Alparslan Season 2 Episode 34 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 34 Urdu Subtitles

Alp Arslans entered the inn to take Surmari, Grigor surrounded Alp Arslans from behind and besieged the inn. How will Alparslan get rid of this trap of Grigor? Will Alparslan, who does not know who informs Grigor about this plan, will be able to find out? What will be the offer of Grigor, who aims to take Alparslan into captivity, to Alparslan? Will Grigor, who captured Süleyman, be able to take what he wants from the Seljuks by threatening the Seljuk with the lives of him and Alparslan’s alps? How will Alparslan save Süleyman and the alps? How will Alparslan, who is dying from day to day with the effect of poison, set up an arrangement in this state?

Yinal goes crazy when she hears that Oke is responsible for the siege of the Alparslans in Surmari. Öke threw all the other kings into the fire to open the way to the throne for him. What will Yinal do in the face of this situation? Will he ask Öke to account for this? Will Yinal be able to help the Alparslans who are stuck in Surmari? Arslan Yusuf realized that Yinal had cooperated with Alparslan and deceived Alexander, and this increased his grudge against Yinal even more. Arslan Yusuf is now ready to take a completely different step when he learns of the meeting that Çağrı Bey had with the son of İbrahim Tamgaç Han, the sultan of Karahan. The progress of Alparslan’s illness will also upset Seferiye, and Seferiye will treat Alparslan more warmly. Will Seferiye accept that her feelings for Alparslan have changed and face it? Or will he renew his sense of revenge and try to stay away from Alparslan again?

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