Kurulus Osman Episode 55 (Season 2 Episode 28) Urdu Subtitles

That was undoubtedly an ‘out of the ballpark’ episode! The best this season!!!?

First time in my life, after finishing watching an episode, I went to the beginning and watched it all over again!!

Totally understandable why KO is all the rage, creating history, even as we speak, in all 34 countries it’s being aired in so far! ???

Bravo, MB & team for this insanely riveting, incredibly thrilling & edge-of-the-seat suspenseful episode!! Watching such quality content week after week, I can’t help wondering how they manage to do it – churn out movie-length episodes of such caliber in six days flat. Week after week!!

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 55 English & Urdu Subtitles
Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 55 English & Urdu Subtitles

What kind of hellish work hours do they have?! Hats off to the dedication & hard work of Turkish series makes, I must say!! As far as I know, I don’t think this is the norm anywhere else in the world.

Anyway, coming to this week’s episode, just a few of my thoughts in no particular order.

Burak Özçıvıt’s Mind-blowing Performance. ?The way he completely ? owns Osman Ghazi’s role now!!!

The storyline of Episode 55

In this episode, BO delivered a totally standing ovation-worthy performance!

The brilliant creativity with which he approaches his role – seemingly effortlessly- is what elevates it to the next level, to the topmost tier in the field of acting. From arm gestures to intriguing little quirks, from expressions flitting across eyes to nuances in speech & emotion – it’s not only magnificence personified but does ? justice to the legendary Osman Ghazi who must have stood head & shoulder above the rest of his contemporaries in possessing, in his character & personality, this special quality, this undefinable X factor, that enabled him to prevail against all odds and establish a state – when most of us can’t even establish a fixed daily routine or a kitchen garden in our backyards for that matter!

BO has literally breathed life into this historic personality and the level of familiarity we feel with this character – this bone-deep familiarity – is reflective of his awe-inspiring acting chops.

Osman Ghazi’s wrath:

– It is SCARY. As Osman hunted around for Dundar in Soğut, I could literally feel Dundar’s fear, his heart pounding in his throat!! Just like his character in general, Osman’s anger is portrayed differently from his father’s as well – it’s literally like a force of nature – dark, menacing, chaotic, powerful!

– That scene when Osman is shown in his tent with Dundar’s ring in his hand and first breaks the news of Dundar’s treachery to his brothers and Bamsi Bey was phenomenal! That initial deep anguish in his voice and words was heartbreaking. He was, after all, talking about a family member he’d known (and lived) all his life – his father’s real brother. And that ring he held in his hand was actually his late father’s – Ertuğrul Bey’s gift to his dearly loved youngest brother on his first battle! The scenarists sure know how to play with our emotions. The way Gunduz, Savçı, and Bamsi – clueless yet as to where the conversation was leading to – started reminiscing about the good old days, all the memories that ring was associated with, all those loved ones that were no longer with them, was masterfully conceived, directed & enacted & it was so indescribably poignant!

– And the way Osman’s anguish gives way to rapidly escalating anger. The way his emotions implode. His wrath, his facial expression as he throws his arm down violently and curses his uncle. Once & then, once again!! ? No words to describe BO’s acting in this scene…I literally got goosebumps!!

Osman’s super reflexes! The way he flings out the ring and pins it to the door with his dagger – it seems to be generating quite the buzz on social media and I did like the concept of it & the way it was enacted but the special effect part of could have been edited better in my opinion. However, I do love how they show that Osman has heightened combat reflexes – it goes with his character & I’m sure it’s a very useful thing to have on battlefields! I’m reminded of how smoothly he’d deflected Flatyos’ dagger with his sword during their duel in Soğut. It’s one of my favorite fight scenes.

Osmanli Tokadi: The Ottoman Slap ? Loved the way a single slap had Petrus biting the dust! Boom ? & I could literally imagine stars floating in front of Petrus’ comically unfocused eyes ?

– Simon’s Terror & the way he urges Petrus to give in & tell Osman about Dundar’s whereabouts was understandable because Osman’s anger (the way it was portrayed by BO) was insane!! Man!

– The closing scene was spectacular!! Dundar walking straight into Osman’s trap & wrath! Osman’s powerful closing lines were befitting – addressed as they were to his uncle’s incorrigible greed – that from the lands his late father conquered Dundar won’t get even a handful of earth to bury his body with!!

The Big Reveal & Its Aftermath:

Aygul’s reaction: I felt so sorry for her. If her characteristically stoic reaction to the news that her father was the traitor of the tribe, was heartbreaking, her strength, her dignity, her unflinching loyalty to her cause, to her sense of justice, to Osman was awe inspiring. Her scene with Osman was poignant the way she reminded him of her words that even if the traitor was her own father, his blood would be halal to him, Osman. And the way Osman asked her to keep her head high because children shouldn’t suffer because of their parent’s sins. One of my favorite scenes from this episode.

Actually, every single scene she was in this episode was absolutely scintillating.

The way she was shown bonding with little Kayialp ?
The way she sliced off the top two buttons of Hazal Hatun & knocked that annoying smirk off her face?
The subtle progress in her and Cerkutay’s bonding (Cerkutay is getting better & better, revealing new layers with every episode!!)

She & her character arc is definitely one of my favorites in both series(DE & KO) combined. And what a long rough road she has traveled – so many heartbreaks, so many trials – to reach to this place where she finally seems to be making peace with herself, her life, the hand she was dealt by fate.

Gunduz Bey: The day you die, Uncle, will be a feast to us.

I’ve always loved his character, his equanimity, his selflessness, his maturity. His unconditional – almost fatherly – love for his brothers. The way he always seems to be keeping the promise he’d made to his mother as a little boy – that he would always take care of his baby brothers. But, in this episode, he was on fire, new facets were revealed & his characterization became even more strongly etched.
His fiery interaction with Dündar ın Inegol was another favorite scene!! The way he explodes, his anger & pain as he shouts, “The day you die world be like a feast to us”.

Savçı’s Grief:

I felt so sorry for him & Lena. How they must feel right now – to know that at one time they’d teamed up with Dundar against Osman – the same man who’d willfully send their son to his ultimate martyrdom. How this realization must be making them question their choices, their judgment of people & situations.

The Three Brothers United: A force to be reckoned with.

The only good thing to come out of Dundar’s treachery is the way the three brothers have joined (or rejoined) in their shared grief & anger, the way they seem to be closer together. I love when they work together as a team & looking forward to seeing more of this!

Umer Bey:

Osman Bey invited Umer Bey & several other beys (persecuted by the Mongols) to emigrate to His lands and unite under His flag, His leadership, to join him in His fight against the Byzantines, in the ultimate realization of His dream of forming a state for their common good. I find it pretty easy to understand as to who would (and should) be calling the shots as far as command of the ongoing war against the Byzantines is concerned, as far as security & defense of his lands (and the welfare of people living in it) is concerned. He did specify, as exceptions, and as mentioned by Malhun in the previous episode, that he wouldn’t interfere in matters pertaining to tribal internal matters or trade but again, it’s pretty clear to me, that selling horses, weapons of the Turks, to the enemy or making secret war plans without his knowledge (Conquest of Inegöl!! ) is probably not what Osman had in mind when he allowed independent trade! But Umer Bey is finding it difficult to either understand this – or accept this!

I like Umer Bey. I think he’s a good, well-intentioned (but flawed) man but in this ongoing conflict between him & Osman, he is definitely more at fault.

He shouldn’t hide things from Osman Bey – hiding the ring was way out of line and caused so many deaths including Bayhoca’s. Osman’s anger is ? justified.

Sheikh Edebali should probably help Osman Bey draw out a charter/covenant so that everyone knows where they stand in terms of power hierarchy & distribution of responsibilities. Perhaps this is where the scenarists are leading us toward.

All things considered, this was probably one of the best episodes I’ve ever watched – one that makes it difficult to wait for the remaining few episodes of this season – which, because I’ll be taking a break from shows during Ramadan, I’ll binge-watch after Eid!!

Thank you for reading my thoughts on KO so far & your kind encouraging comments!!\

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 55 with English Subtitles

Episode will be here soon. InshAllah

Watch Kurulus Osman Episode 55 with Urdu Subtitles

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