Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1 (Episode 28) English Subtitles

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1 (Episode 28) English Subtitles. As the trailer of Kurulus Osman season 2 has been released. Now, it’s time for the full episode.

If those wtio don’t have any air to breathe go under the dark soil… …for the order of fighting… ALLAH-U AKBAR! (Allah is The Greatest) If you. want to support us, please watch our episodes on KayiFamily.com What kind of demons are you? They have 9 lives just like you Osman Bey. My Allah… …from the evil of enemies, I take shelter in Jfiou. Helen, inform the soldiers* They wilt surround the forest. Tell them to take Balgay’s and Cerkutay’s bodies to Geyhatu. They will tell him that Princess Sofia killed Osman. Boran! Let’s split up.

EyvAllah my Bey, I will catch you later. 4 Would you like to be my daughter, Aygul? They planned a wedding. They wasted the young bride! They wasted the young bride! Unchain me! Unchain me! Aygul please, stop. -Unchain me! |j 19 Stop. Stop. Unchain me! Unchain me! -Please stop, AygiilJ Unchain me. Come, let’s eat something. I won’t! -Aygul..

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Release Date

30 September 2020

Then you will have a rest, ha? They chained me! They chained me! T hey should chain her! Aygul… look, I’ve brought you soup. I won’t eat it! -Aygul… Let’s play a game with you. You will be my baby and I will feed you. Come. Sit Sit. Here you go. Let’s eat, my beautiful baby. My beautiful baby. MashaAllah. Eat, my beautiful daughter. MashAllah to you. z MashaAllah. I will arrive there on time Kurulus Osman, my Bey. Goktug! Goktug… Come, my brother. Where is Osmar^Bey? Where did they take him? f s’ Goktug… lay down, my brother. Bamsi Bey! Boran, Goktugf Are you alright? We are alright my Bey. Where is my Osman? He is after that sinister Sofia, my Bey. They are so crowded. I have no other son to lose. tai Goktug, hang on, son. Bamsi Bey, I will, but… Is my brother alright? If you want to support us, please watch our episodes on KayiFamily.com Let’s see how thick your skin is. Come. Come with your living dead bodies. I will show you where to go. Go this way. Son… Allah always knows the iiright thing on Kurulus Osman Season 2. Your brother is in the’ healing tent. He will be alright, inshaAllah. What did I do to my brother? | If something happens to my brother… …I can’t live, my Bamsi Bey. What are you doing? How are you going to answer to Allah? Don’t! Son, if you kill yourself, what wijl happen to your brother’s will? and no properties. am giving you my loyalty to Osman Bey. Be a brave Alp of Osman Bey. My blood and skin are halal to you, Osman Bey. I can bring Balgay dog’s head to you… …or you can kill me. It’s your decision. can sacrifice myself for you. What will ha^pe’rvtoyour promises? Will the cruel people keep living like nothing happened? You will either keep your promised. …or go against the word of Allah and do whatever you want. Thanks to Allah, she attacked me, Bey. What if she did something to herself? It passed with this InshaAllah. It will be enough if your heart stays clean. May it not get dark. I am in there… If your heart feels tight, I will also feel that. That’s why. Don’t upset youftslelt Please, don’t upset yourself. My destiny is ornamented with you in this life. I couldn’t treat you well, > Hazal. If you had been here, everything would have been different. It’s good for us that we came together, Bey. Everything passed. From now on, we will always be together. I am with you with myipriay^Ts and love, my Bey. ■MU1F We will do it together. We will do it together, my Hazal. We will. May Allah keep us together. Amen. You have no place to run now, Osman Bey. They killed my father in Constantine because of you. I promised my father before he died. I will do what he said today. You are a good child, Sofia. My father’s last will was to bury you on the lands that you’ve taken from us. This good child will do _ her duty. You lost, Sofia. k . 1 I ruined yours and your father’s games Subutay and Balgay couldn’t defeat us. And Geyhatu won’t be able to defeat us. You won’t be able to take the lands which were conquered by my father. 4 s We never lose, Osman bey. Our alliance with Geyhatu is even stronger now, thanks to you. vill build a new order with the monks. I will sit on the throne I deserve. You are a dead man now. Catch him! ^Ya HAQQ! (The Absolute Truth) I wish we could find the cure of my Aygul.JsP^ My child is chained. How can a father ignore this? I thought of a healing for her, but… …I don’t know what you’ll say. Tell me Hatun. What is it? Tell me. I will bring her cure here from Baghdad. will bring herj^unegherej from Baghdad. 0 War away. It is very close. What is it, Hatun? What are you thinking of? There afe honourable doctors around our tribe, around Seydihan. The folk will come to look for her cure. It’s weather and water are different. Wars, raids, martyrs… What do we have except for Bala? And how can she manage all the things? No… I don’t think our daughter will recover here. Our Aygiil needs fresh air, my Bey. How can she find that air in this tribe? She will be taken care of there. She will be protected. Of course, if you are thinking of another way, it’s your decision. You are right, Hatun. It’s enough of problems. And she will get more tired here. It won’t be good for her Alright. Let’s send herjl felt better, as you talked about it. It will be good for my Aygiil. InshaAllah.  Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1 English subtitles Are you alright, my Q^fari^ e k°J Uij III In*11M I* I tV*° I you, mother? She is insane, son. Anyways. I will send her to my brother,! to the healers. Tell me what my brother said. He doesn’t want problems in Kayi tribe and in Sogiit. It’s a risky time. We know that. What information did he give you? What did he order us? ‘ He will calm Geyhatu. 4 He will talk to him and agree with him to protect the Turks on the border. He will do his best j But. He wants us to prevent Osman jfronyabjnq something crazy.1 Osman is in Sofia’s trap. He is done. We will receive the dark news before the night. We will. My uncle’s eyes are on the tribe.. …he said, “Muslim blood mustn’t be shed because of a mad man” He wants to know everything. He warned me. He wants Hazal Hatun to prepare Diindar. It’s our time now. ‘ £•-: Sofia! Protect the Princess! t Don’t let them runTCatch them! Don’t let them run! Catch them! Go! My Aygul… My rose-faced, daughter. It hurts me to breathe when you are in this situation, my daughter. I can’t stand it. But I found a cure. There are famous doctors in Kastamonu Seydihan. You will go there and recover. You will become my Aygul and return InshaAllah. This place is hard to live in, my daughterf *^^–**£ . Let alone breathing, even staying If alive is difficiTl^ .ib J jfl What do you say, my daughter? Would you like to leave? That’s the best thing to do, my Aygul.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 1 English Subtitles

I will silence my heart and you will heal and come back to the tents with Allah’s consent. qeiliiusig called me, Hazal Hatun. m you hungry, my lion? flystaqfurullah Hazal Hatun. now can I share your table? But I see you like my son. Sit You wanted to be an Alp. I sent you for an education. You wanted to be a companion, I put you behind Diindar., was a mother to you, son. Now I am expecting you to be my son. Now l am expecting you to be my son. Yes, Hazal Hatun. You know that I don’t like long sentences. You know what Aygul did tame. I heard about it. And I am very sorry. EyvAllah. You know what happens to those who attempt my life. Aygul will set off. And you will go with her. You will do the thing on the way, and ravens will eat her body. If Dundar Bey hears it he will kill me. Besides, that poor girl has lost her mind, Hazal Hatun. I am telling you the same thing. She is insane. If she falls down, may Allah forbid, if she jumps out of somewhere… …who can question you? If my Diindar hears that you killed Aygiil, he will kill you. If you can’t kill Aygul! …I will make you miss death. I called you my lion, be a lion. o There is no need to be a rabbit. Yes, HazalJHI’atun. He disappeared. It’s almost possible to find him in the forest. Osman is badly injured. We won’t be able to catch this opportunity again. We can’t give up now. I was never this close to killing him. You are right, ma’am. You are right. But you cah^ee the soldiers. Don’t insist, let’s go back to the castle. It’s the beginning for you, Osman. ( ‘ I This border will be a hell for you. Pack up. We are going back to the castle. Ah Osman… ah my valiant. Son..: l have to cauterize your wound. But we can’t set a fire. Sofia is after us. We have to go to the tents. How is he? A X ‘ Son… he is worried about his brother. • Apparently he realized the mistake he made. What are you doing, my Osman? You should rest. Ahh my Osman Osman Bey, what did I do? I killed Balgay… …who tried to make you kill your brother with spells. But the cruel didn’t die and cruelity is not over. Now… we will stand up. w J Ne will be on alert, k You will always be by my side… …so we will be able to stop the<6ruel and…^| …cruelty… We will… My Osman! My Osman! My Osman… My valiant… My Osman. Hang we will go to the tents. Let’s go. @1® here, my daughter. If you send any news, I will fly there. The fire in your heart will be Putoff.__________________’ ; The storm in your heart will stop. InshaAllah you will recover and go back to your tribe. It will pass, don’t be sad. I® will pass, riiy daughter. After you recover, we will see good days in our tribe together. …my daughter, my beautiful daughter… B ‘.‘pg! …don’t forget my words… …if you have a father here, you also have a mother here. You are my daughter. You are my heart, /< you are in my prayers. I May Allah be with you. 1 i *r ■■ . w a. A It won’t take long, my daughter. I will bring you good news from the tribe. It won’t take long My Aygiil… This will be our last separation InshaAllah. Then your father will always keep you with him. He will never let you go. Go now, my daughter. Make it tighter. You can press now. May Allah be with you, my daughter. Aygul… Where is she going Keep working, I will come back. Dundaijgey. I saw Aygul. May it be good. Where is she going? She is going to find her cure. * She is going for a good purpose, Hatun. Don’t worry. 1 ‘ What are you saying Wherie is her cure? -In Kastamonu. 1 • She will stay in the healing tent in Seydihan, it is close to my brother Yavlak Hasan’s tribe.

Kurulus Osman Episode 28 English Subtitles

She will be protected and taken care of there InshaAllah. HazaL. you’ve kept saying Yavlak Hasan since the day you came here. What are you saying, Selcan Hatun? Did he do something bad? ‘ r I SS: Don’t we owe our lives to him? Know that, Dundar Bey. We owe our lives to Allah, and we owe these lands to Suleyman §ah. What’s wrong with Sogiit? —Don«t we have doctors here? Why are you sending her to Kastamonu? Why are we standing here? You’ve been a mother to her. I understand your concern, Selcan Hatun. But it will be good for her to change places. Is it possible for her to recover among all these troubles? I am already upset, don’t go harsh on me. We lost my valiant Batur because of your thoughtlessness. Now listen to me, Diindar. If something happens to my Aygul, I will be a problem for you. way! Open the way! Open the way! Open the way! Open it! / f Osman! Osman! Tell me that Kb is alive! He is alive, but he is badly injured! We have to take care of it! Where is Selcan Hatun? Selcan Hatun! Selcan Hatun! -Osman! Where is Selcan Hatun?! My Osman… Osman… My nephew Osman… ®sman! i Let’s go! Ifffifou want to Support ch our episodes on K; My okmari…. Brother!1 My Giindiiz stop! Stop! Stop, my Giinduz! Selcan Hatun do her work. Tell me the truth, Bamsi Bey! and Kurulus Osman episode 28 English subtitles What happened to my brother? Sofia… it’s Sofia, son. We’Vje arrived but he was injured. His wound seems serious, Bamsi Bey. It’K Diindar Bey. But Selcan Hatun and Bala daughter will do their best. Let’s not disturb them. Right, son? My Allah. My Allah, take my other arm. Give Osman to us, my Rabb. Give Osman to us, ya Rabbi. Give him to us… ‘ cl Hang on, my Osman. It’s too deep. What if it doesn’t work after we cauterize it? What are we going to do, mother? What are we going to do without Osman? The only thing that won’t work is death. My Osman will live and breathe. He will be fine. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Hang on, my valiant. I T BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Ya Shafi! Ya Shafi! Hang on, my Osman. Y ou will stand up. Ya Shafi! Ya Allah! Ya Shafi! JI ULUBQ Send men there. I wonder if Osman died in the forest or went back to his tribe. If he is alive, he will attack the castle. Yes ma am. Call the chivalries here. Right now. Alexis. Come here. You will go to our last hope for salvation. To Aya Nicola. Tell them that Sofia demands an urgent help against the Turks. / Yes ma’am. • . lbJ 1 • 1 ’ -He will never help us, Prigcess. As you know_____He will help us! If this castle falls, the Christian union on this border will also fall. Aya Nicola won’t reject us. He is not alright. We should be ready for anything.-. My Bey… Gunduz…, My nephew. Gunduz… My nephew… My Gunduz Bey… Gunduz… I can’t leave my brother alone. I can’t leave my brother alone… Mother… What are you saying? What can a wound do to my brother? No..-; that wound won’t hurt my brother. I won’t leave him alone. I won’t.. My Gunduz… My son..I My Bala daughter is with my Osman. Don’t give up on hope, Allah hears us. Allah hears us, son. I couldn’t protect him. I couldn’t protect my brother, Bamsi Bey. What am I going to tell my father? Bamsi Bey? You should know. What am I going to tell my father if he asks what happened to Osman? I couldn’t protect him. Son. Osman will be alright. Osman will be alrighf Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Calm down. Be strong. Son. You are sitting on a Bey fur.

You will stand tall, so the folk will stand tall. You will be strong, so we will be strong. So we will be strong. Be strong. How am I going to answer in Qiyamah? U I couldn’t protect him like an uncle, like a half father because of my greed. How am I going to say that I put obstacles in his way? You are going harsh on yourself, my Diindar. You made mistakes, eyvAllah. But… is there a servant without mistakes? The important thing is to regret. Look, you’ve been with Osman for some time. You gave your shoulder to him. Now…

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