Destan Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

Destan Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

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There is no way to enter from the back There are no nearby castles, and secret passages connect them to each other. It is clear that infiltrating the castle is impossible. It certainly won’t be easy, but we will find a way. It can’t be, Mr. “Yanal”, to undo it and to give it up is the best solution. We will surely find a way in as long as we can get here. I said impossible, Mr. “Yanal”!

I will not endanger my warriors with foreknowledge of it. Let’s go! Show your faces carefully! Show your faces! And you, too! Alp Arslan! Leave what you have or he will die. I told you to leave it! Move on! What’s going on? The intruders we’ve been looking for, sir. We caught them by the wagon. You have reached the end of the road. Why help us? Who are you? why you are silent? to speak! “Albagot”! “Albagot”? How do? Were you alive? What do you do among the Byzantines? How do you betray the children of your blood? Don’t let my clothes fool you, Alp Arslan. I am not a traitor. Their holy teachings did not affect me. What about the effect you left on your mother’s heart? Do you think he is alive? Mrs. Akin Ai has looked for you everywhere.

She did not extinguish the fire of her grief, even for a day. She was waiting to smell you or hear your voice. brouwn Her pain never stopped never. “Albagot”. where are you? Do you know how much you burned her aching heart? They say that children smell of heaven. And you made your mother live the world as if it were hell. You are right in what you say. But I will not return. I can not. I’m dead to my mother, But I live for the state. Let my mother know that I am dead. Do not tell her that I am alive. So as not to hurt her heart more. Entry into the city is prohibited. Atonement “Kecavmenos” is waiting for me. Open the door. Open the door. The monks arrived so that the prisoners confess their sins. Your order, sir. Yannis and his men are inside.

If I go into the dungeon, I will be exposed. I’ll protect your backs, so hurry up. You are right, Alpagot. You have never forgotten your origin. Alp Arslan. When I investigate with Janis and make Vasporagan my home, my mother’s longing for me will diminish. May God help you. Sulaiman”. I came back early. I hope there was no problem. The castle cannot be infiltrated. Not to mention kidnapping a man, even a bird couldn’t hover above its sky. Even a bird cannot hover above its sky! If you are so brave Repent, my Lord. you all. You’ve convinced people for years, That the end of your holy path is in heaven.

And when your mission is over, You got another place. You left the gun in your hands, And you hold on to the weapon of the soul. Know that.. in this promised land On the day they will build up our holy temple, and build our happy country, this blessed day is near. and now, Are you ready to die and sacrifice your lives in this way? For the great speaker. Our tongues and our souls are sacrificed for the great speaker. Warn those you chose to attack what they will do. I don’t want a single mistake. It is time to take what we want from the city.


Never worry, great speaker. Eat well, Dad, why did you call me? I have information about the entry of Alp Arslan’s men into Vasporagan. when I was there, When did the chariot of slaves come? When I was there, the carriage of slaves came to Vasporagan every Sunday, sir. Were they distributing them immediately? No, sir. He would make them wait for a doctor to see them the next day. When we avenge our brothers, The pain in your heart and ours will subside, God willing. Let Vasporaghan be a cemetery for the infidels as soon as you enter. and to be the homeland of the Seljuks, God willing. Alp Arslan? How is that? Here in Vasporagan? You know the men of Alp Arslan very well.

Examine carefully so that you know whether the arrested were the men of “Alp Arslan” or not? Come on, Maria, what more are you waiting for? What? they called. call my dad otherwise, I would have killed you all. Artec, are you okay? It’s fine, my dear. It’s fine. Yannis, where is he? my Lord. We have taken all the prisoners out of their cells as per your orders.

Lovely. I do not want anyone to see you. Watch out. Sir, they emptied the cells by order of Kivamenos. And that bastard Janis went with them. We’ll see what we do with them later, but we gotta get out of here right now. “Attic”. Endurance, tenacity. Thank God you are fine. We’re fine, sir. the curse. They were kidnapped by Alp Arslan. Find out which hole they entered, And bring them immediately. Stay away! Stay away! Open this door. open it! Open that door! open the door! open the door.!

open the door! open the door! open the door! open the door! What are you thinking, sir? How will we get out of this narrow door? Follow me. It is clear that all the forces of the infidels have prepared and they have made the door tighter, my lord. If we need a door, we’ll go out from the back. Let’s go! Open the door! Open this door! My Father! Open the door! Don’t worry, Dad, I’ll get you out of here. Open the door! Open the door! It’s impossible, go get the pestle! Open the door!

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Don’t worry, I’ll take you out! Where is Alp Arslan? They must be getting out in the wagon they got in, sir. While he knows he is being looked for everywhere Do you think he will get out with the wagon he came in? He certainly wouldn’t be able to escape the doors. Spread out! Look under every stone And in every corner! Come with me! Let’s go! Sir, this wall is too high for a rope to cross.

There is no wall we can’t cross together! We can’t climb it! We need a rope. Be a rope then! How do? How do? Come here! Come on too, Alpagot! Stand in front of each other! Hold each other’s shoulders! Open your feet and stand still! Hold the tree in your hand! Hold it well! ‫”hiking! Lovely. Hold the tree well! I seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan… In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful. “And do not separate”! “Remember the tower that Tebulp taught us.

We will be a rope for each other! I follow you! Give me your arm! Come on, Afshin! my Lord! I follow you! Avar, come on! Come on, oh God! God is alive! Let’s go! let’s go! God is alive! Let’s go! Come on, O Atabak! Climb! You first, Alp Arslan! I’m coming to you! Do you object to Atabek! I said go, come on! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go! Put them down, archer! Target the rope, I want them alive! Come on, sir! Give this to me you idiot! Come on, sir! Give me! Little is left, O Atabak! Pull-on the brave ones! Come on, sir! Come on brothers! Try, O Atabak!


Little remains. I follow you! my Lord! Thank God that the afterlife exists When you get to the right All the longing will end. ‫”Runaway! “The bulb”! You, huh! Did you think you could leave me and go? Hey Maria! Or should I call you Mariam”? Leave me! I told you to leave me! Not this time. When I left you last time You changed your name and religion And I ran to that man with the ax called “Hassan”! But not this time, Maria! You can’t leave me and go anywhere. I never loved you, you despicable killer! You are responsible for the blood that was shed today, Maria! My soldiers will flatten the tribe!

If you come with me I will give you and your daughter Everything I own! I promise you… So, you’ve decided! Look at your daughter for the last time! I will name it after you And I will raise her as an enemy of the Turks And a real Byzantine! Your soul will never rest! O soldiers! Burn the tribe! My Father! My daughter! My Father!

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