’t know about it. We know, Malhun Hatun. We know. Don’t you worry? Let’s give the Beys some space to talk. You have our blessing, daughter. You have our blessing. InshAllah, everything will be good. InshAllah. InshAllah. I am sorry, Malhun Hatun. I heard what those cruel ones did. May Allah bless you, Bala Hatun. Thank Allah, you are good. My Allah protected me. It is not a good sign that Togay broke his agreement with Osman Bey. There is something wrong with this. Come, rest for a while. We came to your tent yesterday. With my Sheyhk Edebali. and my brother Gunduz. We waited for you to. keep your promise and come. But you did not come. Where were you? Where were you? Didn’t we warn you each time to not take action alone? Didn’t. did you put us even bigger troubles each time? And now you are acting as you wish, huh? Many of your alps became martyrs. You have the blood of many innocent people on your hands. You endangered the future of all Turkmens! Why? Tell me Umur Bey. Why? I told you that I spoke with the Sultan! We had a plan together! But it’s all ruined now! I’m up against Ilkhanid Empire before I got the reinforcements I waited for! Tell me now! Tell me! What’s. the punishment for it, Umur Bey? Tell me! What’s. that bow for, Osman Bey? Don’t you remember this bow? The bow my ancestor Oguz Khan. gave to his son Gunhan. Can’t you? see that the noblest sons of Gunhans, the kayis. are the heirs of this sacred state? Tell me! I told you to stand by this bow, now stand against it! You are right. You are right. Osman Bey. I stood. against that bow. not by it. Now. I won’t stand against it anymore. Since. I’m nothing but a burden for you. then what needs to be done is obvious. Now. we will leave, just as we came. We will leave these lands. That will be for the best. We will leave now Bala Hatun. Leave now Malhun Hatun. My Bey. What happened in there? What did Osman Bey say? He told me about the golden bow of Oghuz Khan. Come on Malhun. Get ready to leave. Umur Bey seems miserable. There must be disagreements about. the two tribes joining together. Malhun Hatun’s upset too. What about marriage? Osman Bey can answer that Gonca.

May I come in Osman Bey? Come in. What’s going on Osman Bey? What did you talk about with Umur Bey? Does he understand his mistake? Will he stop acting as he pleases? Umur Bey. won’t show up here anymore. Osman Bey, did you have this bow while you were talking to Umur Bey? I told him about my ancestor Oghuz Khan. He knows what I tried to tell him. Never mind Umur Bey. Let’s talk about Togay. As you wish Osman Bey. We know what Togay thinks. He’ll think we’re responsible for Umur Bey’s attack. And he’ll try to do what he did to Umur in this tribe. And he’ll understand that. attacking Umur Bey is not the same as attacking the Kayi tribe. Of course, it’s not the same thing. If he dares to come to our tribe. we will rip his guts out. and feed it to wolves. That day will come, Osman Bey.

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