Alparslan Season 2 Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 32 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan, who survived the slander thrown at him, went to Ani upon Grigor’s invitation and was astonished by Alpagut’s situation on the execution bench. What will Alparslan, who is next to Akınay, do in the face of Alpagut’s execution? What will be Akinay’s reaction to Alpagut’s execution? Was this invitation of Grigor only for Alpagut or is he pursuing another plan? What will happen at the wedding of Seferiye and Alparslan, which Arslan Yusuf is looking forward to? What will the realization of this marriage, which Yınal never consented to, cause? Will the people of Bukhara oppose this marriage? The slap that Gevher threw at Zeren sharpened Seferiye and Zeren against Gevher, increasing their anger towards Seljuks.

Who was it that entered Gevher’s room in the middle of the night and tried to kill him? Seferiye who wants to break the marriage contract or Zeren who wants to avenge her father from the Seljuks? Will Gevher be able to survive this attack that Öke witnessed? What will be the new move of Grigor and Alexander, who lost the trust of the merchants to a large extent, against the Seljuks? What will be the answer of Alparslan to Grigor, who asks Alparslan to sell the famous Turkish horses to him in order to make his army even stronger? Yinal and Öke are firmly against the marriage of Erbasgan and Gevher. What will Gevher and Erbasgan do in this situation, will they marry Yınal and Öke at the risk of facing each other?

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